KAREN JETTER - June 1986 - June 1989 Peace Corps Volunteer - Cameroon, Africa.

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KAREN JETTER - June 1986 - June 1989 Peace Corps Volunteer - Cameroon, Africa.

KAREN JETTER Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics University of California, Davis Davis, CA 95616 916-752-6000 e-mail: jetter@primal.ucdavis.edu


University of California, Davis, Ph.D. Expected May 1998 University of California, Davis, 1994, M.S. Agricultural Economics University of California, San Diego. 1984, B.A. Economics

Dissertation Title: Combining Contingent Valuation and Contingent Ranking Responses to Estimate Household Demand for Urban Environmental Amenities.

Co-Chairs: James Chalfant, Hossein Farzin, Committee member: Michael Caputo.

Fields of Interest Environmental Economics, International Trade and Development, Applied Econometrics


January 1992 - present Research Associate

September 1991 - December 1991 Teaching Assistant, University of California, Davis.

Summer 1991 World Bank - Summer Assistant Internship.

September 1989 - September 1990 Consultant - Manes & Associates.

June 1986 - June 1989 Peace Corps Volunteer - Cameroon, Africa.

Honors and Activities

Institute of Transportation Studies Fellowship, 1997. Nomination for Volunteer of the Year, Peace Corps Cameroon, 1988. UC Education Abroad Program, University of Bordeaux, France, 1983.


Jetter, Karen, Karen Klonsky and Charles H. Pickett. "A Cost/Benefit Analysis of the Ash Whitefly Biological Control Program in California". Journal of Aboriculture 43:2, March 1997. pp. 65-72.

Klonsky, K., T. A. Kerby. K. M. Jetter, P. L. Livingston, and R. N. Vargas. Cost and Returns for Cotton Production. In Cotton Production Manual, edited by S. Johnson Hake, T. A. Kerby and K. D. Hake. University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. 1996.

Pickett, Charles, H., Joe C. Ball, Kathleen C. Casanave, Karen M. Klonsky, Karen M. Jetter, Larry G. Bezark, and Steve E. Schoenig. "Establishment of the Ash Whitefly Parasitoid, Encarsia inaron (Walker) and Its Economic Benefit to Ornamental Street Trees in California". Biological Control , Volume 6, pp. 260-262. 1996.

Blank, Steven C., Karen Jetter, Carl M. Wick and John F. Williams. "Residue Disposal Costs: The Case of Rice Straw." California Agriculture. Volume 47:4, pp. 8-12. July-August 1993.

Rochin, Refugio I. and Karen M. Jetter. The Availability and Prices of Consumer Goods and Services in Small Towns of Northern California. Giannini Foundation Information Series No. 91-1. University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. November 1991.


Jetter, Karen. Household Demand for Urban Environmental Amenities. Presented at the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society meetings. Armidale, New South Wales, Australia. January 21, 1998.

Klonsky, Karen and Karen Jetter. Economic Assessment of the Ash Whitefly (Siphoninus phillyreae) Biological Control Program. Presented at the USDA Biological Control Laboratory. Monpellier, France. November 17, 1996.

Jetter, Karen. Estimating the Demand for Urban Pest Control. Presented at the American Agricultural Economics Association meetings. San Antonio, Texas. July 28, 1996.

Blank, Steven, Karen Jetter and Pete Livingston. Sample Costs to Produce Wine Grapes and To Establish a Winery in Calaveras County - 1992. Presented at the 15th Annual Wine Grape Day in Calaveras County, California. June 1992.


Jetter, Karen, Julian Alston, Karen Klonsky and Robert Farquharson. An Economic Analysis of the Use of Admire to Control Silverleaf Whitefly in California Vegetable Crops. Prepared for the Bayer Corporation. March 2, 1998.

Jetter, Karen and Debbie Neimeier. An Assessment of the Community Benefits From Establishing a Trucking Facility. Report prepared for the California Trucking Association. May 23, 1997. 25pp.

Morse, Joseph, Karen Klonsky and Karen Jetter. Economic Impact of Banning Pesticides on the Citrus Industry in California. Report prepared for Knutson Associates. November 1993.

Blank, Steven and Karen Jetter. The Effects of Higher Electrical Costs on the Financial Outlook for California Agriculture. Report prepared for the California Energy Commission. March 1992.


USDA, National Research Initiative Competitive Grant. An Economic Analysis of Biological Control of Ash Whiteflies. Principal Investigators: Dr. Douglas Larson, Dr. Karen Klonsky and Dr. Timothy Paine. $115,000

La Socit d'Epargne et de Developpement. $300. Distribution of Hybrid Seed Varieties. Ngaoundr, Cameroon.

The United States Peace Corps Small Project Assistance Program. $3,000. Seminar on Cooperative Management. Ngaoundr, Cameroon. March 1989.

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