November 30, 2003 - Harrisburg Patriot: Malawi RPCV Dale Mcfeatters hitchiked all over Africa

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Malawi RPCV Dale Mcfeatters hitchiked all over Africa

Malawi RPCV Dale Mcfeatters hitchiked all over Africa

Getting around, then and now

Nov 30, 2003 - The Harrisburg Patriot

Author(s): Dale Mcfeatters

My son had the dilemma of how to go some place without the benefit of his car or public transportation. He eventually resolved the problem by bumming a ride with a friend, but I know how I would have solved it when I was his age -- hitchhiked.

Times have changed and you'd probably be foolish to hitchhike and even more foolish to pick up one, but for decades hitchhiking was how college students and members of the armed services got around.

The interstates have helped end the practice too, since drivers are more likely to pick someone up for the short hop rather than the long haul. Back then it was possible to make a trip of several hundred miles in 10-mile increments.

Back in the dark ages, we were not allowed to have cars our first two years in college so as a freshman and sophomore I would hitchhike the 45 miles to Syracuse University and then when my date had to be back in her dorm at midnight -- I told you it was the dark ages -- I would hitchhike back to school.

I was only blanked once, on a street corner in Cazenovia, N.Y., when a fog settled in that was so thick I was invisible to the handful of cars on the road. After several boring hours, the problem was solved by the arrival of dawn, a rising breeze and an obliging farmer on his way to visit kin several towns down the road.

A SUREFIRE RIDE was a middle-aged male in a sedan with a backseat full of sample cases. These were traveling salesmen, the original road warriors, gregarious and always glad of company and given to telling you that in their business you were only as good as your last commission.

I hitchhiked all over Europe, which was surprisingly easy and there, too, I was only blanked once -- by a whole country. A failed attempt to hitchhike through Czechoslovakia was my introduction to communism, which had successfully kept cars and, indeed, many other trappings of prosperity -- decent clothes, travel, citrus fruit -- out of the hands of the proletariat.

As a Peace Corps volunteer, I easily hitchhiked over large swaths of Africa in a way that would be difficult and dangerous today. In Malawi, where I was stationed, travel consisted of stuffing a change of clothes in a knapsack and hiking out to the main road.

Back in the United States, I picked up hitchhikers if they looked like college students or members of the military with less and less frequency even as I encountered hitchhikers with less and less frequency.

The last one I picked up was 10 or so years ago, a well-dressed man about 40 whom, it turned out, I knew slightly. He was a writer who had hoped to get a magazine piece out of all the different types of people who picked up a hitchhiker in Washington. He was giving up on the idea, he said, because all the people who offered him lifts turned out to be journalists who thought they might get a column out of it.

DALE McFEATTERS writes for Scripps Howard News Service.

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Story Source: Harrisburg Patriot

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