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By RPCV Jamaica ( - on Friday, December 29, 2006 - 4:45 pm: Edit Post

I absolutely agree with the prior two comments on the film Borat. Though I have not seen the film, I find what I have heard unfortunate. At a time when Americans need to improve relations with the international community, particularly nations with significant Islamic populations.

Sacha Cohen has performd a great injustice against the American people. There are two interpretations. One, Cohen is an ignorant individual who thinks that making money off mocking an entiring nationality is innocent fun. Two, Cohen is trying to perpetuate and propogate the malicious notion that Islamic people are anti-Semitic. Why would he do this? Why would he want to spread anti-Islamic stereotypes and propaganda meant to reinforce the idea that Muslims are a threat to the existance of Jewish people? What other country has made a political agenda out of the same notion? And where did Cohen once spend many years living? When the circumstances of this movie are examined in this way, "Borat" evolves from misguided and ignorant to indeed sinister. Let's hope Cohen was only misguided and ignorant. Further let's hope that the American people wake up to the ignorance and ill will that underlie this supposed "comedy".

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