1964: John McAuliff served in Peru in Ollantaytambo beginning in 1964

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1964: John McAuliff served in Peru in Ollantaytambo beginning in 1964

1964: John McAuliff served in Peru in Ollantaytambo beginning in 1964

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer John McAuliff can be contacted at jmcauliffaffrddorg

Country of Service: Peru

Training Group: University of Oklahoma

Cities you served in: Ollantaytambo

Arrival Year: 1964

Departure Year: 1966

Work Description:

Rural Community (and tourism) Development, attached to Cooperacion Popular Peruvian university volunteer program

Bring us up to date on your life after the peace corps:

I was the first national president of the Committee of Returned Volunteers, the organization that preceded the National Peace Corps Association. I have spent most of my work life involved with Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia--working to end the war and then on post war reconciliation. In 1985 I founded the Fund for Reconciliation and Development. We began similar work with Cuba about six years ago. www.ffrd.org

Any message for returned volunteers?:

As John Kerry says, 'this is an election in which everything we care about is on the line'. I have joined with other returned Peace Corps volunteers and staff in a to-be-made-public statement of support for John Kerry and John Edwards and ask you to consider doing the same. Click on

Originally posted: September 5, 2004

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By T.W.Broberg (68-67-172-43.ontrca.adelphia.net - on Sunday, June 05, 2005 - 4:27 pm: Edit Post

Mr John McAuliff,
You are a traitor to your country and yourself.You get fat and rich by selling out those who fought for the freedom of ignorant,rebellious college children of the U.S.
If you are so in love with your mission,then why not sell all your belongings,move to vietnam and give all the money from your sale to the poor of that country,and spend the rest of your days there.
I highly doubt,by the look of your stature that you would do such a thing.You probably could'nt go 2 days without the rich food you enjoy so much.
I just pray for the day that true Americans will oust you and those who share your mindless babble from this great country.We will do our part by publicly exposing and protesting those corperation and schools who support your treason.You slap the face of Americas Military Personell,then cry for your right to freedom.
T.W. Broberg

By Anonymous (ubppp249-217.dialin.buffalo.edu - on Tuesday, August 30, 2005 - 10:23 pm: Edit Post

Mr. Broberg,

You sound like a "love or leave it" type of person. You also sound rather un-American, I'm sorry to say. Real patriots are those who recognize problems, are able to be constructively critical and who want the U.S. to be true to its ideals. They are not people who blindly follow their political leaders over the proverbial cliff like so many lemmings. It's true that Mr. McAuliff could sell his belongs and move to Vietnam but there's plenty of work to be done here in U.S. and he has every right to do so. By the way, next time, leave out the ad hominem attacks. They dilute your argument and make you appear foolish.

By the way, those who fought in Vietnam were pawns of a political leadership that was locked into a Cold War mindset, unable to see the conflict in Vietnam as the war of national liberation that it was. (I wonder why Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, and company opted out of that war?) Most soldiers fought not for Freedom, Democracy, Motherhood and Apple Pie but in the hope they would come home in one piece. Similarly, the soldiers in Iraq are fighting not for you or me but in the name of a neoconservative vision that holds that "American leadership is good for America and the world." (Check out www.newamericancentury.org.) Hmmmm... I wonder why there are only 7 children of the 535 members of Congress and the Senate who are in the military and only a few in Iraq? As in the Vietnam War, it is the children of the lower classes who die for our "freedom." The cruel truth is that then, as now, they are dying in vain.

A Fellow Citizen

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