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By Suzy (adsl-69-231-204-223.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net - on Thursday, December 06, 2007 - 9:20 pm: Edit Post

Don't you agree with the ideas of the others posted here. Seriously think about it. I am an american. And I pity our lazyness. I mean you have to get in your car to go to the gym. Well if you are going to go get a workout why don't you walk or ride a bike. A bike is alot less money than car. You don't have to pay for gasoline and you get a workout. Most Americans plollute the most while city driving. Well, city driving is close driving so take a bike and ride around and save our Earth. SERIOUSLY!
I mean Earth din't do anythindg to us so what do we do...we pollute her, make her choke, and put smog into the beautiful skies. It is redicuous. Americans are the main cause of all of the global warming and I have no doubt most everyday Americans don't care if Earth's temperatures are going to rise and it is all of their damn faults! If you think I am wrong say so because I think this, what I speak, is the truth people need to hear. AMericans are the main polluting source of the world without an exceptable reason. I mean what will it take to get through all those thick skulls who are wasting precious fossil feuls and other non-replenishable goods nature provides this second. Reading newspaper but not recycling, wasting gas on city driving, pumping oils out of the Earth to get vehicles moving when the answer which no one listens to, is at an average of $50. Get a bike, dont use your car as much, recycle, and dont litter and pollute on mother earth because she is very kind and we as Americans are miss treating her. Thank you for listening.

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