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Matt Stevenson's Peace Corps Photos of Papua New Guinea

Matt Stevenson's Peace Corps Photos of Papua New Guinea

Third Set of Photos from Papua New Guinea

Here is the third set of Papua New Guinea photos from Andy and Lynna (the first and second sets of photos can be found below). Once again, my Mom made the reprints and I have scanned in the cream of the crop.

Our house from the front before it was screened in

The kitchen

Here are some of the holes in the sago palm leaf roof in the bathroom

From inside our bedroom

The living room area

Before the cut



Group shot at the all volunteer conference in Madang

Xmas party dinner

The all-volunteer variety show--"The Great Shawmi," John Larson and Alison Ireland

Steve Arenest and Ryan Shelby in an advertisement for "Uncle Bill's Highland Hootch" (Note: Steve (left), in his 60s, is from Detroit and retired from Ford. He was on the Aunty-Dee Show twice as a clarinet player in his band)

The staff singing a song

Lynna and I doing a classic deaf skit: person behind does an "act" with hands/arms, person in front tries to follow/respond with correct facial expressions. Everybody loved it!

The four sexy lip-synching male volunteers

The country director, Anna-Marie, refuses to get up and dance (at the end of the song we were all treated to four streaking full moons)

I'm just washing my clothes. You can't see it very well but sweat is pouring down my back

Here are the men stringing together the saksak (sago palm) leaves to put on our roof

Saksak part II

Saksak part III

Saksak part IV--the finished roof

Another shot of the house

Shot of the garden next to our house

Pictures taken from ferry ship. The white stuff is hot gasses

More volcano

New Ireland, near Tandis village. Walking into the bush--this is an open grassland with pandanas trees growing in it. The pandanas tree is cultivated for its nuts

Out in the bush near Tandis. This is a typical garden clearing. Clearings tend to be about 1/4 to 1/2 the size of a football field. They are used for several years before moving on to a new clearing

This is a really nice spring in the bush

Bush spring part II

This is another spring just like the previous one. The villagers and the health department have built a pipe line from this spring to the village. The health department cut down all the trees around the spring, and some into the spring, which was stupid because now the water smells and tastes bad

Village spring part II

Village spring part III

Village spring part IV

Village spring part V

Village spring part VI

Ghandi (lower left), PHF forester, and men from Tandis village. The bare chested man in the middle is deaf

Some kind of lorikeet at a house in Kavieng, New Ireland

The volcano on the way back from New Ireland. I think the yellow stuff is sulfur

Pix from BBQ at our house with the volunteer advisory committee after their meeting in Kokopo

BBQ part II

BBQ part III

Seeing Lynna off at the ferry to Kimbe, West New Britain, on the MV Miningulai

Jade vine flowers in our yard

Staghorn fern in our back yard

Second Set of Photos from Papua New Guinea


Women's Cultural Show 1

Women's Cultural Show 2

Women's Cultural Show 3

Women's Cultural Show 4

Women's Cultural Show 5(Asaro Mud Meri)

Women's Cultural Show 6

Women's Cultural Show 7 (Child in Bilas)

Women's Cultural Show 8 (More Bilas)

Women's Cultural Show 9

Women's Cultural Show 10

Women's Cultural Show 11

Women's Cultural Show 12

Women's Cultural Show 13

Women's Cultural Show 14

Women's Cultural Show 15

Women's Cultural Show 16

Women's Cultural Show 17

Clown Dancer. This man was a clown dancer with the Manus group. In the corner you can see a piece of the garamate wooden log drum.

Lynna with the headmistress of Garoka High School.

Asaro Mud Meri.



Don holding a cabbage and pumpkin. He is the deaf/blind specialist.

Cecilia and Edmund.

Lena and baby--she is a grade 2 teacher.

Silly shot--Andy, Cathy, Theresa.

Singing the PNG and USA national anthems at a swearing-in ceremony.

Andy juggling for the ceremony.

Stephen, me, Lynna, Bill, and Rachel (Stephen is a Canadian volunteer).

Lynna with sisters Lilian and Maureen--they gave her that Meri blouse.

Hanging out. Next to me is Alowis, an eye technician.

A blurry shot of me and Benny the caretaker and security guard at our housing compound.


On the way out to Unngai for eye/ear screening.

Near Daulo Pass.

Andy looking for deaf people.

Hanging out at the waterfall.

Lynna at the waterfall.

A scenic shot...

...and another.

This is the village where I did the lion. The village is on a ridge coming off that mountain--elevation 2,200 m.

Walking through a village.

An example of PNG architecture.

Another PNG house.

A view of the Garoka Valley.

Another view of the Garoka Valley.


Our lovely abode (Andy & Lynna's house).

Condom wine!

Sign in front of Mt. Sion.

Some boy found an immature bird--I think that it is a kind of Melidectes--yellow browed or hybrid with Belfords.

The gecko that got stuck.

The gecko that got stuck.

Making the good stuff.



First Set of Photos from Papua New Guinea

Andy and Lynna took a bunch of photos and sent the negatives to my mom in Phoenix. She made reprints (GO MOM!, sent them to me, and I have scanned a few from each roll.

The photos seemed to fall into six main categories, and I selected a few from each of these. Due to time constraints I was unable to generate thumbnails, so there is a text description taken straight from Andy's captions that links to each photo. Have fun exploring Papua New Guinea with Andy and Lynna! My comments are enclosed within [brackets].

Andy and Lynna

Arrival at Kefamo

Peace Corps office in Boroko

Lynna carrying bilum [a type of bag] traditional style

Lynna in a meri blouse and laplap that she made herself

Larry [a fellow Peace Corps volunteer serving in the northern coastal lowlands] is showing me around his garden

Papua New Guineans

Good shot of us and homestay family

Mama, Papa, Joel (son) and Peter Jr.

Tattoos on Mama's face [this is common practice among the PNGians]

Group of kids just hanging out

All the village pikininis love pictures [unlike in the U.S., "pikininis" is not a racial slur, and all of the PNGians refer to their children and other children in this way]

Andy, Peter, Mama


The Peace Corps training compound at Kefamo

Parliament building

Mural on traditional longhaus

The liklik haus [toilet] we used for 5 weeks

House that Wowo is building

Standing on house being built by Wowo

Nice house, eh?!? [This is Larry's house]

Carved and decorated canoe [Okay, I KNOW it's not a building, but I didn't know where else to put it!


On top of Mt. Gahavisuka [1]

On top of Mt. Gahavisuka [2]

From on top of Mt. Gahavisuka [1]

From on top of Mt. Gahavisuka [2]

Pacific ocean! At Wasu

This is the river that we swam in out to the ocean

River to ocean

Leaving Wasu [1]

Leaving Wasu [2] [This is an excellent view of a coral reef]


Francis [preparing a mumu]

Pouring water into mumu. Water will steam cook the food inside. There are super hot rocks at the bottom of the mumu.

[The mumu is finished and ready to eat!]

Mama making kaukau (sweet potato) mounds


Just hanging out! [This is a ground cuscus, a type of marsupial]

Lynna with cuscus

Cuscus onto neighborhood child

Kokomo (Blythy's Hornbill)

At National Museum in Port. Moresby--echinid

[Unkown bird]

Lynna's earing--it just broke it off and ate it! [This is a juvenile Bird of Paradise]


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Hi Everyone,

My name is Jorddy Tununto and I'm searching for a Ms Alison Ireland. She was a US Peace Corps volunteer who taught me Mathematics in Grade 11, Goroka Secondary School, Papua New Guinea in year 2000. Can anyone out there help me find my former teacher, please!

Thank You very much!

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