January 2, 2005: Headlines: COS - Congo Kinshasa: NGO's Environment: Save Maryland Birds: RPCV Mike Tidwell is head of the group sponsoring this Petition to the Maryland Sierra Club Demanding Dan Boone Resign

Peace Corps Online: Directory: Congo - Kinshasa (Zaire): Special Report: Writer and Environmental Activist Congo Kinshasa RPCV Mike Tidwell: January 2, 2005: Headlines: COS - Congo Kinshasa: NGO's Environment: Save Maryland Birds: RPCV Mike Tidwell is head of the group sponsoring this Petition to the Maryland Sierra Club Demanding Dan Boone Resign

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RPCV Mike Tidwell is head of the group sponsoring this Petition to the Maryland Sierra Club Demanding Dan Boone Resign

RPCV Mike Tidwell is head of the group sponsoring this Petition to the Maryland Sierra Club Demanding Dan Boone Resign

RPCV Mike Tidwell is head of the group sponsoring this Petition to the Maryland Sierra Club Demanding Dan Boone Resign

Petition to the Maryland Sierra Club Demanding Dan Boone Resign

Open Letter to the Maryland Sierra Club

We in the environmental community care a great deal about the importance of scientific inquiry, free of political or other constraints. We proudly fight for open, honest debates about the important environmental issues of our time. Many in the environmental community have sharply criticized the Bush Administration for downplaying scientific reports, or sometimes even keeping scientific data hidden from the public eye. For example, several of the most prominent environmental groups in the nation have called for the Bush Administration to allow the scientific evidence on global warming to reach the public. Now, unfortunately, the tables appeared to have turned. Dan Boone, the Conservation Chair and Executive Committee member of the Maryland Sierra Club, is preventing the public from seeing the results of scientific studies dealing with wind power and birds. The studies would likely show that wind farms can be safely built in parts of western Maryland with no impacts on migratory bird populations. If the Sierra Club as an organization is to retain its credibility, it must demand Mr. Boone resign from his leadership positions at once.

Dan Boone, Clipper Windpower and others agreed on the design and execution of a study on migratory bird routes over the mountains of western Maryland where Clipper is going to build a wind farm. Mr. Boone is on record predicting that wind farms on those mountains would devastate bird populations. His rhetoric scared more than one person into questioning the wisdom of wind power. The study was meant to answer the question would migratory bird populations be negatively effected by wind farms built along a long, high ridge called Backbone Mountain in Garrett County, Md. The study is complete, and the answer seems clear we can safely build wind farms along this western Maryland ridge without in any way harming bird populations. This should be a reason for environmentalists to celebrate. We can fight global warming and clean the air with wind power without avian population impacts! Unfortunately, Mr. Boone seems uninterested in this result. He appears to want to prevent wind power in Maryland at any cost. He is refusing to allow Clipper to release the data from the study. He is keeping legitimate scientific findings out of the public eye.

The Sierra Club espouses the many benefits of clean, renewable energy including wind power on its web site, in its printed materials and elsewhere. It has criticized the Bush Administration for promoting fossil fuels over renewable energy. And yet the second highest official in the Maryland Chapter is seemingly doing everything he can to prevent wind farms and thus pave the way for fossil fuel power. This must end. We call on the Sierra Club to demand Mr. Boone resign from all leadership positions he holds in the Maryland Chapter and any other section of the organization.
Take Action Now!

Please fill out the form below and click SEND. You do not have to be a Sierra Club member to sign this.

This will add your name to the growing list of people calling for the Maryland Sierra Club to demand Dan Boone's resignation.

When this story was posted in January 2005, this was on the front page of PCOL:

