Starvation around the world

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By Hayley-Marie ( on Wednesday, July 13, 2005 - 5:25 am: Edit Post

It's funny how campaigns such as that of the recent Live8 concerts held around the world and LiveAid which was held twenty years ago can touch our hearts, make us cry and even give up large sums of money to help those starving children we see in clips whilst the next chart topping band prepare to perform.

However, what do we do an hour later or for some the next day? We have a meal which could feed at least two people and leave little bits and pieces because we don't want anymore. We go out to restaurants and don't eat our food because we don't think it tastes nice enough.

It is understandable if one is at the brink of being sick because the food may taste that horrid, but do we ever stop and think how another child/adult who is starving may benifit from these foods?
We pour/bin because its too cold and throw away because it is a little bit stale.

We forget that things such as stale bread have a use as breadcrumbs and many other things, we forget that milk which has passed it's sell-by date is turned to cheese.

Isn't it about time that our governments came up with facilities to not only recycle paper, plastics and glass but also food?

Places where you could take that five and a half pints of off milk sitting in your fridge to be turned into things like cheese and yoghurt instead of permenantly disposing of them?

And isn't it about time that we took poverty more seriously and stopped seeing it as a few adverts on the television and pictures on the internet?

People may not feel that they are able to afford giving u £5/$10 a month but we can at least show our support.

Hayley, 14, England

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