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Dave's Sexy Summer Adventures in Moldova

Dave's Sexy Summer Adventures in Moldova

Dave's Sexy Summer Adventures in Moldova

Ok, sorry to let you down but my adventures haven't been all that sexy, but I thought I would put up some more recent pictures instead of writing (because I don't have much to write). The following are just pictures with brief explanations. I will be putting up some more soon enough, it just kind of depends on my time, laziness, and internet connection.



Vinyards.JPG These hills are near my house and where I go walking when I am bored or just want to get some exercise. It is now about 8pm at night, no biggie if you are from up north I guess but where I am from it would not be so light.

Vasile_Wtih_Mirror_and_Camera.JPG This is my host cousin "Vasile", I taught him and the host sister how to use my digital camera. I have encouraged them to take pictures all over, later I pick through what they have taken and keep the good shots... they are getting better.

Unloading_Truck.JPG This unphenomenal picture is a very "normal" scene of people getting out of the truck that takes then to and from the fields each day.

Tuzic_Under_Tree.JPG This is the family "pet" (the others have more utilitarian purposes) I caught resting under a blooming fruit tree.

SunSet.JPG This is on another hill and just looked like a potentially good picture so I took it (god I love digital photography)

Sleeping_Chick.JPG Well I had a "poultry day" and was in the mood to harass the family poultry so I spent a few minutes chasing chickens, geese, and ducks trying to get good pictures... caught this little bugger sleeping (wasn't easy)

Playing_With_Gosling.JPG I got tired of chasing the poultry and Olesia wanted to play with the camera so she snapped off a shot of me just playing with a gosling.

Olesia.JPG Here is my youngest host sister Olesia, lying in my hammock that I setup on the balcony. She is 15, and a acts her age ;>

Nieghbor.JPG Here is one of the neighbor's kids, this is one of the poorer families

Kitten.JPG We have baby critters of all types, goats (well we ate him), poultry, puppies, and here is one of the two kittens (yes two, while cats normally have more than 2 kittens many starved animals can consider themselves lucky if they don't abort their whole litter <though i *do* know peole here who take good care of thier animals, however they are the exceptions>).

Gosling.JPG Here is a close-up of a gosling, this shot required my lying on my stomach until it got brave/curious enough to come over and investigate.

Goodbye.JPG Here is the puppy that was born late last summer, she was the only one. She is now tied on a 4 ft. cord, a good example of why someone should go through town shoot the abused animals (putting them out of their misery) then go back through town and shoot the owners (there are some people in the US that could use that as well).

Generic_Chick.JPG Here is a future meal looking cute, I just thought it was a good shot.

Defining_Self.JPG Here is something I made up after mulling over two conflicting but true quotes. I think their backgrounds might mean more to PC Volunteers.

Davidson_and_Vasile.JPG Here is me and Vasile in my room.

Davidson_and_Lettuce.JPG: Äî This is me tending my lettuce, since it is hard to find a head of lettuce (and almost impossible to find a good head of lettuce) I decided to just grow my own. I didn't expect commentary on how tasteless my "American Vegetable" is, tact is rare here (at least in my house hold).

DamnCat.JPG This cat will be what drives me insane, I wasn't enthralled with my mothers cat in the US but I didn't hate it; I am starting to hate this loud, whiney cat (who *lives* on the tables we eat from). Ironically they love it but abuse it periodically, i loath its very existence but have yet to lay a finger on it.

Daily_Cattle_Drive.JPG Here is the daily cattle drive, someone drives the cattle down the street and people just open their gates and the cattle walk in. Now if I could only convince them that dairy cattle aren't supposed to be athletes but milk producing animals (too much exercise crimps the quality of their milk...sigh).

Culture_Makes_All_The_Difference.JPG After having worked here for 10 months I am now sure that few truer words were ever said (I have yet to meet a volunteer who doesn't whole heartedly agree).

Black_Chick.JPG Another Chick pick.

Panoramic2send.JPG Here is yet another picture from my balcony but it is panoramic so I thought some might be interested in seeing all of what I see when I step out on to my balcony.

Alona_With_Baby.jpg This is Alona with her new baby (well new to me). She is my tutor and is one of the best tutors/teachers I have had since I have come to Moldova.

This is my younger host sister (kneeling) and her friends. They really wanted to have a picture of themselves taken so I took a photo.

One night my elder host sister dragged me to the Discothèque at 11pm. They *also* wanted me to bring my camera and were snapping off pictures left and right (i didn't actually take a picture myself the whole night).

Picture time with the American, this would be an example of a time I *don't* mind being a novelty.

Here I am at Chad Pfitzer's village on a parked Russian motorcycle. These things are everywhere. Chad has a great site and his colleague operates a honey coop. Unfortunately there are no pictures of me dancing all over the place as the bees proceed to show me how unwelcome I was (that and Chad hasn't been stung yet).

Every 4th of July the embassy holds a big shindig and all you need is an invitation or a passport (fortunately I got me a pp). So I was there and ate and drank myself silly (with burgers, pizza, and real hotdogs, Fanta, Sprite, and Coke. That stuff is either hard to find or expensive here so I made the most of it)(and contrary to my facial expression *all* I had to drink was straight Fanta, Coke, and Sprite).

Here are two people from group 8 (the group before mine), I would be lying if I said Kat and Joe weren't a bit wild but they are great people. I am not sure if they had stuck to just Coke, Fanta, and Sprite by the time this picture was taken ;>

Here is a Moldovan cake (kind of like a layered wafer cookie) of the US, neat eh?

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