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Deko Dekov
Posted on Sunday, July 27, 2003 - 4:02 pm:   

See the text below about the spy activity of the Peace Corps in Bulgaria
(See around the end, Mr.William Klomp (true name = ?), former "volunteer").

alt.journalism,, alt.politics.usa.congress
2002-01-28 23:54:41 PST

The FBI killed William Colby

The text below is an abstract of the book "The stories of Colby and
Ames". The book contains the story with complete and unabridged
details. Any publisher, interested to publish the book or some of its
parts must contact the author for a written contract.

The FBI killed William Colby

Deko Dekov

Copyright 2000, Deko Videv Dekov

All rights reserved. No part of this text may be used or reproduced or
transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical,
including photocopying and recording or stored in any information
storage or retrieval system, without prior written contract with the

Dr. Deko Dekov
Associate Professor
of Logic and Computer Science

Home address:

Dr. Deko Dekov
Zahari Knjazeski 81
6000 Stara Zagora

Home phone: 359 42 27450

Personal Web site:

William Colby, a former director of the CIA, was killed by the FBI
according an order of President Clinton. As a matter of fact, the plan
for killing of Mr. Colby has been prepared in May 1992, during the
time of President Bush. The reason: After the FBI fixed Aldrich Ames
as a Russian spy, the natural question was: Who has put Ames at such
an influential position? The answer: William Colby. In March 1992 the
FBI fixed that Colby was collaborating with the Russians. The
elaborated plan for his murder has been prepared in May 1992. Why the
FBI was waiting so long till April 1996 to kill Colby? The FBI was
waiting to receive an order from President Clinton. I expected to read
the message for the accident with Mr. Colby much earlier. The story of
Mr. Ames is still quite unknown for the American public. Well, now it
will not be more unknown. The official site in Internet of the FBI
gives quite false version. But the story of Mr. Ames for a long time
is not a secret for a number of services of many countries: France,
Germany, Russia, China, India, Israel, Japan, and many others. The
story of Mr. Colby is not a secret at least for several countries
including Germany, Russia, Bulgaria. Where from could these countries
know the story of Mr. Colby? The answer is simple: The plan of the FBI
for killing of Mr. Colby was known a long time ago before to be put in
action. Many people waited to read for the accident with Mr. Colby in
the newspapers. I personally told a lot of people for the plan of FBI
to kill Colby. Why did I tell this story? Because I was puzzled that
FBI does not kill Colby. Why the FBI preferred to kill Colby and not
to convict him officially? In order the reputation of the CIA to be
kept. Colby was a former director of the CIA and directors of the CIA
couldn't be Russian spies. Where do I know this story from? Evidently,
from the FBI. And what about the story of Mr. Ames? This is a long
story. The story of Mr. Ames can change the vision of the society for
the world around us. Finally, I decided to write these memoirs and in
these memoirs the story of Mr. Ames will far not be the most
important. As a matter of fact one extract of this paper was ready in
June 1995. It concerned exactly Mr. Ames. I gave this extract to the
according services of several countries. To my surprise, they all told
me that the text is 100% true.

