Message to H. William Batt, RPCV Thailand

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By joe jaycox ( - on Wednesday, June 02, 2004 - 12:31 am: Edit Post

You stated "It's foolish to think that the Peace
Corps could change our image in the world. Mr. Batt, I disagree. I believe that while the Peace
Corps has not 'changed the world' in the last 45 years it has made a difference in the world! It's the same difference that Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, whose critics said were naive and idealistic, made. How did the Peace Corps ever
survive the Nixon & Reagan years of apathy? Why are we still around? Do you think that in the history books George W. Bush will leave the same legacy that John F.Kennedy left? And how
about image? Americans are peacemakers, not warmongers. That's our MO since 1776. Does any
country help third world countries the
way we have? Did we re-build Germany & Japan
after WWII? Can we do the same with Iraq or should we give up? We are a great Country filled with great people! We are blessed. That's why
we should help Iraq! And somehow, someway, the
Peace Corps could do it and along the way we would change, little by little, the way people
around the world think about us.

Joe Carroll Jaycox
U.S. Marine Corps 1954-1960
U.S. Peace Corps 1962-1964 (Venezuela)

By kathe mayer ( on Wednesday, June 02, 2004 - 10:55 am: Edit Post

Not to mention that the current president of Perú received his education, in part, from Peace Corps volunteers!

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