May 13, 2004: Headlines: COS - Nigeria: Politics: Election2004 - Martin: Mountain Party: Julian Martin, Nigeria 3 (1961-63), is a Mountain Party candidate for Congress for the 2nd district of West Virginia

Peace Corps Online: Directory: Nigeria: Peace Corps Nigeria : The Peace Corps in Nigeria: May 13, 2004: Headlines: COS - Nigeria: Politics: Election2004 - Martin: Mountain Party: Julian Martin, Nigeria 3 (1961-63), is a Mountain Party candidate for Congress for the 2nd district of West Virginia

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Julian Martin, Nigeria 3 (1961-63), is a Mountain Party candidate for Congress for the 2nd district of West Virginia

Julian Martin, Nigeria 3 (1961-63), is a Mountain Party candidate for Congress for the 2nd district of West Virginia

Julian Martin, Nigeria 3 (1961-63), is a Mountain Party candidate for Congress for the 2nd district of West Virginia

Julian Martin Nigeria 3 (1961-63) is a Mountain Party candidate for Congress for the 2nd district of West Virginia

Below is information about me and my candidacy. I will soon have a website up at Campaign contributions may be sent to Martin for Congress, 1525 Hampton Road, Charleston, WV 25314. Contact me by phone at 304-342-8989 and email at

Julian Martin

West Virginia’s First Peace Corps Volunteer

Mountain Party Candidate for Congress

Why I Am A Candidate

I am running to challenge Mrs. Capito and the Democrats to talk about the disaster of mountain top removal and valley dumps that are destroying homes and a way of life throughout the coal fields of West Virginia.

Mrs. Capito seems to be a nice woman and I know she knows right from wrong. She has to know that mountain top removal is a horrible disaster. But in supporting Bush she helps destroy our mountains, streams, wildlife, jobs and homes.

By supporting Bush, Ms. Capito supports:

* Mountain top removal

* Tax cuts for the rich

* Gutting the clean water act.

* Weakening the clean air act

* Privatizing social security

* Giving medicare to insurance companies

* More logging in National Forests

* The Iraq war based on lies.

* Monstrous deficit that our great grandchildren will still be paying long after we are gone.

* Out sourcing jobs to places like India and Swaziland

* So called "free trade" rather than fair trade

Ms. Capito voted to drill in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge

Julian Martin

West Virginia’s first Peace Corps Volunteer

Mountain Party Candidate for Congress


* The mountains against mountain top removal.

* Protecting the Monongahela National Forest from clear cutting, strip mining and new road building.

* A hardwood products industry instead of destroying the hardwood forests with mountain top removal.

* Union wages and health care for every worker

* Fair Trade instead of the so-called Free Trade

* Free public education through college or technical school.

* A single payer Health Care Plan that takes the insurance industry out of the health care business.

* Social Security and is against privatization.

* Medicare and is against privatization.

* Women’s rights including equal pay for equal work, freedom of choice and protection against harassment and discrimination in the workplace and in schools.

*Sex education to avoid AIDS and teen-age pregnancies

* Free voluntary vasectomy or tubal ligation for adults

* Saving the Blackwater Canyon as a National Park.

* The Clean Water Act

* The Clean Air Act

* Peace and getting out of Iraq.

* Small Community Schools and opposes forced consolidations.

*Public schools and opposes the phony “No Child Left Behind”


Julian Martin

West Virginia’s First Peace Corps Volunteer

Mountain Party Candidate for Congress


B. S. Chemical Engineering WVU

Peace Corps teacher in Africa

Retired high school chemistry and physics teacher Shift Foreman in chemical production

Rocket engineer

WVU Foreign Student Advisor

Union construction laborer

YMCA, Director of Urban Outreach

Carpenter’s helper


Outreach chairman, WV Highlands Conservancy

West Virginia Highlands Conservancy board of directors

Kanawha State Forest Foundation vice-chair

Member of Sierra Club, Coal River Mountain Watch, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, WV Environmental Council, West Virginia Education Association, West Virginia Science Teachers Association


WV Environmental Council Grass Roots Organizer Award; Building representative West Virginia Education Association; President, Lincoln County Youth Association; President, Lincoln Raiders Football; President and coach little league baseball;

Girls junior high basketball coach; National vice-president Committee of Returned Volunteers; Vice-chair Regional Council for International Education; Member Save Our Mountains, Member Parents For Better Schools; Organized signature drive to Save Blackwater Canyon from logging.

