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For 2.25 years I lived and worked in Honduras as a Peace Corps aspirant and volunteer

For 2.25 years I lived and worked in Honduras as a Peace Corps aspirant and volunteer

Peace Corps 1990-1992

Santa Lucia & Trujillo Honduras

For 2.25 years I lived and worked in Honduras as a Peace Corps aspirant and volunteer. I am much indebted to the generous people of Honduras for providing me with a welcoming, enlightening, and enriching experience. While in Honduras I performed a tremendous diversity of duties. One major project was to work with the Honduras Forestry Agency, a Canadian development organization, the UNESCO group, the Trujillo municipality, and many local leaders and educators, to research and establish two protected natural areas within a coastal Caribbean watershed. A concurrent step was to foster a local group to manage these areas, essentially an effort toward sustaining our work and placing myself out of a job. The results of this work are presented in the following link.


Spectacular view; Trujillo seen below from Mount Calentura

Trujillo is blessed to be surrounded by two national parks both of which are relatively accesible due to their location close to town. Parque Nacional Capiro - Calentura (National Park) and Reserva de Vida Silvestre Laguna Guaimoreto (Wildlife Preserve) are part of the system of 68 protected areas that the Honduran government has set up within the last ten years. These parks are home to a myriad of different species of plants and animals many of which are rare or endangered. Both parks in Trujillo are unique examples of quickly vanishing ecosistems and are well worth a visit.

Parque Nacional Capiro Calentura

The town of Trujillo is sandwiched between the Carribean Ocean and the looming mountains of Capiro Calentura. Walking out of the center of town on the trail towards the summit of Calentura (4052 ft.)

Butterflies in early morning shade

you may encounter wildlife such as monkeys, parrots, toucans, 10 inch wide blue butterflies, boa constrictors (harmless, of course!), or if you are lucky enough you may hear the distant growl of a jaguar or ocelot. There are several trails that wind their way through this lowland tropical rainforest. The trail to the summit of Calentura (4 hours up, 3 down) provides breathtaking views of Trujillo, the bay, the mountains of Olancho, as well as the Bay Islands. The high amount of rainfall during the rainy season (over 100 inches) keeps the forest lush year round and the many streams and waterfalls of the park full of water. The most spectacular of the waterfalls are those found near the headwaters of Rio Negro. They are easily accesible after a 45 minute hike through the forest. However, it is important not to swim in the river above the dam or any dam in the park due to the fact that the dams provide drinking water to the inhabitants of Trujillo and surrounding communties. Also hidden within the park are the Cuyamel Caves which have been used by various ethnic groups dating back to pre Colombian times. Experienced spelunkers will enjoy the opportunity of exploring the cave with local guides.

Reserva de Vida Silvestre Laguna Guaimoreto

To the east of town lies Guaimoreto Lake and it's surrounding mangrove forest.

Reflection of sky in lake

This wildlife refuge is home to many species of waterbirds, as well as crocidiles, turtles, white faced monkeys, iguanas, and hundreds of species of fish. The brackish water lake (16 miles squared) is encircled by a mangrove forest-swamp which acts like a nursery for much of the marine life of the North Coast of Honduras. The lake is accesible by canoe or outboard launch. It is best to visit this park in the morning before the wind whips up waves on the lake. In the late afternoon dolphins come in from the bay to feed at the mouth of the river that leads from the lake to the ocean.



The non-profit foundation that is working locally to protect both national parks is called La Fundacion para la protecion de Capiro Calentura y Laguna Guaimoreto - or more simply...FUCAGUA. This active organization just recieved 400,000 dollars from several non profits in the States to protect the two fragile ecosystems and develop conservation, agroforestry, and sustainable ecotourism programs. FUCAGUA's office is located on the second floor of the building in the middle of Central Park. Within the office is an Ecotourism Information Stand that contains information on many ecotourism related activities along the North Coast of Honduras. The staff of Fucagua is very knowlegeble about both parks and will gladly dispense tourist information. Most importantly bilingual guides will be available soon to give tours of the parks as well as historical tours of Trujillo. For those of you looking to volunteer your time to help protect these two beautiful National Parks, FUCAGUA is always accepting volunteer help - providing that you can speak Spanish. Address any requests for information to Prof. Freddy Lazaro Matute at:


Fax - Phone: 44-4294

Biblioteca Municipal

Trujillo, Colon 32101

Honduras, Central America

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