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Kari and Michael's African Adventure in Tanzania and Senegal

Kari and Michael's African Adventure in Tanzania and Senegal

Kari and Michael's African Adventure

May 28 - July 15, 1998

For our friends who can't see the Official album, not having the good fortune to live in Burlington. Be sure to see it when you visit us!

The briefest summary of our seven weeks in Africa, visiting Michael's sister Kathy (Peace Corps Senegal) and Kari's sister Jamie (Peace Corps Tanzania).

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Ready to leave home, with tickets and haircuts ...


Traveling in Senegal ...

goree island traveling in Thies with David Conner Boat Races in Saint Louis waterfall in Kedogou leopard!

At Kathy's site: Dar Salam, Tambacounda, Senegal

cows at the well pumping water Kari and the moto Kathy and one of her village sisters Kathy's village family Kathy's village dad

At Jamie's site: Masasi, Mtwara, Tanzania

Jamie and Kari Jamie and students kite flying chem lab rules (in Kiswahili)

On Safari

Michael and Jamie Kari, Jamie, and elephants Oldupai Gorge lion cubs -- cute! lion cubs -- not as cute! vultures turn sunrise on the Serengeti the whole crew

On Zanzibar

sunset over skyline Emerson's house balcony of the former palace

Home again!

home again!

Here's where to get more information on the Peace Corps.

Michael Buescher · 73474.2566@compuserve.com

Traveling in Senegal

Goree Island

Goree Island, in Dakar harbor, was the main port from which slave ships left West Africa for America. Several buildings on Goree are maintained as historic sites. This door to the ocean from one of the slave houses is known as the "door of no return."

By the Roadside

Getting from Point A to Point B in Senegal usually means waiting. And waiting.

Thiès: Peace Corps training site

Meeting with David Conner, a friend from Vermont who is the Agricultural Program trainer for Senegal

Boat Races in Saint Louis

In Saint Louis for Jazz Fest, we also saw boat races on an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. Not exactly like a single scull on the Housatonic, but close! Smile!

Decisions, Decisions

Down in Kedogou, in the far southeast of Senegal, we had our choice ... go to the Dinndefelo waterfall, or to Guinea? Not that tough a choice, really.

Leopard in Nioikolo Koba

Kathy works with Niokolo Koba National Park. Park rangers caught a poacher with two leopard cubs; they are now training the leopards to hunt before releasing them to the wild. This is a female, about a year old.

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Kathy's Site: Dar Salam, Tambacounda, Senegal

Dar Salam

Dar Salam is a village of 250 people at the entrance to Niokolo Koba National Park. There are also a few cows.

At the Pump

Getting water means hauling it from the well or pumping it! Still has to be purified before you can drink it.

At Kathy's house

Kari gets the feel of Kathy's moto, while Kathy and one of her village kids watch. Kathy's house (soon to be a visitor center for the park) is in the background.

Kathy and her sister

Kathy and one of her village sisters. This might be Alimatou, which is also Kathy's village name, but we're not sure.

Kathy's village family

The compound where Kathy's village family lives. There are three wives, each with their own hut, and a number of children. The boy in front is Ibrahama, one of her favorites.

Kathy's village dad

Kathy and her village dad (different than her village family's dad) sharing an orange -- a special treat that he brought from Tambacounda, the nearest city, 80 km away.

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Jamie's Site: Masasi, Mtwara, Tanzania

The Masasi hills

Jamie and Kari on a hill in Masasi. Jamie teaches chemistry and math at Masasi Day School, in the background of the photo.

Playing Bao

Jamie and several of her students, on her front porch, playing Bao, an East African version of mancala.

Kite flying

Jamie and kids from town flying a hawk-shaped kite that Dave and Katie Elsila sent from China.

Chemistry laboratory

Michael and Jamie in the chem lab. Jamie is pointing out the lab rules (in Kiswahili).

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Sunrise on the Serengeti

On Safari

Our Crew

The safari team. Left to right, Honest (our driver), Kari, Michael, Jamie, and Sule (our cook).

Tarangire National Park

Michael and Jamie sitting at the picnic site, overlooking the Tarangire river.

Lake Manyara

Kari, Jamie, and a family of elephants!

Oldupai Gorge

Oldupai Gorge, in the Ngorongoro wildlife preserve, where Lucy, the oldest ancestor of homo sapiens, was found.

Lion Cubs Playing

Two lion cubs looking about as cute as any two kittens can.

Lion Cubs Eating

Lion cubs looking not quite so cute anymore. Six cubs and three adult females snacking on a wildebeest.

The Vultures' Turn

A couple dozen vultures take their turn.

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Roy Safari logo

By the way: Our Driver, Honest, and his brother also work privately -- e-mail us and we'll send you their address if you want to set up a safari or a trip up Kilimanjaro! We traveled through Roy Safaris, known as the most reliable discount safari company in Tanzania. We thought they were great, especially Honest and Sule.

Sunset over Stonetown


Emerson's House

Our room at Emerson's House, the former home of the brother of the Sultan of Zanzibar. Even the mosquito netting is fit for a king!

The Indian Ocean

Michael and Kari (with henna-ed hands) on the balcony of the Zanzibar History Museum (the former palace of the Sultan).

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Infact I am looking for the address of Jackline Hall who was the US peace corps serving to Tanzania in 1998. If you have her contact please inform me. I was her counter party

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