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By Abdul Mahdi Khabazi ( on Monday, May 30, 2005 - 10:55 am: Edit Post

سلام hi to all of researches in this pages
I am strongly saying you are to (DONT SEND ANY AMOUMT TO UNCERTAIN AND UNKNOWN DESTINATIONS) Cause my private lawyer has founded they are a large group of fake to cheatting and laying as you never setiments disbelive them,But now i am telling you are do not belive ,i am some one as you are and received an email from some lady under name of glory brown from florida ,she has invite me to the YWO youth well fare confernce ,bassed in Us and the Next one is in Guenea Bissau ,on 7 to 10th in florida and 17 to 20th in Africa (guenea Bessau),as following mails :Hello
Dear One,
Thanks for all information so far with hope to hold your hand soon here in State. May your life flow smoothly like a gentle stream carried on the current of a beautiful dream? May your hope never stray as you travel from the source; may you find a strong embankment
as you continue on your course.

Dear I will like you to understand that is the U.S immigration Bureau makes it compulsory that all delegates coming to this conference must prove there group reservation receipt before the visas authorization, dear for sure 100% as soon you reach the secretary with that you have noting to worry about all your group document will be forward to you as soon as do that.I wish to know more you can contact the secretary.

May a warm light from above guide you every day around the obstacles that arise to block the way. May your sight remain sure when the rapids are rough,
strength calming the waves, keeping your resolve tough. May you find contentment where each leg led and embrace new things along the path ahead. And at the end of the journey may the greatest wealth lie within; may you find yourself much richer for the places you have been.

Dear hope hence I’m here for you and your group you have noting to worry about only inform them that all is well and 100%
As soon you reach the secretary with the information she needed from your group all your group information on visas will forward to with out no problem, to make it more understand to you why is like that is do some group may come and run away that is why the as for their African Hotel reservation in other to understand that all must attend the second conference in Africa before the will forward any group visa information, for that I advice you and your group to meet up with that

Love and care
Yours Love,
------------------- The mext mail is : www.orgsites.com/fl/youthw.o
ICOR 2005
48, Rua Vitorino Costa, Bissau, Guinea-Bissau
E-mail: cabanahotel2@yahoo.com
Rua 2 Avinida De Armizade, Praca, Guinea-Bissau
E-mail: hotelolampel@yahoo.com
Note: Note: When you make your reservation in any of this hotel, you should ask for confirmation letter, as you will need to send the confirmation to the organizers in the U.S for the processing of your documents.
For more information and assistance as regarding the two selected hotels in Guinea-Bissau you can reach the secretary to the organizing committee in Africa through this E-mail: asiaafricacoordinator@usa.com by name Julio Gomez,
For more information regarding the International conference on racism / child abuse, kindly download the attached document
Dear Delegates,
We acknowledge your mail today with the group name, we are also happy to inform you that the below group name has being registered under this file number, YORPSF/USFL017/ICORVT08/US
(I am looking forward to hearing from you soon)
Cause today is my last day to transfer money , other ways it will be cancel my registration forum in Y.WO
The next mail :

With all gratitude,We specially Wellcome you to our country where The International conference on CHILD ABUSE is Taking place here in Guinea Bissau, We still have rooms available. Thanks for patronizing our service. Below are the Available rooms and official rate for the Y.W.O. Guest. All rate are in United State Dollar and in our local currency (fcfa). You are to book 5days reservation. From date of arrival 20th day before the conference" to the date of departure 24nd.
PLEASE VISIT OUR SITE, www.hotelolampel.s5.com
SINGLE ROOM $60.USD (32.500cfa) 1 PERSON
DOUBLE SUIT $110.USD (70.000cfa) 2 PERSON
FAMILY SIZE $260.USD (160.000cfa) 5 PERSON
We have modern facilities like Laundry/Valet ServicesTelephone, Internet, Standby Car to take you to the conference venue and to also bring you back to the hotel at the end of each day, 120 AC ,Barber Shop ,Barber/Beauty Shop ,Car Rental Desk ,Coffee Shop ,Connecting Rooms ,Handicapped Rooms/Facilities ,Free Parking Golf ,Health Club ,Meeting/Banquet Facilities ,Parking ,Restaurant ,Safe Deposit Box Shower ,Concierge Desk ,Copy Service ,Elevators ,Gift Shop ,No Smoking Rooms/Facilities ,Modem in Room ,Pets Allowed ,Outdoor Pool ,Refrigerator ,Room Service ,Sauna ,Fitness Center or Spa ,Television with Cable ,Tennis,Laundry/Valet Services etc. Also there are pools and sport facilities your payment cover use of the facilities but damage of any facilities will be reimburses by the client.
Restaurant: Guests of the Y.W.O can choose from a wide variety of dining venues, from a romantic dinner at Wright's to a casual snack break at The Cafe. Each equally distinctive, the restaurant interiors were inspired by the resort's Amica Zabary design and incorporate regional furnishings and textiles During the Portuguese Colony. In addition to the Zabary four restaurants, guests are invited to enjoy Afternoon Tea. A late afternoon tradition for more than 50 years, Tea is offered throughout the season on a daily basis. Come and indulge in our freshly baked scones, miniature pastries, tea sandwiches and an exceptional variety of gourmet teas
Cancel Policy: Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to arrival date and by 4PM, local hotel's time. In order to be able to access the ancillary services of the Resort, each guest will be required to present a valid traveling information upon check-in,. Each guest is also required to make available their home/business address and e-mail address upon arrival. Each guest must settle his or her account in full upon Arrival after the half payment that was made.
Method of payment; In order to reach you with the confirmation of your hotel reservation you will forward your payment by western union money transfer bank or money gram any that is applicable in your country. If the western union money transfer bank in you country do not send payment out side countries. Then you can forward your payment to us from any of your nearby country that pays to out side countries. No reservation is successfully made without half payment of the hotel amount. Meanwhile, you have to print out the attached form, fill and forward it to us via our fax number 245-201465. Please direct half payment to our hotel accountant JEJUE DA C.M.L. COSTAand inform us with the payment information that will be use to cashing the payment from the western union money transfer bank, in our country. On receipt of your payment, we shall forward your confirmation by fax to you. When forwarding your payment information, you should also forward along, your group complete names and your fax number.
Note; Credit Card are not allowed due to our passed experience ane we must recieve the money for your booking before your confirmation can be forward to you.
Following the agreement reach and signed with the lawyer of the organizer committee, we wish to inform you that payment will be refunded to any group or participant. If for one reason or the other could not attend the conference but the participant have to be aware the transfer chargers by the bank will be deducted from the hotel payment.
Hotel Manager,
Sr. Ferdinando Sancez,
See Here The Next mails from YWO :