In short, the manuscript from June 1995 was containing the following
information: During the summer of 1990, Mr. Grigor Shopov, the
Chairman of the Bulgarian KGB, asks the Russians for a favor. An agent
of the Russians in the CIA has to fulfill a definite task. The
Russians have been foolish enough to agree to give Mr. Ames the task.
The NSA of the USA eavesdrops on a telephone conversation in which the
task has been mentioned. The FBI immediately puts the trap. During
this time the FBI is looking for a Russian agent into the CIA and is
happy of the opened wonderful possibility. The period from August 1990
till January 1991 passes in expectation. Around January 26, 1991 the
trap closes. Mr. Ames proofs to be the man who has taken the
obligation to fulfill the task. Mr. Ames has been moved into the
Narcotics department. Till May 1992 the FBI checks Mr. Ames in
details. Further on in my manuscript the story of resignation of Mr.
Harris has been mentioned. This manuscript has been written from me
according request of the military attache of Germany told in front of
me in May 1995. But he did not mind to give me the possibility to
spread it. In June 1995 I met the military attache in the embassy of
Germany. This otherwise well-balanced German began to shout that the
manuscript has been spread in the whole world. I told him that nobody
will make the manuscript public known. As a matter of fact the
military attache was for the second time nervous. Several months ago
the same man listened the story of Mr. Colby and the expected from me
a message for the accident very calmly. I asked him to speak with the
director of the FBI and to clarify why for a so long time there is no
message in the newspapers for an accident with Colby. I expressed the
supposition that President Clinton was delaying his order. Mr.
Military attache promised to study the question. But when in March
1995 I tried to ask him to tell me what the director of the FBI has
informed, Mr. Military attache interrupted me and began to shout that
he does not want to hear neither a word for that. He recommended me
not to tell the story of Mr. Colby. At that time Mr. Military attache
did not know the story of Mr. Ames. The story of Mr. Ames cannot be
understood without to be accepted the concept of prediction of the
future. I have in mind the real story of Mr. Ames, because the story
in my manuscript of 1995 is on the surface. There is nothing told for
the prediction of the future with the exception of the case with the
resignation of Mr. Harris but in this case nothing is mentioned for
the prediction of the future, at least not in evident form. This
concept has been clarified in details during one of the autumn
afternoons in 1991 from my friend Mr. Johnson from the FBI. According
Mr. Johnson on the earth affairs a definite power makes strong
influence. And again, according Mr. Johnson, one can contact with this
power and this way one can learn the future. Something more, according
Mr. Johnson, the power not only knows the future and sometimes it
shares it with chosen people but it can control the future. Mr.
Johnson was a colonel of the FBI during this time and today also. He
had great authority in front of me so I had to believe Mr. Johnson,
much more he had clarified to me a number of things some of them in
great details, which had to happen. After this things happened I
congratulated myself that I had trusted Mr. Johnson. Much more that
the points of view as it turned out that they are shared without
reservation the corresponding services even in several countries. As a
matter of fact in 1982 the Chairman of the Bulgarian KGB tried to
explain the same to me but I did not believe him because as a rule I
did not trust him.

Many people say that the fall of communism for them was a full
surprise. I read memoirs of state leaders and bosses of secret
services who claim that. It seems that the power for which Mr. Johnson
spoke should not have contacted too many people. But the Bulgarian KGB
did not look at the things on the same manner. In 1982 Mr. Chairman
was quite clear that the days of communism are counted. It was well
known to him that a President after the fall of communism will be Mr.
Zhelev. I doubt if the Mr. Chairman had shared this ideas with the
dictator or with the Russians. It seems that he did not like to share
thoughts. The Mr. Chairman had a group around him, which has been
partly informed about this question. In 1991 Mr. Johnson told me that
from 70 000 persons staff of the Bulgarian KGB the Mr. Chairman has
separated 10 000 persons who specially had to execute his orders
connected with the prediction of the future, without knowing what was
all about, of course.

For first time I saw Mr. Johnson in autumn of 1990. I have arrived in
USA in New Orleans on August 26-th 1990 and was accommodated in a big
building with apartments, property of the university. In one of the
apartments we were two persons. My mate was Indian, Dr.Kulkarni who
hired one of the rooms. Dr.Kulkarni was post-graduate student to the
university and elaborated projects in the field of biology. I was in
the other room. There was and a common living room and a kitchen.
Dr.Kulkarni was working for FBI, from time to time for the CIA and as
I later understood possibly for the according Indian service. One day
entering into the apartment I saw him into the living room with two of
his guests: a man and a woman. I went to my room in order not to
disturb them. After a time, Mr.Kulkarni offered me to introduce the
guests to me but I refused him because I did not want to disturb them.
After the guests went home Mr.Kulkarni told me that they have come to
see me. I did not understand his statement. I asked him what were they
working. Mr.Kulkarni told me that the man was an insurance agent and
the woman was accompanying him. After two or three months I met the
man in a cafe in the center of the city. The man told me that his
name is Johnson. He has graduated geology but for many years has been
working for the FBI. At the moment he is a colonel and Director of the
Department of Russia and Eastern Europe of the FBI for the state
Louisiana. This way began my friendship with Mr. Johnson. In the
course of time I saw that Mr. Johnson is a wonderful worker. It is
his main merit the revealing of Mr. Ames and the accident with Mr.
Colby. There is no doubt that in the case with Mr. Colby, Mr. Johnson
has put over all the interests of the USA, so as he saw them. So I
looked at the interests of the USA during that time. I directed Mr.
Johnson to Mr. Colby. The idea for the accident with Mr. Colby is
mine. It is mine and the plan for the accident. The FBI had realized
the plan which happened but with a big delay. Because I am an author
of the plan for killing of Mr. Colby, I know exactly how has he been
killed. Today my points of view concerning the question of Mr. Colby
are quite different. Today I think that the FBI had to submit an
official charge against Mr. Colby. But I am not a citizen of the USA
and I do not care for this country.

