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Peace Corps Online: Directory: Ghana: Peace Corps Ghana : The Peace Corps in Ghana: December 1, 2005: Headlines: COS - Ghana: Energy: Wind Power: Cape Cod Today,: Ghana RPCV Matthew Patrick writes: The sad truth is that if we had considered the wind farm with open minds, the project might have been built and the Compact could have contracted for a stable, inflation proof source of electricity : Wind power

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I have read all over the Internet about wind power. If I believed most of the articles, we should build thousands of windmills and solve our energy problem. There are other sites that point out that if windmills were viable we would all go buy one.

Tha facts are that the energy it takes to mine the ore to make steel, the energy to melt the steel, the energy to roll the steel. The energy it taked to make the turbine are not being included in the argument.

To look at it another way if all you had was windmills for energy would you use your energy to produce more windmills. The answer is, of course not. The only reason windmills are being built is becasue there is a governement subsidy.

Some Web sites say that windmills are cost effective. They only way they are is becasue you make them out of steel that was created years ago when fossil fuels were less expensive.

If you take todays energy prices and start mass producing and you start from the begining the energy to create a windmill is 100 time more energy than the windmill will create in its liftime. It may only cost 20 times the value of the energy but that is still beside the point. Without fossil fuels you could not even create windmills. We would burn up a lot of fossil fuels to make these things, so we woould increase pollution today to have 1/100th the clean energy tomorrow.

When will we wise up and stop wasting fossil fuels on such ventures. If fossil fuels went up 100% in cost, the fact still remains that only a small percentage of the energy of fossil fuels is replaced.

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