The Unauthorized Benin RPCV Web Site

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The Unauthorized Benin RPCV Web Site

The Unauthorized Benin RPCV Web Site

The Unauthorized Benin RPCV Web Site

(For our visitors, PCV= Peace Corps Volunteer, and RPCV is a Returned PCV whose tour of duty is over.)

Flag (Dancing Baloney)

Welcome (kouabo) to ...

1. all those Benin RPCVs who have already readjusted to the U.S. after their Peace Corps experiences,
2. all those recent Benin RPCVs who are trying to stay in touch with each other,
3. anyone about to begin a tour of duty as a Benin Peace Corps Volunteer, and
4. anyone who just wants to know more about Benin and the Peace Corps Program there.

This site offers you the following goodies:

* Contact information for Benin RPCVs
* Chris Robbins' Friends of Benin LogosNew
* Information on Friends of Benin (FOB)
* Join the Benin RPCV Contact List
* Contact information for current Benin PCVs
* Information About Peace Corps Benin for New Volunteers
* What's Happening in Benin
* Cool Links (I suppose that's subjective.)

Questions? Comments? Difficulties? Contact the WebServant with these or any other issues.

Last updated: 12/25/98 Merry Christmas

More information is available on the Acknowlegements & Info About the Site page.

N.B. This site is under construction, so drive carefully. Fines double in work zones. I welcome suggestions (because it's the only way I get e-mail) and I will evaluate them on the following criteria:

* Does it preserve the overall philosophy of the site?
* Do I like it?
* Can it be done in less than five minutes?
* Does it not SUCK?

(If you have any background patterns or other cool graphics you think should be used on this site, send them in JPEG or GIF format as an attachment to WebServant.)

By soleilno on Saturday, December 21, 2002 - 9:37 am: Edit Post

hello everyone,
my name is chrissy and i just finished my service in benin. i just wanted to post this and ask if anyone has contact information for beth walsh in new york. she is home visiting on her leave and was supposed to bring something for me, but i have not heard from her, so its kind of important. thanks, my email is

By Desire Baloubi on Friday, August 15, 2003 - 3:07 am: Edit Post

Hi there!

I was privileged to work with a bunch of wicked good PCVs in Benin in the early 80's--quite a long time ago! But I still remember them as if we met only yesterday. The bad news is I've lost track of everyone, except for the training program Director, Jon Otto, and his family (Carroll, Joe, and Sam). They were the Ina group during summer '83, and here are a few names:

Mark Buscaino, Dave, Hilary, Sue, Jude Bursten (was later placed in Bembereke), Gwen (We were together in Djougou), etc...

I would love to hear from anyone of them. Please, please help me find them. I am from Benin, and have been in the US for the past eight (8) years. These are my email addresses:


Thank you so much!

Dr. Desire Baloubi
Assistant Professor
Department of Humanities
Shaw University
118 East South St.
Raleigh, NC 27601

By Sonya Starr ( - on Wednesday, July 07, 2004 - 1:45 pm: Edit Post

Hello, I am currently serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guinea. Some time in 1997 PC Benin EE Volunteers wrote an Environmental Education Guide. I am in the process of revising this guide for Guinea. Some kind of electronic version of this document would be EXTREMELY useful to me. If anyone knows who I could contact for that, please let me know. Thanks. Sonya Starr:

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