Puppy Scammers

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By Anonymous (adsl-75-26-183-44.dsl.scrm01.sbcglobal.net - on Thursday, December 06, 2007 - 4:37 pm: Edit Post

And the address frm her "son":
Names of receiver: ......Tamukong Ernest
> City:............. Douala
> Province: .......Littoral
> Destination country: ........Cameroon
> Zip Code:........................00237

ANother is:



Receivers First Name ..............EMMANUEL
Last Name...............TOH
Street Address..........VICKY STREET{45670}
number.......................00237 9412 6759
zip code.......................237
test question..................WHAT IS THE TIME
anwser .........................8:AM

Her phone number:00237 9412 6759


By johnny boy ( on Wednesday, August 13, 2008 - 4:13 pm: Edit Post

i emailed someone about a free puppy and they sent me an email with answers to questions i didnt ask so i thought it was kinda fishy then i said i wanna see where this zip code is from and this webpage was the first to pop up. so im glad i didnt give them any information because they asked for my house number address and nearest airport but i asked them something else before i did anything else but now im not saying anything

By anna campoy ( on Thursday, October 23, 2008 - 7:48 am: Edit Post

so when they say that they someone had a free puppy and they send pictures is its still a scam, i have never done this before and i wanted to make sure before i send the money? so should i avoid this e-mail about a free puppy? or what should i do because i don't want to send the money and not get the puppy.

By Nicole. J ( on Wednesday, April 08, 2009 - 7:25 pm: Edit Post

So yes......I too almost fell for the scam below is the email that was sent to me.......as well as the shipping info that they wanted me to Western Union the money to. I pray this reaches someone before they get taken advantage of....


Jeo Luara" <jeoluara@yahoo.com

Hello ,
My puppy is potty trained , home raised A.k.c registered , vet checked and will come with all papers needed . this puppy is very playful and is female .. She is also of absolute temperament as she loves playing with kids and other animals . She is also 15weeks old and is looking for a new home because we just moved into a new and non pet apartment in Anchorage/AK . You can have my puppy is you can afford just the transportation fee of $150 which you will pay directly to the transport company and not me to transport the puppy from Alaska to you .I am not out to look for money by selling my baby all i need is just a very caring and loving home for my baby where she will be well loved and spoiled to rotten .... Remember that you pay me no money but just the transport company so that you should feel secured of your money for transport . email me for more information if you want me to educate you more on how the transportation works and how you will pay
the transport company 5hours before delivery .also transport from Anchorage to your state will probably take 6-12hour

**************shipping info*********************
Name------Ndonwi Anomah

State----South west
Zip code / area code-00237

Well when you get there they will ask you a test question and answer so you can use..

Test question---When

By hazelfitmami4u@yahoo.com ( on Monday, April 13, 2009 - 12:30 pm: Edit Post

please dont reply to any website giving away a free puppy no body gives anything for free, i was a victim of free puppy scan by this cameroon, zipcode 00237 giving away a free puppy maltese i send him $200.00 for the air flight and the shipping of the dog to my house and never got the puppy, he promised you things thrue emails to feed your mind, beware of his info.email used macshown@gmail.com, delivery of the puppy info, pets flight.world pets delivery agency also pets shipping services@ alive .com also name used Valery NJIE,COUNTRY CAMEROON,ZIPCODE 00237,TEST QUESTION HELLO,ANSWER HI. pleased beware dont be a victim like me

By doglady ( on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 - 10:56 pm: Edit Post

Hello , I too was a victum of this scam , A Lady by the name sera eve was giving away a free pomeranian puppy , All she asked for was 150.00 for for the transport of the puppy , But she didn't have the dog she said that she turned the dog into the flite agency . I should have know something was not right because they said that I had to send the money to there headquarter in cameroon. and that they would only take western union . they ended up getting 350.00 from me . THey are scams and they deserve to be put into prison . I have no puppy and no money back eather . PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND DONT SEND ANY MONEY TO ANYONE OUTSIDE THE USA. tHEY GAVE ME THE INPRESSION THEY WHERE HERE IN UNITED STATES . Apparenly they have scamed millions of people because the FBI is now Involved .

By Kitty Miles ( on Tuesday, April 28, 2009 - 12:24 pm: Edit Post

I to was nearly scammed, the ad was on Vivastreet, I have warned them and they are now barred..But they will return under another bogus name..At present they are trying to scam with Chihuahuas,British Bulldogs, Parrots and Shih Tzus, all apparently up for adoption and you only have to pay handling costs of delivery. They say there locations are in London,Devon and Leicester. They emailed me with a phone number, for which I was suspicious of and discovered it was in Cameroon.! The phone number being used at present is:- 00237 2479568. They even sent me a phony email of the dispatch company called ukpetsdeliveryman.com.! Please don't be sucked in by these idiots.! All they are after is 150.00 via moneygram.! As soon as I said I will pay cash on delivery, I never heard another thing from them..!!

