May 26, 2003 - Personal Web Page: Alice H. Wise (Leecy) was a volunteer, Programming Director, and State Director in Brazil in the early 1960's

Peace Corps Online: Directory: Brazil: Peace Corps Brazil: The Peace Corps in Brazil: May 26, 2003 - Personal Web Page: Alice H. Wise (Leecy) was a volunteer, Programming Director, and State Director in Brazil in the early 1960's

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Alice H. Wise (Leecy) was a volunteer, Programming Director, and State Director in Brazil in the early 1960's

Alice H. Wise (Leecy) was a volunteer, Programming Director, and State Director in Brazil in the early 1960's


502 S Madison

Cortez, CO 81321

Phone:(970) 565-1552

Fax: (970) 565-6388

EDUCATION:** MA in Spanish/Linguistics minor - University Texas at El Paso ( 9 post-graduate hours from Texas A&M in Adult Education) ** BA in Spanish/Music Ed. minor - Baylor University ** 18 additional graduate hours (Spanish - Temple and Vilanova Universities and Integrating Technology into Curriculum - Utah State University) ** High School - Colegio Batista, Porto Alegre, Brazil


Present: Director/Webmaster of the Four Corners Virtual Resource Center for Distance Education (DE); DE Regional Coordinator for SWBOCS Adult Education Program; Colorado Start Schools Faculty Trainer/Mentor; Webmaster for (for adult educators in Colorado), (my own consulting company -The Reconnection Company), and (grief-processing network).

Previous: Distance Education Coordinator for the Four Corners Region for the Colorado Department of Education and Distance Learning Curriculum Developer/Web Master for Internet-based courses for Leading Edge Consulting (Durango). Member of two Adult Education state-wide task forces on Learning Disabilities and Data Collection for NRS. * Until August, 1997, tenured ESL and Basic Academic Skills instructor and program coordinator at El Paso Community College (20,000 students). Faculty trainer and curriculum developer for EPCC's Distance Learning Program. State-wide (Texas) college faculty trainer in Multimedia Development and SCANS competencies and skills. Discipline (ESL) Coordinator and responsible for the assignment of over 100 part-time instructors throughout the city every semester. Literacy Tutor Trainer and curriculum developer (Laubach plus). * Former Peace Corps Volunteer Trainer, Programming Director and State Director in Brazil. Over 35 years of experience in teaching and training, curriculum development, program administration, writing, lecturing, literacy, translation and interpretation, community development, and, more recently, multimedia production and distance learning. Trilingual (English, Portuguese, and Spanish), with a long history of teaching and developing language acquisition courses at all levels and for a variety of purposes.



1997 through Present - supervise curriculum development and develop curriculum and materials for television, interactive video, on-line and teleclass courses to train adult education leaders and practitioners in Colorado; develop networks to offer DE information in a number of different formats; webmaster for; teach DE classes on a variety of subjects to adult educators; teach and develop curriculum and materials for two-way audio/one-way video delivery to teach basic skills to students in the Four Corners Region; conduct workshops on a variety of issues related to adult educators' needs (computer and web development tools, SCANS, grant writing, math, ESL, learning disabilities, reading, writing, and others); write and coordinate grants to bring funding for educational technology and curriculum into the area.

1962 to Fall of 1997 - In addition to teaching regular and distance learning classes (Academic ESL, Basic Skills, Reading), trained 10-15 faculty each semester in interactive video distance learning techniques and multimedia software use and presentation; trained other Texas community college faculty in DL, SCANS, and multimedia techniques to be reproduced in their own institutions. Produced interactive software programs (ToolBook & Astound) and training videos (Commodore Amiga desktop video toaster) for ESL students at various levels. Certified Laubach Literacy Teacher Trainer. Teaching background includes teaching in public, private and government programs, for a variety of populations with specific academic and occupational needs. Languages include Portuguese, Spanish and English. Programs include, chronologically, the Peace Corps (1962-67), Philadelphia Public Schools (1967-69), Mesa College-Colorado (1969-79), Amigos de las Americas-Colorado (1976-79),University of Texas at El Paso (1979-82), St. Joseph's Elementary-E.P.(1981), Lydia Patterson Jr. High (1979), Bilingual Language School (1979-1981), and El Paso Community College (1982 - 1997), Laubach Literacy Council of El Paso (1984-1997), Montezuma Valley Literacy Council (present), and numerous special groups needing language for special purposes. Teaching experience always accompanied by extensive curriculum and textbook development.


* Run my own consulting company, The Reconnection Company, designed to offer distance education training and services to educators and form learning communities that help people reconnect with each other and helpful information.

