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By Woody and Janice Grant ( on Thursday, February 17, 2005 - 2:01 am: Edit Post

We are Woody and Janice Grant, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers from Group 23, Liberia, West Africa. We went with our son Ben who was 2 and 1/2 years at the time. We spent 5 years and traveled to many counries in West Africa. We have been back to other parts of Africa since our return. We went with our son Benji from Nashville, TN. Attended Texas Southern University in Houston. We also adopted Grace from Maryland County, Liberia. In addition, we sponsored three other youths and they were all educated in the USA. Of course, all are adults at this time. We were teachers among other things while there. Woody built houses in the interior. In evenings, I taught adult education and helped to start a nursery school for the children of Americans and Volunteers upcountry.

We are planning an actual reunion of Group 23, our first. We would like other RPCV's to attend also. Here at 428 Law Street, Aberdeen, Maryland 21001-3408. Telly 410 - 272 - 8187. This is our home. Date, Saturday, July 9, 2005 beginning at 2:00 P.M. Also, a pot luck, or shop after you get here or send $10.00 . Menu, burgers, weiners, ribs, chicken, fish, greens, salads, fruit, drinks, chips, steak,Please suggest any additional foods you would like to have. We will have all the paper products and will get the drinks. Soda pop. We have a pool and you can bring your own pool equipment. We also have swings and games for grandchildren for the younger ones, children. you may being anyone you want. I will need to now how many.
We are also planning trips to D.C., New York, Gettsyburgh and other places of interest, if there is enough interest we will rent a coach. In addition, if any want to stay overnight, we can get a special rate from the local hotels. Of couse you can look on the internet for price.
We also will plan for church for those who want to go on Sunday, 10 July 2005. We are looking forward to thils gathering and to many people of like mind.
Let us know something definate by May 15, 2005. that will give us enough time to make plans. It should be a wonderful gatherings. Bring photos, and films or videos, etc. to share. Send some ideas and some suggestions. We do not care how many people come. We will also have a tent in the event of rain. The size of the tent depends on the number of people who plan to come. It here are many, we may have to rent our local Festival Park in Aberdeen. We do believe we have enough space here for we have our yard and my sister - in - law next door.
We have more space because a hurricane destroyed nine or more trees and made a clearing for us.
We will borrow additional chairs from a local business a few blocks from us.

Let us know you pleasure. Please come with ideas, stories and plans for fun.

E-mail - (home) (work)
Work Telly 410 - 767 - 0425 ( 0433 Maggie ) ( Renee' 0426)
Fax - 410 - 767 - 0431
Shalom, Peace be unto you,

Woody, Janice, Ben, Grace

By Woody and Janice Grant ( - on Tuesday, August 02, 2005 - 5:22 am: Edit Post

We had a great time with Dennis R, Steve and Catherine who spent the night, Ken and Shiela who were instrumental in getting us together, also Catherine La Tour, who has her own web site,and her husband, I will write more when I get the timeand the lst names correct.
We combined some Bowie State University Alumni, Family, friends. The main feature was members of Group 23. RPCV from other groups also attended and one interested person who wanted to know more about Peace Corps.

We viewed some slides,talked and met others. The non Peace Corps were fascinated and are still talking about "those very special people". How they would like to have heard why each joined, how long they served, what they are doing now and if they would return. Many did go to other countries and many live in various countries today. Woody and I have visted many nations in the world as have others. Gee, we should have had them stand in the center and talk about themselves. It would have been greast to have had a camera.We thought we did have one lined up.

We had a perfect day. More than enough food. The Peace Corps Volunteers stayed until every thing was collected and cleaned. That is Peace Corps for you. Great people, real friends, we love them all. We gave what was left away to family that lived near.

We also had Maryland crabs, of course. We had a bushel and three dozen extra. It was more than we expected in the food line.

We tried to reach Larry and Lucille Palmer. Nothing worked, we think the State Department did not want us to locate him. We used the email
addresses Larry left but could not reach him. We wanted to visit him but there was no way.

