August 13, 2002 - The Peace Corps in Russia: Spies and Schizophrenics

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The Peace Corps in Russia: Spies and Schizophrenics

The Peace Corps in Russia: Spies and Schizophrenics

The Peace Corps in Russia: Spies and Schizophrenics


Any prepared and qualified teacher among them is not present. But there are actors, drivers of lorries and even assistants to foresters and farmers

Äåÿòåëüíîñòüþ Êîðïóñà ìèðà â ðîññèè íåäîâîëüíû íè ÷èíîâíèêè, íè íàñåëåíèå, íè äàæå ïðàâîçàùèòíèêè

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With Activity of the Case of the world in Russia are dissatisfied neither officials, nor the population, even ïðàâîçàùèòíèêè

It Is updated: June, 28 2002 at 11:02:42
Equally ten years back, in June of 92-nd year the then chairman of the government Egor Gajdar has signed the Russian-American intergovernmental agreement " About activity of the Case of the World of USA in territory of Russia ". In what it has resulted, it is visible from the letters which have filled up today the Ministry of Education at which it is accredited by KM.

Last letter Ìèíîáðàçîâàíèÿ has received literally one of these days from administration of the Nizhniy Novgorod area. In it(him) îáëàäìèíèñòðàöèÿ refused services of volunteers, marking a low educational level of volunteers and ïðîâàëüíîñòü business - projects. " Declared as having university formation(education) and having scientific degrees, volunteers do not know Russian and frequently have a low educational level ", - it is told in the letter. Thus, according to conditions of the contract, volunteers of the Case of the World have the right to work in a host country, only passed examination on knowledge of local language.

As informs Óòðî.ðó, the similar situation is not exception. It agrees to data Ìèíîáðàçîâàíèÿ, at the present moment volunteers work already in 30 regions of the Russian Federation (about 200 person). As have admitted the representation of the Case of the World, about 90 % of volunteers have no either experience of teaching, or the appropriate qualification. And sometimes among such "teachers" mentally abnormal people come across. " My daughter, the student of linguistic institute VGPU, has joyfully declared, that will teach at them the English language the present American, - the inhabitant of Voronezh Ekaterina Zolotareva writes. - In couple of weeks of delights at the daughter it was reduced. Appeared, that the citizen of USA Êåâèí Ýáåðò invited by institute, the so-called volunteer of the Case of the World, under the diploma not the teacher the linguist, and the musician - guitarist. To students on his(its) employment(occupations) boringly and not interesting. From ñîêóðñíèöû daughters has found out, that the American has got ïîäðóæêîé from number ñòóäåíòîê.... There Was also one more " a sweet couple " in our edges(territories): the lovely old woman of the Penny (formation(education) - the expert in trade) and the young man teaching in Íîâîâÿòñêå. The grandmother trained äåòîê in English and is possessed hunted in area for UFO. The man year on a field of formation(education) worked, and was then taken out to America in connection with the become aggravated mental disease... ".

Even more interestingly the situation with business - projects looks. In 1992 the Case of the World ïðîäåêëàðèðîâàë, that all volunteers working in this direction, " will have the maximum(supreme) economic formation(education) and 3-5-ëåòíèé an operational experience in various directions of business ". In a reality as employees of a department of formation(education) of Khabarovsk Territory have found out, the most part of volunteers had no even the diploma about higher education. Moreover, among them loaders, waiters and other representatives of the specialities farthest from business came across.

However, among volunteers experts, the truth, in other area come across also. In the Saratov area the wife of one of volunteers Met'ju Barkli was detained with marihuana. In several regions of employees of the Case of the World convicted of excessive interest to our military objects. So, in Samara, among volunteers there was certain F.Braun, the former employee of CIA, the participant of war in Vietnam, in 70th years engaging in recruitment of our military men in the Western Berlin. This respectable volunteer has reduced all âîëîíòåðñêóþ activity to drawing up of the report on social and economic conditions in area and to adjustment of communications(connections) with representatives of local administration and heads of the large enterprises, basically defense of area. That is, actually to economic intelligence. And, as marked our special services, for gathering the information Mr. Brown used questionnaires and the questionnaires developed obviously not in bowels of the humanitarian organization. The similar situation was and in Khabarovsk edge(territory) where one of volunteers, Ýíòîíè Ëàää, was detained on especially protected regime object. As the then director of Far East representation of KM asserted(approved) Scott Áîóëç, Ýíòîíè Ëàää did not know and did not know, where has come. However, as follows from the letter of the assistant to governor Jury Onoprienko to the Minister of Education, it is far from being a single instance of excessive interest of employees of the Case of the World to military objects. " Representatives of KM establish wide communications(connections) with military men including with ñåêðåòîíîñèòåëÿìè, show interest to data on armies... ", - it is told in letter Îíîïðèåíêî. Similar histories happened and in vicinities Êîìñîìîëüñêà-íà-Àìóðå. One of volunteers persistently tried to receive the information on a course of conversion at enterprises VPK Amurska, Blagoveshchensks, Birobidzhan and Ýëüáàíà. Another - photographed regime objects Êîìñîìîëüñêà.

The management(manual) of representation of the Case of the World in Russia, usually referring on an official interdiction of recruitment by special services of USA of volunteers of KM, journalists and clerics, asserts(approves), that among volunteers of employees ðàçâåäâåäîìñòâ is not present. However, as the director of CIA Dzh recently has admitted. Äåé÷, " despite of an interdiction existing since 77-th year, CIA nevertheless involved in cooperation of persons of the specified categories, the truth, resorted to this only in " special circumstances ". Whether volunteers in similar "circumstances" in territory of Russia - business of domestic special services operate.

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