Outrage at the behavior of U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania, Michael Retzer

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By Anonymous ( on Saturday, June 02, 2007 - 10:48 am: Edit Post

Not sure if you have all heard, but the U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania, Michael L. Retzer, a Bush appointee and businessman from Mississippi, owner of many McDonald’s aligned with the Republican party recently revoked the clearance of Country Director, Chris Dondo.

What outrages as should all the PCV community around the world is the story itself not necessarily sending the poor little CD on her merry way. Dondo apparently fought hard for the independence of Peace Corps in such instances as Rightsizing which all I know of it is that it is a new way of doing business of the Government overseas, PEPFAR, and many other meddling intrinsic matters which heightened what ended in the Ambassador exercising his authority to revoke the Country Director’s clearance by sending forward a ‘No Confidence Cable, what does this mean in diplomatic circles? as I do not know.

What isn’t told amongst the stories floating around is the same Ambassador who apparently states he has a direct line to the White House, does not answer to anyone at the State Department blatantly asked one of our own family, a PCV in Tanzania during a dinner if she masturbates at site or slept with any locals presumably meaning that PCVs have nothing better to do in their communities than masturbate and sleep with Tanzanian’s.
An embarrassing situation for the United States Government, people who pride themselves on being Americans, Peace Corps and the Volunteers themselves with such an Ambassador, representing our country, the USA in a foreign land.

This man is a disgrace in leadership. He should be called back to Washington at once and be asked to resign, returning to the flipping of hamburgers that perhaps he is or should be accustomed to.

It is time for all of us to stand up and learn more of this story-had he had his way and Dondo did not foil his plan, it sounds as if the face of Peace Corps could look dramatically different, setting a world-wide precedence and a one USG take over. Let go of the new legislation that is or was on Senator Dodd’s pen tip, let us get with the program…..while Peace Corps is and should be proud of being an Agency of the United States Government, that little Act in 1961, signed by President Kennedy, remember that one? Which formed the basis of Peace Corps, well it states specifically Peace Corps is an independent Agency. We cannot allow bullies to take out people because they had the guts to say no to a sexist Ambassador who is out there sexually harassing on our very own PCVs for the sake of power and glory.

Moving forward from this day onward, Retzer has to be stopped.
Only you as the larger audience can do that, please gather the facts and information and make it known to your Congressman, Senators and larger Government, this is the real deal ladies and gentleman, we have to take a stand and ask for him to step down immediately. The Ambassador should never be allowed to pay these games with people again, both the Volunteer he harassed and the CD he threw out. It is amazing he is still standing there proud to serve his country which is also our country. He should be ashamed and embarrassed to be where he is.

Is it these things take lesser value as Tobias hooks himself into escort services, closer to the heat of the Capital? More needs to come for those that know more of the facts to this situation, share it with others. I tried to find out as much as I can online about this guy, can anyone share anything?

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