*Supervise the implementation of distance education instruction for SWBOCS Adult Education program

*Supervise Star Schools teachers through their implementation of grant activities to implement technology into K-12 and adult education curriculum

* Direct the Four Corners Virtual Resource Center, focusing on distance education (CO Dept. of Ed.) - Present

* Supervise grants to develop and deliver holistic curriculum in math, reading, writing and life skills - Present

* Distance Education Curriculum Coordinator for the Four Corners area (CDE/CARE)

* Co-owner/President/Writer - Seven Eagles Publishing - 1997-98

* Distance Education Faculty Trainer and Curriculum Developer - El Paso Community College (EPCC) 1994-97

* ESL Coordinator - EPCC (interviewed, placed, and supervised over 100 ESL instructors on three major campuses and many satellite programs) 1990-97

* Co-Director of IVALP (Integrating Vocational and Academic Learning Project) - A multi-million demonstration project funded by the Department of Education for faculty training/curriculum development at El Paso Community College - (1994-95)

* Director Bilingual Tech Prep Project - EPCC - 1991-92

* Coordinator of Women in Technology Program - EPCC YWCA, Levi Strauss and National WOW - 1989

* Director of the Exploratory Foreign Language Program (funded by the Department of Education) - 1988-89

* Supervisor for advanced EFL teachers at BI Language Institute, El Paso.

* Acting Modern Language Department Chair/Spanish Instructor - Mesa College, Colorado

* Regional Right to Read Director - Western Slope, Colorado (Adult Literacy Program - Dept. of Ed.)

* Regional President of Amigos de Las Americas - Western Slope, Colorado

* Peace Corps Programming Director (Rio, Brazil)- developed and wrote projects to support Peace Corps volunteers throughout Brazil, including the Amazon region.

* Peace Corps State Director (Sergipe, Brazil) and training consultant (U.S. programs)

* President of several community boards of directors


1. "Learning through the Internet" - September 2000, adult educators and Pueblo Community College. (on-going)

2. "Lesson Planning with or without Technology" - September 2000, adult educators in the Four Corners region (on-going)

3. "Basic PC Literacy" - October 2000, adult educators and Pueblo Community College. (on-going)

4. "Introduction to Instructional Technology" - on going to K-12 and adult facult in the Four Corners region

5. "Teaching Strategies for Under-Achieving Adults in Technical Classrooms" - San Juan Basin Technical School, Spring 2000.

6. Front Page 2000 - Workshops and classes offered throughout the year to local adult educators, the City of Cortez, and the public.

7. "Applying Effective Teaching Strategies with the Colorado Certificates of Accomplishment (CCA)". - Ignacio, Colorado, February 2000

8. "SCANS and your Program" - PicTel workshop to local educators and to programs in four areas: Cortez, Craig, Trinidad, Durango, February 2000

9. "ESL Tips and Suggestions" - Internet/Teleshop for adult ed instructors, New Peaks, November 1999

10. "Teaching Math among Learning Disabled Adults" - workshop offered at CAEPA Conference, October 1999 (on-going)

11. "Power Point for Adult Ed Teachers" - SWBOCS Adult Ed Program, Cortez, CO, February 1999 (on-going)

12. "Grant Writing for Adult Educators (Internet/Teleshop)" - New Peaks: The Education Connection, February, 1999

13. "Academic Reading Techniques and Approaches" - Co-presenter with Ann Miller, San Juan Basin Vocational Technical School, November, 1998

14. "Return to Wholeness: A Spiritual Approach to Life" - Presented to mental health practitioners in Grand Junction, CO, July, 1998

15. Laubach Literacy Tutor Training - Tutor trainer over 25 years

16. "DL: New Directions for Academic Growth" - Presented by request at the Texas Faculty Association Annual Conference and Meeting, Houston, May, 1996 and EPCC, August, 1996 & January 1997

17. Distance Learning ( 5 Workshops): "Sights and Sounds in DL," Interactive and Cooperative Activities," SCANS," Testing and Assessment," "Power Point in DL," and "E-mail and WWW in Teaching," EPCC, Summer and Fall, 1996, Spring and Summer, 1997.

18. "Interactive Video Distance Learning" - Offered to participants of five Texas Colleges to be replicated throughout the state. Sponsored by the Texas Literacy and Workforce Development Project, EPCC, August, 1996

19. I"ntegrating Academic and Vocational Skills" - Co-presenter at Montgomery Community College, February, 1996

20. "Innovative Teaching Multimedia Methodologies" - Presented to statewide college faculty at Austin Community College(March 1996)and El Paso Community College (February, 1996)

21. "Effective Integration of SCANS into the Curriculum" - Presented to statewide college faculty at Austin Community College (March 1996) and El Paso Community College (February, 1996)

22. "Writing in the ESL Classroom"/"Grammar Thoughts"/ "Teamwork in Learning" - Presented to part-time teachers at EPCC, Spring '95.