Dear Participant,
We hereby commemorate on your recommendation to partake on the forth- coming conference. We wish to inform you that your group file has been approve for visas by U.S immigration Bureau. Actually we welcome your information hence we are to inform you why the criteria’s is like that, following the last conference we held in U.S, which we notice some delegates disappearing after the first conference here in US.

Conversely the U.S immigration Bureau makes it compulsory that all delegates coming to this conference must prove there group reservation receipt before the visas authorization for their participation to this conference. For this reason, we advice you and your group to do so to enable the approval of your group visas by the US bureau of immigrant affairs.
We assuring you that as soon as your group reservation confirmation receipt gets to the office, then we will forward it to the US bureau of immigrant affairs for the issuance of your group visas. Note that all information’s on your documents/visas approval will be forwarded to you as soon as possible hence the U.S immigration Bureau has accepted your visas authorization. We hereby making it well-known to you and your group that no one is after what you’re talking about, hence you are to understand that our organization is well know.

Your African Hotel reservation confirmation will only prove to us that you've make reservation for the Africa conference and you will be there after the U.S Conference. We would give you more directives as soon as your reach us with confirmation. Please note that we are not in position to authorize your visa, but we are working with the directives from the U.S Bureau of Immigrant Affairs, for that we advice you to work out on that and reach us with the confirmation needed from U.S Bureau of Immigrant Affairs in other to authorize your group visas.
Good Day,
Secretary Y.W.O.

Here you are my hot line contact for more info :
Mehdi 0097150 655 26 46

By twig66 ( on Wednesday, August 03, 2005 - 6:36 am: Edit Post

I recieved mail from one Cordelia Lincolm Inviting a Zambian team of five people to attend a combined Youth International coference on Child Abuse to be held first in the U.S. and the next one in Guinea Bissau starting from 19th-24th sep in the US and 26th-30th sep in Guinea Bissau. We innitially were asked to submit our names together with our passport numbers which we did and later we were told to make hotel reservations in Guinea where we were told to submit either half or full payment for such reservations before a confirmation could be faxed to us. We found this arrangement to be a bit difficult to adhere to for fear of loosing our money because we are not sure whether this is real or fake. This is how we decided to pull out though we still have time to make such submissions, we want to seek guidance. The person at the Secretariate is Madam Nancy Patterson at yworeg2003@yahoo.com
The payment for reservations is a pre requisit for our vissas to be proccessed. Please advise.

By junior hyppolite (dpc674640218.direcpc.com - on Friday, May 26, 2006 - 9:52 am: Edit Post

Hello madam nancy patterson
I am lookingforward having the visa rendez-vous andI want to ask you when will be the date of the
visa rendez-vous.
junior hyppolite the leader of the group who were recommended by cordelia lincolm

sincelly yours!

By junior hyppolite (dpc674640218.direcpc.com - on Friday, May 26, 2006 - 9:51 am: Edit Post

Hello madam nancy patterson
I am lookingforward having the visa rendez-vous andI want to ask you when will be the date of the
visa rendez-vous.
junior hyppolite the leader of the group who were recommended by cordelia lincolm

sincelly yours!

By Ali Camara ( on Saturday, May 27, 2006 - 9:20 am: Edit Post

Hello madam nancy patterson

Iam Ali Camara the leader of the group who were recomanded by Kianna Nelson,I ask you to make me some news about the details information for registration.
sincerly yours!

By RUJUMBA RONALD ( on Thursday, October 19, 2006 - 11:03 am: Edit Post

Hello Madam Nancy Patterson,
i am called Rujumba Ronald and i was asking if it possible for me to register because a lady by the names of Rhoda James sent me a mail whereby i had to contact you for more information concerning the regestration.
pliz i'm looking foward to your help.
sincerly yours!

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