Press Conference Statement

I will represent the mountains and the mountain people and the wildlife who live in the mountains. I will represent the victims of the floods caused by mountain top removal and clear-cutting. I will represent the song birds that fly all the way from Central and South America to nest in our hardwood forests. I will represent the peace and beauty of the Appalachian Mountains. I will defend the Monongahela National Forest against the Republicans. I will vote to make Blackwater Canyon a National Park.

I will defend working people against out sourcing jobs to places like India and Swaziland. I will promote sustainable selective logging and wood industries instead of destroying all future possibilities with mountain top removal strip mining.

I will vote against tax breaks to the rich and vote for increasing taxes on the rich. The rich benefit greatly from living in this country, let them show their patriotism and loyalty by giving their share back to America.

Julian Martin's Very Brief Bio

I was born in Boone County, WV. My Grandpa, who fought in the battle of Blair Mountain, and my Dad and uncles were coal miners and members of the UMWA. My first environmental action was a letter to the Charleston Gazette, when I was fourteen, about how the banks of the Coal River had turned black from coal washings dumped straight into the river.

After graduation from St. Albans High School I wrenched a B.S. in chemical engineering from WVU in 1959 (when most of the athletes were from West Virginia). At WVU I was president of Wesley Foundation and Sigma Theta Epsilon, the Methodist men's fraternity, and represented the College of Engineering in the student legislature. I washed dishes, waited tables, worked in a lab and at summer jobs to help pay the bills.

After graduation I was a shift foreman in the chemical industry making antibiotics and melamine plastic. For one month, when five young fellow engineers were killed in rocket fuel explosions, I was a rocket engineer. The Peace Corps saved me and sent me off to West Africa for the most important experience of my life.

After the Peace Corps I was foreign student advisor at WVU where my involvement in civil rights and antiwar activities eventually proved way too unpopular with my bosses. San Francisco invited me to put a flower in my hair and there I became national vice president of the Committee of Returned Volunteers, an antiwar group made up of ex-Peace Corps volunteers. We helped stop the war but a bit too late for the millions killed and maimed. Two cousins came back from Vietnam hooked on opium and heroin and more than one friend was killed there. I have an honorable discharge from the Air Force.

The summer John Denver's Country Roads was number one I hitchhiked back to West Virginia from San Francisco. The Charleston YMCA hired me as their urban outreach director. Teaching high school chemistry and physics for twenty-one years came next. The junior high girls couldn't find a basketball coach so I took that job for a couple of years. And there was the little league baseball coaching.

I am retired and a grandfather several times. I am outreach chair and board member of the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy and vice-chair of the Kanawha State Forest Foundation. I organized and was president of the Lincoln County Youth Association. I have hitchhiked across Canada and up and down the East and west coasts of the United States. I was once knocked nearly unconscious by the superintendent’s brother in law at a Lincoln County Board of Education meeting. The fellow who hit me is now in prison for murder.

Besides the mountains, I love Mae Ellen, my children and grandchildren, family, friends, environmentalists, wildflowers, walking in the woods, learning, chocolate, basketball, football and just about anyone who smiles.

Authors I have enjoyed are John Steinbeck, Eric Marie Remarque, Douglas Adams, Tom Sharp, Kurt Vonnegut, Colin Turnbull, Chinua Achebe, Denise Giardina and many others. I am presently in various stages of reading Churchill's History of the English Speaking Peoples, (The one volume abridgment), Plain Speaking about Harry Truman, The Americanization of West Virginia by John Hennen, Page Smith's A People's History of the Post-Reconstruction Era. I really do need to read something light. I have written a novel, which is about mountain top removal, that is being reviewed by a publisher.

I know why a hen cackles when she lays an egg (it is not because of pain, more about sex) and I know who guarded Wilt Chamberlain when he scored 100 points.

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