By Rachel H. ( on Friday, May 01, 2009 - 1:08 am: Edit Post

Another Puppy Scammer. Uses the e-mail dela_men@yahoo.com Please beware!They almost got me but I found this site and backed out before they could rope me in. This is just horrible. I would have been broken hearted if I would have sent these people money and not got my yorkie. They stole pictures from other peoples sites.


Their Information where they wanted moneygram sent.

Name..................Mbweng Chi
Zip Code...........00237

By Irene, Dallas ( on Thursday, June 25, 2009 - 1:52 pm: Edit Post

Wow... thank God for your information. I was almost scammed too. I typed in the name of the person who I was to send my money to and this website pop up. They wanted me to send $200 to Western Union.... it didnt sound right. I check the company and it looked official but my gut was right. Many thanks...

By c.ag42408 ( on Saturday, October 16, 2010 - 1:02 pm: Edit Post

I am so very glad i looked up the name see i was searching around for a teacup maltese puppy and i was so very excited when i found one for adoption because they are very expensive dogs. anyways, i finally found one and e mailed the person that goes by "michael kate". the name didnt really make a difference at first so we communicated through email.the email reads as followed:

Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2010 04:33:48 -0700
From: michael.kate15@yahoo.com
Subject: Maltese Puppy.

Thanks for the interest in my Female Maltese Puppy . This puppy is just perfect as she is female , she does well with kids and other animals as she is of absolute temperament . She is 11weeks old and has a little bit of potty training . she is akc registered and will come along all akc papers and health records . She is now up for adoption since i got a new job and i moved into a new and non pet-apartment and so i am looking for a home for the baby . She is called baby lizzy and you can have her if you can afford just the transportation fee of $100 which you will pay directly to the transport company so that you are secured about your money . Email me if interested in my baby so that i email you more information about the transportation and delivery if you have never done this before . Transportation will take about 9-13 hours to get to your door step . I have attached some pictures of the baby in this email so please email me back if interested . I am located in ALASKA.USA


From: 'me'
Subject: RE: Maltese Puppy.
To: michael.kate15@yahoo.com
Date: Thursday, October 14, 2010, 2:00 AM

thanks for responding to my email! i have been lookin for this type of puppy =] sorry it took so long to txt back..i hope lizzy is still available...i am a student so it might take me a while to collect the money...is there anyway yu can hole her for me? and also is she a teacup? and what size clothing does she wear? i have no idea how the transportation thing works my father is a police officer and mite be able to look into it...well let me know for any details or anything else i mite need to know please


Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 21:50:58 -0700
From: michael.kate15@yahoo.com
Subject: RE: Maltese Puppy.
To: me

as regards the transportation , i will need your full detailed address , full names , phone numbers and the name of the closest airport to your house where you want the baby shipped and after that home delivered to , i will also need your full names so that i do the registration for the transportation of the puppy . with the above , you will be rest assured of where you money is going to since you pay the $100 to the transport company . please please please spoil the baby to rotten and update me with pictures of the puppy and the new family when you have the puppy at your house . Transportation can be done first thing tomorrow morning.we cant hold her till then since she has no home now , we can ship her out to you today or tomorrow morning .You will pay the transportation company soon after i do the registration for the transportation . The transport company will let you know how you will get the money to them . My cell has a problem and i cant call or receive calls or else i would have let you call me .


From: me
Subject: RE: Maltese Puppy.
To: michael.kate15@yahoo.com
Date: Thursday, October 14, 2010, 9:39 PM

ok great! so is there any way you can hold her until sat? and where is she satying now? and im still a little unsure about how the whole transportation thing works? do i juss give yu the word and yu transport her and wen they deliver her do i pay whoever comes to my door or?? and also is she a teacup maltese puppy? and what size clothing does she wear? and i will absolutely spoil her! as well as keep you updated with lots and lots of pictures =]

i, 15 Oct 2010 03:53:35 -0700
From: michael.kate15@yahoo.com
Subject: RE: Maltese Puppy.
To: 'me'

hello ,
thanks for the mail back ,There will be no problem if you will want me to hold her until sat , She is a teacup Maltese puppy , this is how it will work on the transportation , i will need you to e-mail me with your information then i will go and register the puppy under your names and address and the transport company will contact you as regards the delivery and everything so if your okay with everything e-mail em with your information so we can proceed. thanks and waiting...


