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Natalie in the Peace Corps

Natalie in the Peace Corps

This site is going to be about Natalie and her years in the Peace Corps. I (Laura) will be updating this page for her and I will be posting her letters and other related things about her here. Her address and other ways to contact her will also be on this site as well. For those who don't know who Natalie is, she is my older sister. She graduated this past spring with her bachelor's degree in English. She joined the Peace Corps and will be teaching English in Nepal this coming Febuary. I'm sure she would appreciate any letters people send her, even if she doesn't know you.


7-15-03: I put up the pictures and added 2 more of Natalie's mass e-mails.

6-19-03: I finally put up Natalie 7th mass e-mail. I will be posting more pictures soon.

5-19-03: Natalie sent me a mass e-mail today and I decided to post it today. ^_^ I should be getting more pictures from her soon. She also is no longer a trainee, so please put PCV instead of PCT on the address.

5-05-03: I added Natalie's 5th mass e-mail!

4-27-03: I put the list up!!! ^_^

Message from Natalie:
Namaste! That means hello and welcome in Nepali. I want to thank everybody who comes and vists this site, not only because I love it that you are interested in me and what I'm doing, but because I like telling people about the Peace Corps, and about Nepal. I haven't actually left yet--my departure date is Feburary 22,2003, and I will be staying until May of 2005. My assignment is English teaching in a primary or secondary school, and now you know about as much as I do! I'm spending the months until my departure subsitute teaching in Middle schools and hanging out with my wonderful sister and family. Happy Holidays and come visit again soon!

Time in Nepal: Sat 16 Aug 2003 :: 8:09:17 pm Add about 70 years to the date. ^_^

01. Why did you join the Peace Corps?
This is a complicated question - there are many reasons - I couldn't decide on on a graduate school, or a master's degree, I absolutely love to travel, I have a desire to be totally independent from my parents - but most of all, I want to contribute something to other people of the world, and to get more of a sense of my place in the world's community.

02. Aren't you anxious about traveling and living in another country with imminent war in the future?
We all have different ways to serve our country - some of us join the armed forces, some of us take care of our children at home, and some of us go to Nepal. ^_^ No, I'm not anxious; I think this is the best time to go - I won't have to pay skyrocketing gas prices and I'm absolutely sick of hearing about George Bush and the war.

03. Where are you in Nepal?
For training, I'm in Bhairahawa, next to Lumbini, the birthplace of Budda, in central south Nepal. I don't know where I'll be placed for service after the training is over.

04. Do you know Nepali?
I'm learning.

05. How can I e-mail you?
You are welcome to write me snail mail, but if you want to e-mail me you must follow a few simple rules - under NO circumstances are you to forward ANYthing to my e-mail, and also do NOT reply with my original text. I have to pay $2.50 for every minute it takes to download mail, and the longer it is, the longer it takes. If you cannot follow these rules, I will have to block you address. Now, having said that, if you would still like to write me, contact Laura, my sister and webmistress of this site, and she will contact me.

06. When will you becoming back?
My service ends May 15th, 2005. But I get 24 vacation days for every year that I work and I could come home for vacation, but I would have to pay for my own plane ticket, which is approx. $2000. Needless to say, I don't have $2000. ^_~

07. Where else will you be traveling?
Well, I would love to visit China, Thailand, Bozeno(?, I can't read Natalie's handwriting), Myanman, New Zealand, Japan, and Australia, at least. ^_^

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Made by me and me. ^_^

Made by me and me. ^_^

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