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Mijal's Blog - ranting and raving of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tonga

Mijal's Blog - ranting and raving of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tonga

Mijal's Blog

ranting and raving of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tonga

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

I have finally cooked the black beans into a mean refried bean. Some friends came over and with group effort made tortillas and had amazing burritos. I can't wait until I don't have to work so hard to eat a great meal. I guess it's good to appreciate a good meal while you have it.

I believe the lemongrass I planted in the swamp alongside my house is dying. I know it needs full light, but was there too much water?

Working on post peace corps plans. visas, resumes, decision time. frightening but wonderful. I feel free and (almost) ready.

// posted by Mijal @ 6:01 PM

Sunday, December 21, 2003

I have soaked some black beans bought from abroad. Research on line is finding out what I can make refried beans as I have lent out my "good" cookbook. The shop is closed unitl January 2nd. I leave for Samoa on Christmas Day.

I will finally be on an island where no one knows me and I don't understand what anyone says. I can hardly wait. I am shaking with anticipation. I will go swimming every day. Watch movies on their movie theater (Lord of the Rings Part III?) and become unhealthily fat off of food someone else cooks.

// posted by Mijal @ 2:37 PM

Friday, December 19, 2003

Rain rain, go away. Come again another day. I can't believe this much rain can fall in such a small amount of time. I am not allowed to drive and sloshing through puddles while being splashed by cars is not my number one plan so I have been mostly staying at home. Vacation is around the corner.

Happy Hannuka!

// posted by Mijal @ 2:12 PM

Sunday, December 14, 2003

They've killed my backyard pigs!

Ever since I have lived in this home I have been nurturing and feeding five baby pigs and one mama pig who live directly behind my house. I open my back door and throw leftover carrot peels, cheese, apples, anything at all and they squeal and run for the apetizers. They never smelled too bad, were always trying to bum rush my door with a true and wonderful love. And now they're roasting on an open fire. This is all very sad. I feel as though one of my baby's has been impaled and gutted. These neighbors have no respect, I tell you. Just because the pigs are theirs they think they can roast them up anytime for their feasts.

Today is Sunday and I am awake in time for church. Who loves Jesus, yes I do, I am Jewish but they don't give a hoot. Snap on......Snap off........snap on.........snap off........ RELIGION.

// posted by Mijal @ 8:51 AM

Mark, another Peace Corps Volunteer's mom came in from the States today. What an awesome woman. I felt revitalized just being in the room with her. Apparantly she works in the branch of the government that helps with disasters. You get called for a site and can work several different regional branches. It's a part time thing, but sounded really interesting. She's also retired from the airlines and her ticket from the states cost her a total of 84 dollars. makes me want to put on some blush and be an air stewardess.

I finished my accounting, mostly. A little polishing is all that's needed.

// posted by Mijal @ 12:22 AM

Friday, December 12, 2003

I am making progress on my accounting work although I am figuring out I need more higher levels of quickbooks than I thought. i wish they would have spelled this out when I got the first version on my computer.

I am writting from the Peace Corps office as a group of 10 students are cooking and preparing food of all kinds next to my house. Not the 10 feet of grace "next to my house", but the leaning against my windows "next to my house". I am running to the gym for a destress.

// posted by Mijal @ 5:10 PM

Thursday, December 11, 2003

how can it get so hot here. I have sweated through my clothing. It doesn't help that I have to wear long skirts and cover the sexual explicitness of my shoulders. What's the equivilent of 30 degrees celcius?

I am off tonight to a expats get together. I am trying to work in my foreign born marshmallows into my dessert item. We'll see what I find. There aren't any graham crackers here and I am not in the mood to turn on the stove so it's a bit of a bind.

I also have to finish (and start) the years accounting by "last week". Quickbooks, why don't you convert australian to american files. I hate you.

enough bad, more love.

Off to the gym.

// posted by Mijal @ 5:16 PM

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

errgh, what a slow morning. I can barely crawl my butt out of bed. Went to Magic Land Circus which was an event. Almost vomited on their spinning wheel. Too bad I couldn't find a picture, but recovery was well received on the ferris wheel. where I finally lost the urge to hearl all the cotton candy I had earlier been force fed. Ahh, cotton candy what a wonderful invention. Who could think of a better hyper exuding treat.

My yogurt was taken out of incubation this morning and looks great. This culture is from the Free Wesleyan Market where they sell fresh Tongan milk, fresh yogurt and vegetables. The fruits and veggies could use a little help, but ohh, the dairy products. As a girl who lived in Wisconsin for most of her life I need my cheese and milk. The milk tastes a bit earthier than the store brand, but at 1.75 pa'anga per liter verses 5.50 pa'anga per liter for the imported stuff, we're looking at a **very** good deal. I just hope the unpasturized bit doesn't cause weird microbes to take over my intestines. All in the life of a Volunteer.

// posted by Mijal @ 9:36 AM

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