From: 'me'
Subject: RE: Maltese Puppy.
To: michael.kate15@yahoo.com
Date: Friday, October 15, 2010, 8:54 PM

ok thank you
[[all my info given]]

from: michael.kate15@yahoo.com
Subject: RE: Maltese Puppy.
to: 'me
Date: Friday, October 15, 2010, 8:54 PM

Okay, so thanks i got the information , so do i go and do the registration tonight so she get on her way and arrive tomorrow morning or i do that in the morning? let me know because am free and can do that tonight it all depends on you. thanks and waiting ..

then this person starts texting me because i made the mistake of giving this person all my info and the txts are from a yahoo! account. the number was 92466501 and the username was anoma2000. they did this because their phone 'didnt work'. well they ask me if i wanted them to go ahead and place in my order or whatever andas you can already see by the emails something just didnt seem right. i started asking questions about where she lived and what she did for a living she said her name was kate gailes. and her username was michael kate because she was kate and her husband was michael so thats y that was her username, anyway she told me she worked for a new paper company in alaska. at first she said 'thats not important' so then i knew something was up. you know? why try and hide it?so of course more and more questions were asked and this is how the conversation went about:

michael kate:hello rodriguez am about the maltese puppy.

me:o ok hi! how are you?

michael kate:am fine and you?

me:great. yur up late?

michael kate: yea

michael kate:i just got back from work now

[[the time was 2:36AM]]

me: oic...where do you work?

michael kate: alaska

me:i know but where??

michael kate: well thats not important. so i just sent you an email

me:i know but id like to know what all you do.

michael kate: did you get it?

michael kate:i work for a news paper company here.

[[this person send me the email above saying they would pay half of the transportation money and they are asking me if i got the email. i respond]]

me:well i kinda would like to know a lil bit about you...and that sounds great!how would i send the other half to you tho? through mail?

me: o thats nice and yes thanks i appreciate it. and hows the whole thing going to work exactly?

michael kate: you will pay $50 to the transport place and when i do the registration i will also pay $50

me: and what about your $50 that im borrowing? how will they get that money?

michael kate: well when you get the puppy home then i will tell you how to send me back my money ok?

me: o ok i see. and are you a guy or girl? your name is somewhat contradicting...

michael kate: am a lady, my name is kate, my husband michael so am michael kate.

me: o ok cool. my bf's name is michael as well

michael kate:okay

michael kate:so are you set for her tomorrow morning?

me:yes so whats the game plan exactly?

michale kate:okay. tomorrow morning

me: ok so what are you gonna do to get her here that fast?

michael kate:by 7:30 when i will be going to my job site i will pass by the transport company and register the puppy under your names and adress the transport company will contact you as regards to the delivery and payment then she will be in a flight if we get this done first thing in the morning.

me:so around what time should i be expecgting lizzy?

michael kate: you should be expecting her around evening time.

me:so exactly around what time in the evening do you think?

michael kate:when am done with the registration and everything the transport place will let you know

me: ok so really i just need to wait on a call from them and will then find out what time she will be here.

michael kate:yes they will sent an e mail for sure and let you know on delivery and payment. i will deposit $50and they will let you know on how to deposit the rest of the money

me:ok is there anything i need to know about her? like fave toys or foods or anything?

michael kate: she will come with her feeding booklet that will let you know on all the types of food she eats

me: ok anything else?

michael kate:if anything else comes up ill let you know okay?

me: okay thank you

michael kate: k.

me: anything else?

michael kate: nope

me: ok thank you so much

michael kate: thanks too

me: nite. (its 2:57AM)


michael kate: hello crystal am about the teacup maltese puppy.Am done with registration and everything already so the transport company told me they sent you an email. did you get it? i have already deposited the $50

me: ok thanks sounds great

michael kate:all you will need to pay is just the $50 k

me: ok and no i havent checked my email i was still asleep...and thanks i will pay you the money back.

michael kate:ok

me: yea

michael kate:so check to see if you got the email now and hurry and make the payment of the rest of the $50 because they is a flight this morning okay

me:well i thought i paid them when they brought her to me?

michael kate: did you get the email?

michael kate: no you will need to pay so they get a flight ticket for her. but you need not to worry ok. she will get home with no problem

me:well where do i take the money if thats not the case?

michael kate: did you get their email?


michael kate:did you check in both your junk and inbox?

me:i got it in my junk folder and im trying to open it but it says windows live hotmail wasnt able to complete request so its not letting me open it.

michael kate:send it to your inbox and then open it.

me: it wont even let me do that

[[i found this really odd. i figured it must be a virus filled e mail or something was wrong with it because i had never had this problem]]

michael kate: ok

me:so..what now???

michael kate:just hold on

michael kate:let me forward a copy that i got of it ok?