After my arrival I had to visit an English course because I nearly did
not know English. There were two groups studying English. One of them
had for a teacher a staff agent from the FBI specially arrived from
Washington. The other group had for a teacher a woman collaborator of
the FBI. I was in the group of the staff agent, a young man with
wonderful qualities but I liked the teacher-woman and I quickly went
in the other group. I could not pass the English examination at the
end of the course but this fact did not excite too much the FBI. The
FBI was excited of the question who will offer me a credit card. In
October 1990 Dr.Kulkarni told me that I will be offered a credit card
"Visa" and he insisted that I tell him who will offer me a credit
card. Of course I did not tell him anything because I did not know
nothing about this question. What the truth concerns I heard then for
first time that credit card "Visa" exists. I came from communist
Bulgaria and I have not heard at all for such credit card. In December
1990 I found in my post box a post card for me in which I was informed
that a credit card "Visa" will be granted to me and I had to call a
special phone number in order to confirm that I agree such a credit
card to be send to me. The phone number was in San Diego, USA. In
December and January three or four post cards arrived, with a similar
content. One day around January 26, 1991 the phone rang. A man called
who presented himself as Mr. Ames from the CIA and asked me if I have
received the credit card "Visa".

On the beginning of February 1991 Mr. Johnson told me that Mr. Ames
is a Bulgarian spy. I told him immediately that Mr. Ames is not
Bulgarian but Russian spy. But Mr. Johnson insisted on his opinion.
The Bulgarian embassy and consulate were carefully investigated but no
connection was detected between these two institutions and Mr. Ames.
In April 1991 Mr. Johnson told me that I was right. Mr. Ames is a
Russian spy and his leading officer is Lisenko from the Russian
embassy. Mr. Johnson wanted to know if I have heard the name of
Lisenko. We clarified the situation with the credit card "Visa". It
has got clear that the FBI has a tape of a phone conversation in which
something was mentioned about the credit card. The conversation was
between me and a servant of the Bulgarian KGB and it was carried out
in August 1990. Mr. Johnson informed me exactly for the conversation
and there was no doubt that the FBI has a tape of the conversation.
Mr. Johnson was interested whether Mr.Grigor Shopov, the Chairman of
the Bulgarian KGB is able to ask the Russians to arrange the case with
the credit card. I told him that Mr. Shopov is mediocre enough to do

The story with the credit card is in short as follows. In July 1990 I
was a candidate for a visa for the USA. I presented the necessary
documents. When the time for the receiving of the visa arrived I
decided to call on the phone from Stara Zagora in the consulate
department in order to ask if my visa was ready. The Bulgarian KGB
changed the telephone line and instead with the consulate department I
spoke with a servant of the Bulgarian KGB. The Bulgarian KGB had this
habit to change the telephone line when I dial some number. Many times
before, the telephone line was changed and I spoke with a servant of
the Bulgarian KGB instead with the person whose number I have dialed.
From these conversations nothing has got well because I very rarely
understood that the telephone line was changed. I shall mark that the
servants of the Bulgarian KGB never told that the telephone line has
been changed. So has became and this time. I thought that I speak
with a servant of the consulate department and because I did not know
the servants of the consulate department and I have never been in
contact earlier on the phone with the consulate department, I could
not again make the difference. The servant of the Bulgarian KGB asked
me what do I want to receive. I told her that I want to receive a visa
and asked if the visa was ready. The servant was easily confused and
told me that she does not know if this question could be arranged but
possibly I will receive a visa. She asked me if I want something else.
Her question puzzled me but I told her that I want to receive only a
visa. After several days I called again the consulate department and
the servant told me that she did not speak with me till now. I
understood again that the telephone line was changed without being
able to understand this. On August 20-th I received a visa in the
consulate department of the USA. When I received the passport with the
visa from one servant, the chief of the consulate department, a
Bulgarian citizen collaborator of the Bulgarian KGB, murmured that I
would receive one more visa. This puzzled me and I asked the servant
who gave me the passport for what second visa is the question and if
this visa, which is in my passport, is enough. The servant told me
that no other visa is necessary and that the visa in my passport is
enough for entering into the USA. Of course, Mr. Johnson knew all that
with much more details than me.