23. "The IVALP Project" - One of five presenters at the Department of Educationís NCRVE National Conference, Baltimore, March, 1994

24. "Multimedia, Teachers and Students" - Presented to Border Technology Conference, El Paso, February, 1994

25. "Humor: Our Link to Sanity" - Presented to faculty at EPCC, January, 1994

26. "Language, Technology and the Future" - Presented at NISOD International Conference in Austin, May, 1993

27. "Faculty Multimedia Project" - Presented at NISOD, May 1993

28. "Multimedia: A Tool to Reach Students" - All day workshop offered to Amarillo Region XVI Elementary and Secondary Teachers, June, 1993

29. "Desktop Video Production for Educators" - Presented to faculty at El Paso Community College, January, 1993

30. "Multimedia for Educators" - Presented at New Mexico State TESOL Conference, Ruidoso, N.M., October, 1992

31. "ESP (English for Special Purposes) , Technology and the Future" - Presented at the Texas State TESOL Conference, Houston, November, 1992

32. "Bridging the Technology Gap for ESL Students" - Presented at the National Tech Prep Conference, Dallas, March, 1992.

33. "What's New in ESL?" - Presented at TEXTESOL Conference in El Paso (February, 1992)

34. "Developing Your Personal Myth" - Presented at EPCC Faculty Development Workshop (1992)

35. "Content-area Language Teaching" - Presented (with Muro, Lara and Wheeler) to EPCC ESL credit and non-credit faculty (1991)

36. "Physics and the Art of Teaching" - Presented at NTJC Conference in Dallas (1990); EPCC Faculty Development Workshop (1991); NMTESOL State Conference in Albuquerque (1991) ERIC document

37. "Blackboard Doodling" - Presented (with Archie cartoonist Thomas Moore)at EPCC Faculty Development Workshop(1990); TEXTESOL Conference in El Paso (1990); NMTESOL Conference in Las Cruces

38. "Meeting the Student's Needs: A Transdisciplinary Approach" (Wise and Muro) - Presented at the International Adult Education Conference in Tulsa and published by ERIC (1989)

WRITING (Selected)

1. Several distance learning courses and lesson plans for adult educators at

2. Distance Learning Faculty Training Guide - El Paso Community College, 1996 & 1997

3. "Multimedia Multiplying at TM." News Dimensions, Vol. II, No.5, Center Page, El Paso Community College District, 1994

4. Wise, Alice. (Spring 1994). "Integrating Vocational and Academic Education." News Dimensions, Vol. II, No.3, El Paso Community College District, 1994

5. ESP/Applied Technical Physics - an ESP text to accompany four volumes of Principles of Technology (C.O.R.D., Waco, Texas) - Carl Perkins, 1993

6. Wise, Alice (Leecy). (September 1992). "Helping Students Bridge the Technology Gap." Vocational Educational Journal, pp.45-46

7. ESP/TECHNICAL PHYSICS - an ESP text to accompany seven volumes of Principles of Technology (C.O.R.D., Waco) - Carl Perkins/EPCC 1991

8. "A Comprehensive Survey of ESL Methodologies" - A funded report (76 pages) requested by the Vice-President of Academic Affairs of EPCC - 1991

9. ESL for the 21st Century (Muro, Wise and Lara) - a three series ESL text - W.C. Brown, 1989,1990 and 1991

10. Editor of "The Roadrunner" (Transmountain Campus Newsletter) and " WIT" (Women in Technology) Regional Newsletter, (1991)

11. Three articles published in the Creative Edge (EPCC special publication), "Getting a Jump On Life", "Parlez-Vous Francais?", and "Can We Talk?" Short articles in professional journals and magazines while on College President's Writing Team, 1989

12. O quero-quero- a Portuguese text for gifted Junior High students - EPCC/ Dept. of Education, 1987

13. "ESL Career Outlook" - A series of in-house publications highlighting various college programs which were likely to interest ESL students in EPCC's credit program.

Instructor Guides and curriculum for teaching BASK 1007, 1006, and 1005 (ESL for illiterate adults) - funded by EPCC, 1987-89

14. Book of True Life - a translation from Spanish - Three Eras Inc., 1986

15. Los padres tambien valen , a translation from English - Levi Strauss Co., 1981

Wise, Alice. (June/July 1994).

16. Editor and writer for TEXTESOL regional newsletter, "Noticias"

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