Follow up to Dondie's understanding of "giving out junk"

Peace Corps Online: Directory: Costa Rica: Peace Corps Costa Rica : Peace Corps in Costa Rica: RPCV in Costa Rica - Dondie Crook a new Peace Corps Volunteer, on her way to Costa Rica. For those grizzled veterans who might have forgotten life as a volunteer, Dondie agreed to send her letters so that we can post her saga as it unfolds.: Follow up to Dondie's understanding of "giving out junk"

By Keith Britton ( - on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 - 2:12 am: Edit Post

Hi, I'm a Christian missionary in Costa Rica, (3 years)I work with and ministered to the people in parts of Los Guido called the waco (Hole)and near by sectors (5, 6 and 7) I mainly work with the children and their moms, (seven out of ten families do not have the father living in the house) which is a a world wide disaster. and yes, they do live in dirt shacks with little running water and pireted eleltricity, and dirt. They are refugees from a country going backwards, (Nicaragua just re-elected a past president of who's party was responsible for 10's of thousands of deaths years ago.) ref:(
Getting back to why I'm writing this. Donde had a incredible "once in most life times" experiance, experiancing the really impovirshed of this world "The People of Los Guido". Since he was here, not much has really changed, accept more refugees, more crime, more addictions and prostitution!! What has and is changing, is the children's out look on there immedeite lifes and future through the efforts of missionaries from all over the world, reaching out to thies almost forgotten children and families through the love of Jesus Christ. "God is are Father" is one of the first English sentence they learn. "which is true unless you beleive your ancestors came from an ape, which make you and monkeys uncle" Sorry..couldn't help it. And yes, I tell the children that, and they laugh.

The main reason I became a missionary was to help childen have a chance in life, and it starts with love and trust. I am a trusted friend and acting father at times to 30 or 50 children. There are no conditions accept , Love one another as you would have others love you!
Most get it!

In his letter above, Dondei said: I would tell those visit-Americans (who are now enjoying hot showers daily) that their efforts weren't fruitless, and that I think the cheesey stuff they distributed represented to a few kids that someone outside the world of their barrio gave a damn, even if for one day. (or two years, it's all relative.

Dondei figured it out. I hope you who are reading this, do to, before more children are forgotten.

If you'd like to help, please contact me at Or if you just want to talk.
God Bless you with your needs
Bruddah Keith

By Steven Alspach ( - on Thursday, August 02, 2007 - 5:42 pm: Edit Post

Hey uncle kieth, i hope you got the messages i've sent you.

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