In autumn of 1989 Bosiya (the Barefooted) visited me regularly in my
apartment where I live. He is my classmate from school in Stara Zagora
and I knew him well still from the time when I was learning in the
middle school, in spite of that he was two years younger than me. In
the beginning of September 1989 he went out from jail and told me that
he went straight into the embassy of the USA. The peripeties of Bosiya
were well known to me from the transmissions of radio Free Europe.
Soon I understood that Bosiya comes according instructions of Mr.
Harris, at that time resident of the CIA in Bulgaria. Bosiya had a
number of questions to me and I invariably ordered him, Mr. Harris to
arrange my specialization in the USA. One day in December 1989 Bosiya
informed me that Mr. Harris has recommended my specialization in the
USA, but the chief of Mr. Harris has rejected his offer. I told Bosiya
that the chief of Mr. Harris is a Russian agent, I repeated it to him
several times and recommended to tell it to Mr. Harris. According Mr.
Johnson who had tapes with all my conversation with Bosiya, this was
the first case when somebody has pointed Mr. Ames with a finger and
has told that this person is a Russian spy. However, the Bulgarian KGB
had also tapes with all conversations for what we shall speak further.

Bosiya was interested in many things. One day he asked me what do
speak to me two letters "a" written one next to the other. After
thinking for a while I told him that I must check in the dictionary
for the meaning of the letter "a". I went to take a dictionary from
the library, but Bosiya interrupted me and insisted that I know
something about this question. I assured him that I have no idea what
he was talking about. After several years it occurred to me that the
two letters "a" are the initials of Mr. Aldrich Ames. Bosiya asked me
if I do intend to write a book. I spoke with him for an eventual
scientific book on Mathematics but Bosiya interrupted me and told me
that there was a question of something else and that the book has a
connection with the two letters "a". I asked him if he thinks that I
should write a book. Bosiya had difficulties to answer me but finally
said that he thinks that I will be able to write a book. Today I find
out that the file in the directory of the hard disk of my computer,
which I created, for an eventual manuscript, is entitled "AA". There
is nothing accidentally here. One year ago I choose this title of the
file because these are initials of Aldrich Ames.

When Bosiya came for first time after his release from jail in October
1989, in my apartment in Stara Zagora I told him that my apartment is
been eavesdropped and everything what he will say will be taped from
the Bulgarian KGB. Because I was used, my apartment to be eavesdropped
I offered Bosiya for more clearly to imagine that Mr. Chairman is into
the apartment and takes part of the conversation. I offered Bosiya we
to include in the conversations Mr. Chairman in order he not to be
bored. During my conversations with Bosiya I many times included Mr.
Chairman into the discussion of one or another item. During one of the
visits, Bosiya asked me what do I know for some recommendation, which
I have to make. I thought about the question and it occurred to me
that under different circumstances I have heard something to be spoken
for some recommendation but so and so I did not understand what was
this question about. Bosiya told me that really there is some story
connected with a recommendation. I asked him for what recommendation
was the question but Bosiya told me that he does not know. Upper I
marked that I told Bosiya that the apartment is eavesdropped. During
the next visit of Bosiya, one idea occurred to me. I told Bosiya:
"Nikolaytcho, do you remember that last time we spoke about some
recommendation which I must make. Well, now I am making the
recommendation". I turned myself to Mr. Chairman and told him (of
course, he was not into the room): "Mr. Chairman, you waited this
recommendation for a long time and finally you waited till it come. I
recommend you to get sick, to spend your days in agony and to curse
the time what is left for you to live". In 1991, I asked Mr. Johnson
whether this is the recommendation which I had to make. Mr. Johnson
told me that this is the recommendation, which I had to make.

