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Peace Corps Training for Colombia '67

Peace Corps Training for Colombia '67

Peace Corps Training for Colombia '67

Peace Corps Training for Colombia '67

There were one hundred of us in training back in the summer of 1967. In going through my files I found the following names, most of which I remember, and photographs. I hope I got the right names with the right photos.
Group A

* Jeannie Adams
* Bev Allen
* Terry Barber
* Kathy Bryson
* Skip Corcoran
* Missy Cunningham
* Betsy Curran
* Edgar Derr
* Erik Engel
* Chuck Geisler
* Wes Hansen
* Bob Henley
* Sara Humphries
* Susan Hurwitz
* Riva Kaplan
* Linda Kenefick
* Ursula Kimber
* Pat Lane
* Rick Lopez
* Eva Mayhew
* Rosanna Mazzola
* Brab Perreault
* Sharon Pope
* Jon Prewett
* John Ryan
* Bunny Schneider
* Judy Scholl
* George Schornick
* Kathy Tenhoeve
* Jenny Turner
* Sharon Umino
* Charlotte Wynia
* Rudy Sixta

Group B

* Arnie Albero
* Rose-Lee Amodeo
* Audrey Babich
* Eileen Bruegman
* Kathy Cirincione
* Susan Crothers
* Marilyn Dishaw
* Tony Fortson
* George Grover
* Shirley Harris
* Nan Harrison
* Bobbie Hobbs
* Finn Honore
* John Hugg
* Susan Hutchison
* Kathleen Jenkins
* Carol Kawsky
* Ruben Lopez
* Janet MacGregor
* Donal McCann
* Susan McDaniel
* Marianne Merwin
* Nancy Quatruni
* Gladys Ramirez
* Rudy Ramos
* Jeanette Sever
* Darrell Swarens
* Judy Vogel
* David Windahl
* Jean Zimber

Group C

* Sallie Bacon
* Lois Badger
* Vic Bruegman
* David Buentello
* Charlotte Cantrell
* Dixie Carlisle
* Bill Chidester
* Cherly Costa
* Donna Dyhrkopp
* Carol Enzminger
* Curt Glick
* Marilyn Henley
* Greg Hobbs
* Deb Hooper
* Georgia Johnson
* Steve Kaiser
* Barry Kaplan
* Judy Lopez
* Carolyn Lovelace
* Larry McKeehan
* Audrey Miles
* Judy Rachow
* Aniece Ragland
* Daniel Schneider
* Kay Seward
* Joanie Shippers
* Norm Tenenbaum
* Trudy Turner
* Judy White
* Donna Wisener
* Kathy Wupper


* Marge Mohler
* Peggy Smith
* Steve Charnow
* Joe Morrison
* Adryan Naktin
* Fran Mider
* Dan Acuff
* Mike Chatfield

Language Instuctors

* Rivas
* Kellogg
* Cuervo
* Koberne
* Shakespeare
* Lopez
* Cadenas
* Rodriguez
* DelaTorre
* DeOrtega
* Barrera
* DeAnda
* Dominguez
* Miranda
* Fuentes
* Elac
* Troncoso
* Vizcaino

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By jarfly on Sunday, July 07, 2002 - 6:52 pm: Edit Post

I'm interested in contacting those who were CEUCA trainees, in Bogota. I sevred from '67-'69 in Boyaca. -Tony Griffin

By Paul F.Cunningham (aloysius) on Sunday, July 07, 2002 - 7:31 pm: Edit Post

> Tony: It's been a long time. I have some very good memories of > training at CEUCA-all associated with getting to know my fellow > trainees more than anything the curriculum ever did. Glad to hear you > are out there. You can get in touch with me or Merrilee at > -that's home or -that's work > for Merrilee. Paul Cunningham and Merrilee Cunningham Narino > 1967-69

By Gerald barry ( - on Wednesday, July 21, 2004 - 2:21 am: Edit Post

I'm interested in contacting former students of ceuca in Bogota from '73-'74.

Jerry Barry

By Richard Menzies ( - on Sunday, May 28, 2006 - 1:56 am: Edit Post

If I remember correctly, I joined the Peace Corps "for the money." Also, to get away from snowy Salt Lake City. We trained at Camp Radley near Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Like most in our group, I was "deselected." Two years later I ran across a fellow deselectee, Annelie Wiskera, in Texas. We recently celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. So, although I never got as far as Bogota, CEUCA was a life-changing experience. Following close behind my winter of discontent, 1967 was definitely "a summer of love."

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