Larry, if you see this, please contact us or contact Shelia and Ken. Anyone from group 23 or those who came after us, contact us so we can plan a Peace Corps Reunion on this end for 2006.
We need your ideas and input. Some of them came from California, Mass., Virgina. It was GREAT!!!
{,} - 410 - 272 - 8187.
{,}Thanks to all RPCV that did attend our first real reunion and the next is planned for Oregon.
We hope more will come in two years. Keep in touch with Shelia and Ken.

Thanks to those who put their pictures on the internet. WE willhave to send ours to Shelia in order to get them on.

Woody, Janice and Ben, 428 Law Street, Aberdeen, Maryland 21001

By Woody and Janice Grant ( - on Monday, November 19, 2007 - 3:45 pm: Edit Post

Please Peace Corps Liberia we need to hear from you. We returned from Nigeria in August and will go to Israel in March 2008. We really miss hearing from members in our group and others we know from Liberia.
In November 2006 one of our Peace Corps helpers in administration in the Peace Corps office, Monrovia, Liberia passed away. We were good friends and she visited us often. Agnes Louise Williams Acqui passed away 27 November 2006 in Phildelphia, PA. Her life was celebrated on 16 December 2006. At least 600 people were in attendace. It was a beautiful celebration. Many salutes were made and there was a great slide presentation held. Her children all showed their love and respect for her as did her husband Joe who you may remember worked at a bank there in Monrovia. Joe was evacuated when the unrest began and stayed in Boston with Jackie. Agnes was born February 20, 1944. She was 62 years old. All of her children are here in the United States doing well.
Lydia Martu Williams was sponsored by us and lived here in Aberdeen, Maryland with my mother next door from age 13 to age 23.She graduated
high school. Moved later to Phildelphia to be with her mother Agnes. Jackie Acqui and Olga lived with us,went to school at Aberdeen High School, then moved to New York. Jackie later moved to Boston graduated with honors and received a full scholarship to college. She now works for the IRS, still lives in Boston and has a 4 year old son. Martu has 2 daughters and the home in Phildelphia was left to her."June Boy" (Joe Acqui, Jr.), lives in Catonsville,Maryland and also graduated college. Olga graduated,lives near Atlanta and is buying a home. Lydia Martu Williams came to Aberdeen in August for our family reunion with her girls. It was great to see them.

We still have not heard from or about Larry Palmer even after writing to the Augusta News Journal in Georgia, Janet Howey, Shelia and any others. We really miss hearing from all of you.

Let's plan another reunion for 2008 any place you want us to meet. Let's call it a Liberian Peace Corps over all reunion. Any suggestions please let us hear from you about this we have plenty of time for this. Yes, we could meet here in Aberdeen, Maryland again. Do we have any takers ?

I am strongly considering rejoing Peace Corps for a shorter tour.I ran for the Aberdeen City Council. I ran for mayor two years ago. I was unsucessful. I do not know if I will run again.
I truly enjoy meeting the people and find many of my former students.
Woody is still working and is now recovering from pneumonia after a week in the hospital.
For those who knew Grace who we adopted in Liberia has a church in North Pole, Alaska (She graduated, has her B.S. and is now ordained.) She is 40 years old. Ben is at Perry Point Veterans Hospital and is also an ordained minister. Ben will be 40 in June 2008. I retired in 1996 but went to work in Delaware. I am substituting at the local high schools. I enjoy working with young people.
That's all folks!!!!

By Janice Grant ( on Saturday, February 06, 2016 - 2:46 pm: Edit Post

We Would like to hear from Peace Corps Volunteers who had been in Liberia.

Would like to have a reunion this summer July 23, 2016. This includes ANY and ALL peace Corps Volunteers who may be interested in a reunion meaning ALL regardless of what nation and year they served. Would like to make a film of experiences shared during your service. It will be picnic style in a protected place and FREE
TO ALL as well as those who may want to bring others with you.

We hope to be able to show films if you have any to share. Please consider this. It will be fun and something to remember and share with others.

We do need to know how many may want to attend so
we can prepare for all.

We can give you names and locations of places to stay in or near Aberdeen, Harford County, Maryland

Woody Grant 443 540 4229

Janice Grant 443 760 7967

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