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Changing of the Guard Date: December 15 2004 No: 330 Changing of the Guard
With Lloyd Pierson's departure, Marie Wheat has been named acting Chief of Staff and Chief of Operations responsible for the day-to-day management of the Peace Corps. Although Wheat is not an RPCV and has limited overseas experience, in her two years at the agency she has come to be respected as someone with good political skills who listens and delegates authority and we wish her the best in her new position.
Our debt to Bill Moyers Our debt to Bill Moyers
Former Peace Corps Deputy Director Bill Moyers leaves PBS next week to begin writing his memoir of Lyndon Baines Johnson. Read what Moyers says about journalism under fire, the value of a free press, and the yearning for democracy. "We have got to nurture the spirit of independent journalism in this country," he warns, "or we'll not save capitalism from its own excesses, and we'll not save democracy from its own inertia."
RPCV safe after Terrorist Attack RPCV safe after Terrorist Attack
RPCV Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley, the U.S. consul general in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia survived Monday's attack on the consulate without injury. Five consular employees and four others were killed. Abercrombie-Winstanley, the first woman to hold the position, has been an outspoken advocate of rights for Arab women and has met with Saudi reformers despite efforts by Saudi leaders to block the discussions.
Is Gaddi Leaving? Is Gaddi Leaving?
Rumors are swirling that Peace Corps Director Vasquez may be leaving the administration. We think Director Vasquez has been doing a good job and if he decides to stay to the end of the administration, he could possibly have the same sort of impact as a Loret Ruppe Miller. If Vasquez has decided to leave, then Bob Taft, Peter McPherson, Chris Shays, or Jody Olsen would be good candidates to run the agency. Latest: For the record, Peace Corps has no comment on the rumors.
The Birth of the Peace Corps The Birth of the Peace Corps
UMBC's Shriver Center and the Maryland Returned Volunteers hosted Scott Stossel, biographer of Sargent Shriver, who spoke on the Birth of the Peace Corps. This is the second annual Peace Corps History series - last year's speaker was Peace Corps Director Jack Vaughn.
Charges possible in 1976 PCV slaying Charges possible in 1976 PCV slaying
Congressman Norm Dicks has asked the U.S. attorney in Seattle to consider pursuing charges against Dennis Priven, the man accused of killing Peace Corps Volunteer Deborah Gardner on the South Pacific island of Tonga 28 years ago. Background on this story here and here.
Your vote makes a difference Your vote makes a difference
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Story Source: Save Maryland Birds

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For immediate release
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PacWind Technology's Scaleable Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Efficiently and Quietly Generates Electricity for Remote Locations.

Business Wire; 6/6/2006

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TORRANCE, Calif. -- PacWind Technology (PacWind) announces today the availability of its patented, scaleable Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs). The VAWT is made in the U.S.A., and solves several of the inherent problems of traditional propeller-based wind turbines.
First, the units run completely silent and vibration free! No noise is emitted from the turbines regardless of wind speed.
Second, the VAWT eliminates the need to slow down the turbine under high wind conditions.
Third, the VAWT is not affected by cross-winds, since the direction of wind is irrelevant. The turbine features only one moving part, minimizing maintenance. The unique design also generates usable power at low wind speeds of 10 miles per hour.
The VAWT is Bird and Wildlife Friendly
Finally, the PacWind VAWT is friendly to birds, unlike propeller-based turbines, which are invisible to birds. In addition, other animals are not frightened by the VAWT due to its silent and vibration-free operation.
The SeaHawk, the first turbine in a series, has a power output of 1 kilowatt and a maximum power output of 3.4 kilowatts. The SeaHawk measures 55 inches high by 30 inches in diameter. The PacWind VAWT is scaleable to megawatt class turbines.
The compact SeaHawk design enables freedom of choice and flexibility for installations, and allows one or more units to mount on a single pole. The unit is also roof-top mountable, and can be set as high or low as the winds demand. Custom mounts are also available.
"The SeaHawk incorporates PacWind's patented, permanent magnet, three-phase A.C. generator, containing the most powerful rare-earth magnets in the industry. This allows the VAWT to produce more power at lower wind speeds compared to propeller driven generators," according to the inventor and manufacturer, Phil Watkins, president of PacWind Technology.
Each wind turbine includes a three-function electronic charge controller for 12V/24V/48V systems, and a three-phase rectifier is included to complete the system.
"We anticipate strong demand for the SeaHawk turbine, especially in remote areas. The VAWT is a perfect complement to solar installations," said Dave Glawson, vice president of sales, marketing and technology for PacWind.
More information on the SeaHawk Vertical Axis Wind Turbine is available at: http://www.pacwind.net/products.html.
Availability and Pricing
The PacWind Technology, Inc. model SeaHawk is available at the suggested retail price of $4,495.00 in the U.S.A. Distributor, dealer and quantity order inquiries are invited. Prices are subject to change.
Contact PacWind Technology via e-mail at info@pacwind.net, fax to 310-375-2331 or telephone: 310-375-9952.
About PacWind Technology
PacWind Technology is located in Torrance. The enterprise was founded based on the need for creating practical low wind-speed, quiet and reliable wind generation systems. See http://www.pacwind.net for data sheets, application notes and to see PacWind's latest developments.
High-resolution images are available at: http://www.pacwind.net/vawt.jpg, also http://www.pacwind.net/vawt-mount.jpg and http://www.pacwind.net/vawt-close.jpg
The PacWind Technology SeaHawk vertical axis wind turbine can generate useful energy with very little wind, and runs quietly and smoothly.

Phil Watkins

Dave Glawson

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