Welcome to the Home Page of the Dirty Dozen Plus One - an informal disorganization of Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Brazil, 1969-71/72

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Welcome to the Home Page of the Dirty Dozen Plus One - an informal disorganization of Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Brazil, 1969-71/72

Welcome to the Home Page of the Dirty Dozen Plus One an informal disorganization of Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Brazil, 1969-71/72.



Launched: October 14, 1997 Edited: July 29, 1998

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What is the goal of this website? In fact, this page is strategically limited to two goals: (1) to facilitate friendships among our group by electronic means, and (b) to demonstrate that the most important use of the Internet is precisely the construction of communities. For us, then, it is simply an invitation to use contemporary technology to live in an Eternal Now. I hope that it will also serve to assuage some saudades! (Editor's note: "saudade" is an untranslatable word, alluding to profound feelings of longing, or perhaps better, the presence of that which is absent.)

As of Saint Valentine's Day, 1998, the First Goal is nearly completed. Only our Jaime G is still outside of our cyberspace web.

Regarding the Second Goal, the truth is that this website is beginning to take on a life of its own. No one knows where it will end. Come along with us for the ride! ;-)

Communications List

The Original Dirty Dozen Plus One and their companheiros

Paulo Abravaya * ecotour1@aol.com * Channel Islands High School * Tropical Eco-Tours Jaime Derouin * jderouin@steptoe.com * Steptoe and Johnson Geraldo Duncan * nahsc@nahsc.org * National Association of Homes and Services for Children Miguel Favin * mikenan@erols.com * The Manhoff Group Jaime Gross Felipe Kaplan * parislaw@micronet.fr Davíd Klaus * dklaus@worldbank.org * The World Bank Ricardo Karol * rkarol@ibm.net Lourenço Levine * farflung@redshift.com * United Way of the Monterey Peninsula Jaime McCarville * mccarville@mailexcite.com * The Port of Pittsburgh Pedrinho Mikuliak * peterm@cet.com * The Bald Eagle Cristovão e Maria Jane Olney * colney@cwcapital.com Artur Powers * arthur_g_powers@res.raytheon.com * Raytheon ~ Project SIVAM

Let's have a meeting!

10-II-98 -- Mr. Ricardo, who is in the commercial travel business in Rio, is already thinking of a Grand Anniversary Reunion for 1999. Perhaps he and Paulo can combine forces?

Bulletin Board

18-XII-97 (via David) -- Geraldo D (the ex-roommate of Jaime D in Vitória) now lives and works in Washington, DC, very close to David's office. David and Dominique, by the way, have continued their professional lives with the World Bank for many years now, with David's current assignment including the islands of the South Pacific. Somebody's got to do it.

19-XII-97 -- Jaime M, the Executive Director of the Commission of the Port of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is promoting self-help community projects (!), and Haydée, works at the World Trade Center of Pittsburgh.

20-XII-97 -- Lourenço reports that "..all's about the same, more or less.." in his life and with his giftshop, Far Flung Corners in Carmel, California. He still continues promoting coalitions as the President of his United Way as well as with other local organizations.

20-XII-97 -- Paulo says that he continues bilingual teaching (Science and Spanish) at Channel Islands High School in Oxnard, California, and promoting Tropical Eco-Tours to Costa Rica in his free time. His pretty cool website (technically more advanced than this blather) includes a recent photo of the now hoary-haired Paulo on location.

22-XII-97 -- Jaime D continues with his legal work with Steptoe and Johnson in Scottsdale, Arizona, enjoying the Dry Life of our Great (North) American Southwest.

22-XII-97 -- Felipe, well-situated in Paris, France, is beginning to expand his work into other European countries, especially in Portugal. Can it be that his daughter will also become a lawyer?

27-I-98 -- Cristovão e Maria-Jane report from Wenham, Massachusetts, that they are wired once again. Their recent re-establishment of virtual contact with folks in São Mateus I consider to be an initial victory for this webpage!

10-II-98 -- Ricardo continues working in Rio with his commercial travel business, but visits the US (Orlando, Florida) regularly. He also reports a Sighting of our desaparecido Jaime G a few years ago, who passes by his office in Rio from time to time.

12-II-98 -- (via David) -- SPECIAL -- a liquor store that sells cachaça is Potomac Wines and Spirits, Inc., 3067 M Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20007. 202-333-2847 & -2848. Thanks to Herman "Scotty" and Steven Feldman! If you want to buy some guaraná (Antártica) go to Giant Food Store, 8750 Arliss Street (close to Piney Branch and Flower Avenues), Silver Spring, MD.

14-II-98 -- With the help of Ricardo from his veranda, Artur reports that he has arrived in Rio, and has already started working for Raytheon's SIVAM Project monitoring the ecology in The Amazon. He still awaits his new telephone and e-mail connection. He also is waiting for the arrival of Brenda and their daughters toward the end of this month.

25-II-98 -- Geraldo D confirms that he is working with the National Association of Homes and Services for Children in Washington, DC, and says that he will send more information soon.

29-VII-98 -- The wedding of Pedrinho and Pamela happened, as God willed, on May 17, 1998, at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity in Spokane, Washington! Many thanks for your gifts, which were presented personally by Mr. David Klaus. For more news about what's happening with them ~ as well as for some photos taken during the ceremony itself ~ browse thewedding website.

Forward Brazil !

Can it be possible to participate in the order and progress of Brazil from other parts of our lovely planet? Let's see!

One page worth checking-out is Partners of the Americas.

Brazilian Links

We can now use the World Wide Web to maintain and improve out capacities in the beautiful Portuguese language while assuaging saudades for Brazil.

A very creative Brazilian electronic magazine is X Planet, where you can read our short story of the month written by Luis Fernando Verissimo: The Table. It also offers some Brazilian "Hot Links." Another fanzine dedicated to contemporary Brazilian literature is Uvio by Lucas de Carvalho Ferreira. The Human Languages website offers many hyperlinks to Portuguese-language pages, as well as to others. Spend some time here on a rainy day. Regarding Brazilian newspapers, the search engines and already full of hyperlinks. See, for example, the listings of Sebes. For us capixabas, I would recommend the Gazeta of Vitória and the Megalink of Colatina. Would you like to assuage some saudades of the North? See the websites of Conceição da Barra and of São Mateus. Our Paulo recommends the following: Santa Teresa, Espírito Santo Tourism, and Espírito Santo: History and Tourism.


What's happening with the Peace Corps these days? Get cognisant. Another, alternative website of interest is the Peace Corps Crossroads.

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By gary w. duncan on Tuesday, November 06, 2001 - 3:53 pm: Edit Post

Puxa vida rapazes--I have finally discovered my long lost colegas!!!!! Would love to hear from any and all of you. I live in Charlottesville, VA. and maintain a condo (for work purposes) in Rosslyn--just across the Potomac from DC on the Virginia side. I work now for an international childrens charity as their Director of Marketing and Fundraising.
Aiiii, meu Deus----it would be so good to hook up with any of you and hear about your life's journeys for the last 30 years. gary duncan (geraldo de cachoeiro e vitoria)

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