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Benin RPCV Chris Starace says Fon is Fun

Fon is Fun

Fon is Fun!...Really!

Maintenant Disponible en Français!

Click here if you're having problems downloading the .WAV files

This Web Site is dedicated to teaching you to speak Fon or Fongbe, the predominant language of Southern Benin (English Pronunciation) Le Bénin (French Pronunciation), West Africa, which is spoken by about a million and half people. If you don't know where Benin is, click here: Maps. I also am using this site to share my experiences in Benin as a Peace Corps Volunteer with my photos, writings, favorite Benin related links, recipes, Q &A, Discussions, books and music. I feel fortunate to have had the such a unique opportunity to live in Benin for over two years, and I want to use this web site to share my experiences with everyone I can to help them see what an amazing place Benin is.

If you're planning a vacation to Benin, are planning on living in Benin, (Peace Corps, government job, missionary work, NGO's, Intl. Aid Agencies etc.), or you want to learn more about Benin, then this is the site for you!

Being able to speak a few words of Fon, even if it's only a few words, will immediately endear you to the Beninese. They'll usually say very excitedly, Ahh! Yovo Se Fongbe! "My God the Yovo speaks Fon!" because it is so rare that a foreigner will actually take the time to learn their language. Fon is understood in most parts of Southern Benin (From Savalou / Savé areas and southward) so you can't go wrong learning at least a few words of Fon. It may also help you win their respect when you're bargaining, leading to some better prices. Fon is a really simple and fun language and serves as window into a very fascinating culture (see my descriptions of each expression). I am an RPCV (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer) who lived in Allada for two years (from '95-'97), which is how I learned Fon. I have recorded many expressions and useful words in Fon. Click on the Fon links that will download small .wav files, and your default media player should automatically play them. Click here for technical help on listening to the .wav files. Play each word or phrase several times and practice saying them yourself. You have to speak it if you want to learn it and most of all Have Fon!

The Photo Has Seven Hot Spots: Click on a hot spot to take you to another photo. See if you can find them all.

Above: This is me (guess which one I am?) at my neighbor's funeral ceremony. The ceremony was for the matron of the extended family of about 40 people. It was for the one year anniversary of her death and was a big affair as you can see. It is custom for family members and close friends to wear the same fabric to show solidarity.

Sample .wav files:

Mi Kwabo -Welcome (literally) but really means "Hello." Where ever you may be, no matter how short a time you've been there, (i.e. even if you're riding a bike), you can welcome another person to the space you're occupying. "The Prefix "Mi" can be added to many greetings to make them formal or plural (when speaking to more than one person).

Kwabo Welcome- Same as Mi Kwabo but in the informal sense.

Yovo Yovo Bon Soir, Ça va bien? Merci! (Real Live recording from Benin!- this is French not Fon) (156Kb) explanation

Use the buttons below to access over 390 sound files of Fon sound clips, pictures, links, recipes, essays, books, weather, and music- all related to Benin and / or the Peace Corps!

New!- See all the languages spoken in Benin on the "About Language in Benin" Page......Read more essays about my experiences that I have just posted on the "Stories from My PC Diary" page........I am adding links to pictures little by little in the stories........ Take the Africa Geography Quiz on the "Benin Map with Pronunciations" page........ Get some great tips for planning a trip to Benin from Bill Dean on the "Plan a Trip to Benin Page."......

About Language in Benin The Most Important Greetings Basic Phrases Greetings that State the Obvious Questions Grammar and Pronunciation Useful Vocabulary Words Fon For PC Volunteers Voodoo The Final Test Special Requests From Users Help on Listening to .WAV Files Non Fon Related Pages: New Content View & Sign Guest Book Benin Map with Pronunciations Benin Q & A, Discussions Weather in West Africa Benin Books & Music My Pictures of Benin Benin Related Links Stories from My PC Diary Beninese Food Recipes Plan a Trip to Benin

A great site for current news about Benin is:

Contact me at if you have any questions comments, concerns, or if you want to make a request how to say something in Fon that's not included here. You can also leave public comments on the Guest Book. Thanks for visiting!

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