For the recommendation I heard for first time in September 1982.
During this month I had four or five conversations with Mr. Chairman.
During my first conversation Mr. Chairman asked me if I do know what
was the reason for the leading of this conversation. I told him that I
do not have any idea. Mr. Chairman told, that there is a
recommendation, which is in connection with me. I asked if the
recommendation is good for me or not. Mr. Chairman thought for a while
and told that the recommendation is good. I told him that this enjoys
me and I would like to thank the person who has recommended to be
stopped the prevention of my scientific work from the Bulgarian KGB,
because during that time, the Bulgarian KGB prevented my scientific
work. I wanted Mr. Chairman to tell who has made the recommendation in
order to express my gratitude. Mr. Chairman marked that I will not be
able to think those who have made the recommendation. The subjects of
the conversations were quite useless items, so that it is hard to me
to remember what was it about. I strived for changing the conversation
in such a direction that Mr. Chairman could accept the engagement to
stop its actions against me. As a matter of fact, this was the only
item, which interested me. Mr. Chairman told me to leave this item for
further discussion. This further came at the fourth or the fifth
conversation. Mr. Chairman said that he will order I to be appointed
as Assistant Professor of Mathematics but if I agree to fulfill one
his condition. I told him that the Bulgarian KGB leads actions against
me without having any reason for that. Therefore it is not right to
put a condition for stopping the actions. Mr. Chairman insisted that I
have to accept his condition. I told him that he has time by the end
of the conversation to rethink his position. Till the end of the
conversation the Chairman did not rethink his position. This was our
last conversation. I think that this was the moment, which fixed the
future. During the next years Mr. Shopov offered many times the
leading of a new conversation, but all the invitations were diverted.
Mr. Grigor Shopov died twelve years later, on May 27, 1994, as it was
written, after four years of painful cancer illness. During the last
months of his life he could not get up from his bad. Mr. Johnson told
me in 1991 that Mr. Shopov knows the date of his death. The FBI also
knew this date.

It is hard to me to remember all predictions of the future with which
Mr. Johnson filled me up. The predictions of Mr. Johnson have been
related mainly with my future life after my return in Bulgaria. There
were some statements of Mr. Johnson, which were connected with the
common development of Bulgaria. Finally, from the dozens of
predictions of Mr. Johnson till now almost all of them have come true.
Well, several remain. Many times I have discussed with different
people different predictions, which still did not come true. And when
some of them come true sometimes on voice sometimes in my brain I say:
"Well, Mr. Johnson, once more you were right".

In spring of 1992 it was expected my return in Bulgaria. On power was
the government of the Union of Democratic Forces. I told Mr. Johnson
that the worst days have past and that slowly but without interruption
the economic situation in Bulgaria will be improved. Mr. Johnson said
that we did not pass to the lowest point of the economic fall. I asked
Mr. Johnson when should we reach the lowest point. Mr. Johnson thought
for a while and said it will be in January 1997. During this time I
already treated with intention the statements of Mr. Johnson. I told
him that this is terrible and that he points a time, which is too far
in the future. Mr. Johnson said that he also sorry.

Aldrich Ames was arrested in February 1994. The message for
disappearing of Mr. Colby was published in the Bulgarian newspapers on
April 30, 1996. I read the announcement in the Bulgarian newspaper
"Standard" under the title "A former CIA director mysteriously
missing". The body of Mr. Colby was found in the early hours of May
the 6-th. Several days after that Mr. William Klomp said: "Well, now
the story of Mr. Ames is over". Mr. William Klomp is the name under
which a CIA officer was working in Stara Zagora in the Peace Corps of
the USA. The Bulgarian government even till now did not announce that
the Peace Corps in Bulgaria has been used from the USA for spying

Now I am Associated Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, as
Mr. Johnson predicted in 1991. I received two times the award for the
Best Scientist from the Stara Zagora branch of the Union of the
Scientists, as again was predicted from Mr. Johnson. I am writing on
my home computer. For this computer I mostly did not believe Mr.
Johnson. I look at a Japanese TV set at my home, as Mr. Johnson
assured me. I red one of the books by Shirley Maclaine according a
recommendation of Mr. Johnson. I met people for whom Mr. Johnson told
me. In 1993, I heard on the radio for the resignation of Mr. Harris,
as Mr. Johnson predicted. Some of the predictions of Mr. Johnson still
have not come true, but I am patient and waiting.

In the course of lot of years I restrained myself to write about this
matter because inevitably I came to the conclusion that I have to
write and for myself. Finally, I decided to limit this, which concerns
me to the minimum. My presence in the story but is inevitably because
this text concerns this, which I have seen and I have heard. My
personal participation evidently is the least interesting and
important in this text. The other things in the text according to my
opinion are worth to be written. I think it is worth this text to be
red, too. Finally, the more we know about the world around us the most
are the chances we shall have to fight for a better future.

Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
December 2000

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