[[i also fopund it odd that she coincidentily had a copy of the email the 'transport company' sent me so of course i got suspicious instantly]]

me:how did you get a copy? and can i have a lil bit of info on yu?

michael kate: they also sent me a copy of the email

[[yea right!]]

me: o? can i get a lil info bout you then?

michale kate: like what infos do you need?

me: the same info i gave you about myslef for the transportation thing.

michael kate: ok am michael kate

me:no you are kate whats your last name kate?and all of your other info??

michael kate:what do you mean by am not kate?

me:michael kate is your username for your email your name is kate im asking for your last name kate and all of your other info

michael kate: thats my name michael kate

me:i thought your name was kate and your "husbands" name was michael and thats y your email name is michael kate?

michael kate: yes

me:yes what?

michael kate:yes you are correct

me: ok so whats YOUR first and last name

[[by now i was really getting frustrated]]

michael kate: my names are michael kate gailes

michael kate:kate gailes

me: and whats your phone number his phone number and yalls full adress?

michael kate: why all these questions? if you dont want her just let me know i will got get her and sent her to someone where there are many people that will love her and tale good care of her.

[[now i decided to act as my dad]]

me: this is crystals father asking the questions ma'am sorry if i am coming off as rude in any way. its just safe to know as much info as others know about you.

michael kate: okay. i told crystal last night that my cell had a little problem

me:ok. so will you please help us out by blessing us with your information as well?

michael kate:and my husband is out of town so his phone is not woprking so this is the only means for us to talk now.

me: o ok well may we still have the numbers anyway? and the carrier yall are with? and i understand yu were going to fwd an email and she has yet to recieve that.

michale kate:my adress is ingram st
anchorage,AK 99502 USA my number is 995478 4178 my husband is in dc and his number in dc is 202 629 9364

Me: ok so what are we supposed to do?

michale kate: did you guys get the email?

me:no ma'am

michael kate:ok just hold on. am sending you a copy now ok

me: ok

michael kate:i have sent it.

michael kate:have you gotten it.

[[i had gotten it and the email was petridedelivery@hotmail.com i figured it was fake and that anyone could have made it. they didnt even have a website!]]

me:sorry we are reading over it and it appears its just like a personal made email?do they have a website?

michael kate:no

me:really? how do you know its real then?

michale kate: what do you mean?

me:how do we know we are not getting scammed or something? my daughter really wants this puppy and i appreciate you paying the other half but i dont want to be disappointed you know?

michale kate: i am a devoted christian and i cannot collect money from someone without sending his/her puppy for it is wrong in the eyes of God. if i had the money i would have shipped her directly to you without asking for a dime from you.the problem is that i dont have the money right now that is why i asked for the money to pay for the flight to get her over there to yall wich i have already paid half

me: i understand its just that i googled the transportation place and there is literally nothing on the web about it!im just a little worried however im trying to give you the benefit of the doubt ma'am

michael kate:so i want you to be rest assured that your puppy will be in your arms befor you know it. i promise.

michale kate: you will get the puppy home. so how soon can you make the payment?

me:well what all is needed to be done ma'am?

michael kate: all you need to do now is just to locate the nearest western union right away and you go make the payment for the rest of the $50 okay?

me: ok in the email it says to ask for a senders form to send money to a name and adress what name and adress do we put down.

michael kate: mr.ndonwi anomah

[[i quickly noticed that the yahoo! username i as getting the texts from said anomah2000]]

me: wait. thats your username!

michael kate: no my username is michael kate

me:no in your yahoo! username anomah is in it.

michael kate: yes this is my son name, they have the same name

me:thats real conveniate

michael kate: so its a name anybody can have it

[[see the odd thing is i googled that name and the very first thing that popped up was puppy scammer which is the website we are on now]]

me:ok well i googled that name and right when the search went through the very first thing that popped up was puppy scammer with various info that was very similar to yours.

michael kate: its like you dont trust me. so please maybe you should just find the puppy somewhere else okay?

me:well now that i know all this info about you and your puppy scams im quite certain that i dont trust you and it has the same name email and everything!you do know that i am a police officer correct?

michael kate: yes

me: and you do understand that i am fully entitled to report and arrest you for all accounts of fraud and unhonest advirtising correct?

after this was sent there was no reply ever. i hope this drastic story has helped someone and i have definetly learned a lesson today. i am sorry to everyone that got hurt over the wrong choices of these people.

By shalyn ( on Tuesday, November 02, 2010 - 4:03 pm: Edit Post

hi i was wondering if you still have tghis puppy or have you sold it

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