1967: Alan Kline served in Brazil in Bragança, Belém-Pará beginning in 1967

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1967: Alan Kline served in Brazil in Bragança, Belém-Pará beginning in 1967

1967: Alan Kline served in Brazil in Bragança, Belém-Pará beginning in 1967

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Alan Kline can be contacted at adklineameskwakidorg

Country of Service: Brazil

Training Group: Milwaukee, WI

Cities you served in: Bragança, Belém-Pará

Arrival Year: 1967

Departure Year: 1969

Work Description:

Agricultural coops, ag extension, rice research, regional travel.

Bring us up to date on your life after the peace corps:

After grad school in economics, I've worked with several colleges, some in Indian Country and some not and with tribes in South Dakota and Iowa as teacher, grant writer,planner, and economic developer (and always a "student"). Patricia (>1/2)and I have three sons (late h.s., college, and just post-college age) who've worked abroad or traveled extensively. And so it goes.

Any thoughts you have now looking back on peace corps days?:

Oh, to be young again and heading to Brazil! It's hard to duplicate the sense of wonder and optimism we justifiably felt out of that opportunity ("great adventure" is more apt). I've discovered that the U.S. and Brazil seem different only in degree, and the degree ebbs and flows depending on whether there's a military dictatorship in power.

Anyone you are looking for or would like to hear from?:

Dave Lowe, Charles Scriven, Peter Chirivas, Craig Toftey, Bill Myers, Phil Spray, and Che Guevara.

Any message for returned volunteers?:

I think the Peace Corps should be in Brazil again; Lula should be amenable. Contact me if I can help coordinate lobbying with Congress, etc. Dean Conrad's bro is senator from ND--that's a good place to start.

Originally posted: December 28, 2003

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By Peter Chirivas (ool-18b9b0ef.dyn.optonline.net - on Tuesday, April 19, 2005 - 9:30 pm: Edit Post

HI Al,
This is Peter Chirivas. I was rummaging around here and there after a great supper and some wine and you turned up. I still watch your Capt. Ahab star-turn from time to time.
I sense that all is well w/ you and this heartens me.
Who knows if you'll get this, but if you do, drop me a line and I'll fill you in on the interrim a bit more.
Take care and an abraco in thought from your friend,

By Peter Chirivas ( on Sunday, September 23, 2018 - 4:52 pm: Edit Post

Hi Al,
Peter here again after, what?, 14 years...heheh...Funny how internet stuff seems to be well nigh immortal, huh?
Unfortunately, our mutual friend, Craig Toftey, passed away in June of '17. There is a nice bio of his posted which highlights his architectural work in Gloucester, MA.
He was 73, as I am now...yipes....
I still have that ashtray from the New Night Hotel. Do you still have any contact with anybody who might want to be the next caretaker. I have some hints for Owen Heiserman but don't recall whether he has already served his stint.
It was so nice seeing you guys when Rose and I lived at At's apartment....I wish you all so well and hope everything is going along swimmingly.

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