Lawrence Dantoff - Horticulturist, Peace Corps/Brazil, Colegia de Agricola, Alegre, Esperito Santo, 1976-1978

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Lawrence Dantoff - Horticulturist, Peace Corps/Brazil, Colegia de Agricola, Alegre, Esperito Santo, 1976-1978

Lawrence Dantoff - Horticulturist, Peace Corps/Brazil, Colegia de Agricola, Alegre, Esperito Santo, 1976-1978

CV for Lawrence Datnoff

Lawrence E. Datnoff

Associate Professor (80% research, 20% extension)


University of Illinois, Plant Pathology, Ph.D., 1985
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Plant Pathology, M.S., 1981
University of Georgia, Horticulture and Plant Pathology, B. S., 1976


Associate Professor, Univ. Florida, Everglades Research & Education Center (EREC), Belle Glade, 1993-present.
Assistant Professor, Univ. Florida, EREC, Belle Glade, 1988-1993
Research Affiliate, USDA-ARS, Foreign Disease-Weed Science Research Unit, Frederick, MD, 1986-1988
Visiting Scientist, Department of Botany, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, 1985
Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Plant Pathology, University of Illinois, Champaign, 1981-1985
Research Associate, USAID-Zambian Agriculture Research and Extension Project, Mt. Makulu Research Station, Chilanga, Zambia, 1983-1984
Information Officer, Peace Corps/Action, while seeking M. S. in Department of Plant Pathology, Physiology & Weed Science, VPI & SU,
Blacksburg, 1978-1981
Horticulturist, Peace Corps/Brazil, Colegia de Agricola, Alegre, Esperito Santo, 1976-1978


Research: Epidemiology and control of plant pathogens that cause soilborne and foliar diseases of rice and vegetables in and near the Everglades
Agricultural Area and other parts of the world. The research program includes a balance of laboratory and field studies to assess plant diseases
quantitatively and qualitatively, and their biological, chemical and cultural control.

Extension: Conduct extension programs to diagnose rice and vegetable diseases; communicate and demonstrate research findings to growers and
the general public through field days, open house and newsletters; and to educate growers, students, general public and other clientele about plant
diseases and general agriculture through seminars, workshops, field tours, and invited talks.

Teaching: Team taught Tropical Plant Pathology, PLP 5053; Lectured for Plant Pest Management Class, Palm Beach Community College
(1989-1995) and supervised a Ph.D. graduate student.

Honors and Awards: Fulbright Research Award, 1996; Selected Research Accomplishment Florida Agricultural Experiment Station, 1995;
National Committee-International Science and Education Research Fellowship, 1993; USDA Certificate of Merit, 1988; USDA Certificate of
Appreciation, 1988.

Professional Activities: Mycorrhizae Committee, APS, Chair, 1995, Vice-Chair, 1994, member 1992-1995; organized and presided over a
colloquium on 'Disease Suppression in Sustainable Agriculture in Relation to Mineral Nutrition', APS, 1995; Environmental Quality and Plant
Health Committee, APS, member, 1993-1996; Associate Editor of Plant Disease, 1992-1994; Presiding Officer, Poster Session, APS, 1989;
Library and Laboratory Assistance Committee, Office of International Programs, APS, Co-Chair, 1988-1992; Short Term Enrichment Program,
Office of International Programs, APS, Chair, 1988-1990, member, 1987; Tropical Plant Pathology Committee, APS, member, 1986-1989;
Program and Policies Committee, Office of International Programs, APS, member, 1986-1989; Executive Committee of the Rice Technical
Working Group (RTWG), member, 1994-1996; plant protection panel of the RTWG, member, 1994-1996; Co-organized and co-presided
mycology session of 4th Biennial Florida Phytopathological Society, 1995; University Senate, 1996-1998.

International Activities: I have presented invited lectures in Brazil, Colombia, Philippines and Venezuela, and have traveled to several other
countries in a research-related capacity. Currently, I have cooperative research in Colombia (CIAT) and Brazil (Universidade de Uberlandia and

Career Publications:

Book chapters:5
Referred publications:29
Non-refereed publications and abstracts:120.

Selected Publications in the Last 3 Years:

Book Chapters:

Datnoff, L. E. 1994. Influence of mineral nutrition of rice on disease development. IN: Rice pest science and management, Teng, P. S., Heong,
K. L., Moody, K., (eds.), pp. 89-100. IRRI, Manila, Philippines.

Hartman, G. L. and Datnoff, L. E. 1996. Vegetables. IN: Soilborne diseases of tropical crops, Hillocks, R. J. And Waller, J. M. (eds.), CAB
International, Wallingford, United Kingdom.

Savant, N. K., Snyder, G. H., and Datnoff, L. E. 1996. Silicon Management and Sustainable Rice Production. Adv. Agron. 58: (in press).

Referred Publications:

Datnoff, L. E., Elliott, M. L. and Jones, D. B. 1993. Black sheath rot caused by Gaeumannomyces graminis var. graminis on rice in Florida.
Plant Dis. 76:1011.

Datnoff, L. E., Nagata, R. T., and Raid, R. N. 1994. Pathotyping of Bremia lactucae in Florida. Plant Dis. 78:854-857.

Deren, C. W., Datnoff, L. E., Snyder, G. H., Martin, F. G. 1994. Silicon concentration, disease response and yield components of rice genotypes
grown on flooded organic Histosols. Crop Sci. 34:733-737.

Pernezny, K., Datnoff, L., and Sommerfeld, M. 1994. Brown stem of celery is caused by Pseudomonas cichori. Plant Dis. 78:917-919.

Datnoff, L. E., Nemec, S., and Pernezny, K. 1995. Biological control of Fusarium crown and root rot of tomato in Florida using Trichoderma
harizanum and Glomus intraradices. Biol. Control 5:427-431.

Extramural funding since 1993: $365,088; Funding has come from USDA, USAID, International Research Centers such as CIAT and IRRI,
Foundations, University of Florida, local commodity groups and chemical companies.

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