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Peace Corps Jamaica - Group 70 (1999-2001)

Peace Corps Jamaica - Group 70 (1999-2001)

Peace Corps Jamaica
Group 70 (1999-2001)

july 9, 2002

lisa nickerson, who is working for habitat for humanity now, is arranging a habitat trip to Jamaica. In her own words:

"I am beginning to organize my "Global Village" trip to Jamaica for next summer. I'd like to get together a group to go in June.

It's going to be somewhat expensive, including construction costs, etc....but if you feel up to fundraising and would like to spend up to two weeks in Jamaica for a worthy cause let me know. Even if you don't let me know, I will probably keep everyone updated."

november 28, 2001

I hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving. You should know that I just found a bug in the "Change Your Info" page that had been there for who knows how long. I just fixed it now, but if you submitted new info in the last two months, it might be lost forever. Check the Volunteer List--if you don't see the correct info for yourself, please resubmit your info! Sorry for the inconvenience.

october 25, 2001

I finally got the database software to update the directory! please update your record when you get a chance.

if you've been feeling jilted by my lack of sociability, I apologize. Work was a shook-up coke bottle from the start. i'm doing all sorts of projects--the most interesting is an environmental assessment model I made up four years ago that's still being used by the company! it estimates the number of cancer cases based on how much pollution industies dump into water bodies. we're tweaking it to incorporate the fate of pcb that gets put in rivers and ends up in the soil. our company also has a homeland defense division, and a lot of us are getting pulled into anthrax sampling jobs around dc and new york. i might get pulled into that as well. who knows?

the washington group is up to speed, i think--they're all moving too fast for me to see clearly. emily ball is working in high international finance / development and likes to tuck dollar bills into the pockets of plastered dancing strangers. pilar is working six days a week trying to teach the promising youth of our nation how to become congressmen and women. but she refuses to dance with any of them. suzanna and dave--i hope they're alright! last i heard they were super busy with school and work and poppa's congressional campaign. no dancing, but then i don't know for sure. who else? andrew einsmann and dean constantinople are somewhere abouts as well, looking for jobs. and ken lim is running a marathon and selling booze (and ginger ale) for fundraisers. guest appearances have been made by tori wilson and barney, jody brooks, and indira belzaire.

i think that's about it. in other news, pham has gone off to vietnam for vacation. he should be back soon.

now it's your turn. i'd love to hear about what you've been doing, if you're healthy. you can put in a note or two in your record about what you've been up to for everyone to see.

august 25, 2001

hi all, arrived in Houston yesterday in good health. everyone bitches enough about having to readjust, so I won't. I would like to say that the first Wastewater Operators Association meeting was an astounding success, and a great cap to two years. i would also like to say it really sucks to leave friends and start life over again in any circumstances, and much more so when it feels like you're deserting them.

anyways. houston is pretty lonely--most everyone i know moved out. that means i have time to work on this thing. i'd like to get a photo album up, so if you have any pictures you'd like to send this way, by all means. i'll publish anything that doesn't involve nudity of peace corps staff members or pictures that will hurt any of your political careers down the line.

july 12, 2001

happy riots everybody--i hope everyone is safe. my own time was spent trapped in port royal with Ruchir and poor Nick from MoBay who got stuck at our house. To me it was a vacation and a prison, and though i know it really sucked to be in tivoli at the time, in port royal it seemed as significant as a power lockoff.

i'm playing around with a message system. Tell me what you think--it's really limited. Your messages will get cut off if they're too long, and you can't post pictures or anything. But I hate mass e-mailing, so this will have to do for now.

oh, if you don't already know, the ads in the upper right can be closed by clicking and then clicking .

july 4, 2001

happy american independence day. Peter Knight, one of my co-workers, asked me, "Where's the turkey?" I told him the innards are probably in the hot dogs, in any case. Tori--i'll probably be at your party soon, just working out some bugs in the homepage. You see I'm slowly making improvements!

By the way, the new issue of Kisko is on the press as I type, so it should soon reach you. I apologize for the lateness--some of you know the vagaries of why.

ETs, early COSers: jonesing for a Kisko? Send me a note and I'll see what I can do.

june 21, 2001

Hi folks, I've got a database of volunteers working now. Excuse the funkiness--I'm still working out some bugs. Much thanks to Dierdre for compiling this list. If there's a mistake, or if you feel uncomfortable with your information being read by anyone with Internet access (e.g. Darius), please let me knowand I'll take the information off. Also: I'm trying to get in all the ETs that I've missed. Please let me know of anybody you're still in contact with. Thanks!

june 13, 2001

howdy all, welcome. i hope you enjoy your stay. It's primative and I will do more with the page, but right now it's 7:00 at night at the Ministry of Health and I should probably get going home before the KFC closes and everybody leaves downtown. Anyways, I'm building up a database of group 70 folks, and you can enter your information, if you like. Put down information that would be relevant after you COS. More soon, I should hope.

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