In the years since my Peace Corps service in Malaysia, I always wanted to go back for a visit.

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In the years since my Peace Corps service in Malaysia, I always wanted to go back for a visit.

In the years since my Peace Corps service in Malaysia, I always wanted to go back for a visit.


Some of my fondest memories are of the time I spent in Malaysia. I joined the Peace Corps in 1979 and was sent to Malaysia for two years as an Irrigation and Drainage Engineer. Why did I join the Peace Corps? I had been in the U.S. Army and had never spent any time overseas. I was 31 and unmarried. I wanted to do something unusual before I settled down in life.

I had never heard of Malaysia, but I learned a lot about it before I was through. It's a tropical country in SE Asia, between Thailand and Singapore. Malaysia is very friendly to the U.S.

I went in a group of 16 Peace Corps volunteers. Most of my group were math and science teachers. There was one other engineer beside me. My entire group received 2 months of language training in Malacca, Malaysia. We went to class 5½ days a week to learn the Malay language. There was one teacher for about every four trainees. We also received considerable cultural orientation. It was important to learn about the major religions and ethnic groups of the country.

After the two months of language training, the volunteer math and science teachers were sent to various schools, for practice teaching. The other engineer and I were each sent to our posts of duty with the Malaysian Drainage and Irrigation Department.. My post was in the Malaysian state of Terengannu. At first I wasn't given much work to do, but eventually I got all the work I wanted. My work involved irrigation and drainage in rice growing areas.

In the years since my Peace Corps service in Malaysia, I always wanted to go back for a visit. Finally, in February of 2000 I took my wife, Verna, for her first trip outside of the American continent. We spent about eight days in Malaysia. We spent the first couple of days in Kuala Lumpur, the capitol. We then rented a car and toured the east coast where I had spent so much time before.

Upon our return to Kuala Lumpur, I was being bothered by a bad skin rash. Thanks to our friend Major Khamsan, I found the best doctor and the best hospital. I spent almost 24 hours in the hospital and got the rash cleared up. We ended up staying in Malaysia an extra day, because of my hospital stay.

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I used to have a Peace Corps English teacher, Mrs Julia Rose. Mrs Julia Rose was teaching us English subject in SRJK ( Chinese) School from 1968-1969 in an ex-coal mining town called Batu Arang, Malaysia. This coal mine town is located about 30 miles away from the capital Kuala Lumpur.

Mrs Julia Rose was a very dedicated teacher in her profession. Our command of English had improved under her teaching us the subject. Mrs Rose and her husband Mr. Frank Rose went back to the United States at the end of 1969 when she completed her term of service in Malaysia. Since then,it's been 33 years we lost our contacts.

Anyone out there who knows the whereabout of Mrs Julia Rose, appreciate please do let us know as we would like to stay in touch with her. Thanks,

My contact address is as follows:

Mr. Chen Hoe Lee
11, Jalan Seri Petaling 13
Seri Petaling 57000
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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I am subramaniam,we too had a Us Peace corp teacher in 1965/66 at Batu Arang English School(Primary)I think her name was Ms Carrol Kelvin.She must have been in her late teens or early twenties and she stayed in F1828, Station Road,next my classmate's home and still my friend,Chu Soon Chong.Most of my classmates stayed in Station Road and the neighbourhood,hence after school we get together at her house,and she taught us to make pineapple/papaya jam.I still remember the receipe.She left such a long lasting impression on us, than only 12 and 13 year oldsMy group the graduating class of 69(Form 3)stared our association in 1960/61 some of us in kindy and 1st standard and obout 30 of us still keep in touch after 40years going our seperate ways since we had more to other towns for higher education.One of the thing that keep us bonde till date is we grew up colour blind and in an era where we did know the meaning of prejudice and discrimination. Most of us still have our ancestrol home in Batu Arang

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On behalf of all the ex Peace Corp Malaysia teachers of group 102 and 103, we would like to hear from all volunteers who are keen to keep in touch with us after a period of 29 years. My email address is:

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