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Peace Corps Volunteers in Moldova

Peace Corps Volunteers in Moldova

Peace Corps Volunteers in Moldova

Ok, I have gotten bored and decided to pretty much copy what Chad (www.chadpfitzer.com) is doing that is make up a few pages of things in Moldova. I will try to make this part a *tiny* bit different in that the following pages will be dedicated to Peace Corps Volunteers in Moldova as opposed to all moldovan adventures (I can't totally copy his idea). I used to try and send out pictures to volunteers but I thought that many people don't get to see pictures of the whole event (I usually just send pictures with the volunteer in it and not all of them... does that make sense?). Anyway I will be putting up stuff from pictures that I have taken over the past year on separate pages as my time allows. If you have any good pictures that are related to my pages and you want put up please feel free to put them in my box and I can scan them and give them back. If they are not related to my pages (or you don't want them on my site) then I can still scan them for you and give them to Chad to be put on his site (might be a better idea since everyone knows about his site). By the way these are not in chronologocal order...

NOTE!!! If there are pictures of you that you *really* want to be taken off, let me know and I will remove them immediately!

Automatic Slide Show of some of the stuff below [HERE]

ShinDig in Soroca! 2002 [HERE]

4th of July 2002 in the U.S. Embassy Moldova [HERE]

Comunist Celebration 2001[HERE]

All Volunteer Conference 2001 [HERE]

Alan's Toga Party [HERE] (not many pictures, need more)

Model UN Conference 2001[HERE]

Modified pictures from Moldova [HERE]

Enroute to Moldova [HERE] - INCOMPLETE

Peace Corps Debriefing in Washington DC [HERE] - INCOMPLETE


PST Trip to Soroca [HERE] - INCOMPLETE

PST Visit to Orhei Theater [HERE] - INCOMPLETE

PST Trip to Ceadir-Lunga [HERE] - INCOMPLETE

More to come...

4th of July 2002 at the American Embassy in Moldova!

Ok, every year the US Embassy has a 4th of July party and all you need to get in is either an invitation or a passport. I think it is almost a tradition for Peace Corps volunteers to attend, and why not its been a blast the past two years i have been there and I believe some volunteers from group 8 actually timed their COS date to include the party.

P7040004.JPG Here is a Moldovan cake (think a really large wafers and cream layered cookie) of the U.S.

P7040011.JPG This would be Doug and Mary shakin what they got

P7040012.JPG Here is Kat catching me taking a picture...

P7040014.JPG Not a great shot, but I guess you had to be there

P7040016.JPG (left to right) Davidson and Patrick making feeble attempts at dancing

P7040017.JPG Mary being the center of attention

P7040018.JPG This would be Maia posing for the camera (wow!)

P7040019.JPG Here is (left to right) Amy and Kovia Dancing to the Snails (the band)

P7040020.JPG Here is Mikel dancing with ??? (please email me and tell me i can't see her face and took this picture awhile back)

P7040022.JPG This is the "Snails" they have played at the 4th of July party for two years in a row and make a great cover band (but I am told they have some of their own stuff too)

P7040023.JPG This is Elaine and Jeremy putting all the rest of us dancer-wanna-bes to shame.

P7040025.JPG This is (left to right) Kat, Chad, and Jamie. I consider myself a fairly large guy but Chad is bigger than me...

P7040026.JPG ... But Chad's size proved little problem for Kat and Jamie (sorry, its not exactly in focus)

P7040029.JPG This would be Joe and Kat

P7040030.JPG ... And Joe and Kat again.

P7040034.JPG And here would be Tom and Kat (Good shot, bad picture... oh well)

P7040035.JPG Jane and Heath

P7040037.JPG Jane and Heath again

P7040046.JPG (left ot right) Ginger, Joey, Warren, and Chad just having a good ole' time

(Left to Right) Alan and Mary look'n happy.

picture courtesy of Mary

(Left to Right) Alan and Nathan looking *really* happy (perhaps there is a detail i am missing here)

picture courtesy of Mary

Erin (chill'n) and Kat (happy go lucky)

picture courtesy of Mary

Stephanie and Jacob

picture courtesy of Mary

(Left to Right) Kristin (I think), Amy, and Mary

picture courtesy of Mary

Thanks to Jamie for taking many of these pictures for me!

Also feel free to check out:

GLOW Camp, GAD camp, Pig Pick'n Moldovan Style,or "Dave's Sexy Summer Adventures in Moldova"

Some other *really* good places (That other Peace Corps Moldova Volunteers made) are:

www.chadpfitzer.com, www.stephlozeau.com,www.peacecorpschick.homestead.com

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