Burkina Faso - Peace Corps Volunteers in Africa

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Burkina Faso - Peace Corps Volunteers in Africa

Burkina Faso - Peace Corps Volunteers in Africa

Burkina Faso

Peace Corps Volunteers in Africa

Burkina Faso

Education Volunteers in urban and rural settings teach secondary school English, math, science and university English. Encouraging girls' education is a major component of Burkina Faso's education policy. Health Volunteers are assigned to promote health education in village clinics. Working with the people to revitalize the primary health care system results in the development of critical programs addressing childhood communicable diseases, malaria, HIV/AIDS education, and Guinea worm eradication.

Volunteer Job Assignments

As a Peace Corps Volunteer, you'll travel overseas and make real differences in the lives of real people. Whether you're teaching children the basics of math, science, and English or working with a community to protect the local environment; whether you're helping people stay healthy, expand their businesses, or grow more nutritious food, you will help change and improve the human condition at the grass-roots level.


Education is the path to progress: it enables people and, in turn, communities to grow and prosper. Peace Corps Volunteers have the opportunity to touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of students in developing countries.


Many developing countries face the enormous challenges of high unemployment, low

wages, and limited opportunities for trade with other nations. Peace Corps Volunteers work with individuals and communities to create economic opportunities at the grass-roots level. They train entrepreneurs in the basic skills of small business development, such as marketing, business planning, and bookkeeping.


Depletion of forests, threats to fragile biodiversity, pressures on national parks, and

exhaustion of natural resources are problems that affect communities worldwide. By

strengthening understanding about the environment, Peace Corps Volunteers are helping

people make their own choices about how to protect and restore it.


Producing food is the primary economic activity of most of the world's people. Peace

Corps Volunteers seek to improve agriculture in developing countries by working directly with rural farmers and their families. By supporting community efforts to grow more and healthier good, Volunteers help enable people to meet their most basic need and fulfill their human potential.

Health and Nutrition

In many developing countries, resources for basic health care are often severely limited.

Peace Corps Volunteers make important contributions to international efforts to improve

basic health care at the grass-roots level, where the health needs are most pressing and

where the impact can be the most significant.

Community Development

Peace Corps Volunteers work to improve the quality of life in their community through

various projects. These projects include building a better physical infrastructure for a

community to programs that help build better futures for the people. These Volunteers help improve planning, development, and management capacities so communities can better help themselves.

BURKINA FASO AREA: 274,200 sq km (105,869 sq mi).

POPULATION: 10,423,000.

CAPITAL: Ouagadougou, pop. 441,500.

RELIGION: Traditional, Muslim, Christian.

LANGUAGE: French, African languages.


ECONOMY: Industry: food processing, extiles, chemicals. Export crops: cotton, shea

nuts, livestock, vegetables. Food crops: sorghum, millet, corn, beans.

PCI: $300.

Half the population of Burkina, also known as Burkina Faso or "land of the honest people," claims descent from the Mossi warriors who presided over one of the most powerful empires in West Africa from the 11th to the 19th century. Called Upper Volta until 1984, this landlocked Sahelian country became independent from France in 1960. Military coups during the 1980s toppled four governments. Multiparty elections for national assembly seats brought a measure of progress in 1992. The country depends on subsistence agriculture, but population pressure and desertification in the north drive farmers off the land.


Burkina Faso is in Africa. It is a small and somewhat poor country struggling to educate their next generation. I want to go to this troubled place and help educate children in history, and other scholastic learning's, and also to teach them about personal hygiene, diseases, and other important tactics on how to live in a less fortunate country.

Burkina Faso's culture is very similar to the other African cultures surrounding the country. They have year-round rituals celebrating their ancestors, and other new beginnings. The people in small villages celebrate good crops, birthdays, and their own special holidays such as "Burkona", a holiday celebrating the dead. I am excited to learn more about these special celebrations.

The downside about traveling to Burkina Faso, are the vaccinations that are needed to keep me healthy. There are many diseases carried by insects in this almost non-healthy country. Also, "looters" are everywhere. These are people to have no money and no home who take anything they want from other people. They take food, money, women, and especially personal things such as jewelry, clothes, and old keepsakes. People have to be very careful traveling to this country because the "looters" target foreigners most of all.

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I would like to get some volunteers to help in designing, developing and implementing health and educatiuon programs in Kenya. Our organization is called Value for human life international. our e-mail is valueforhumanlife@yahoo.com or tmondieki@yahoo.com

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We are alos an NGO and working in Africa and others developing countries. We need volunteers for our 150 humunitarian projects. If you feel you can find some volunteer for our project. We have a very special program for volunteers, we call it development instructors program. Please visit our websites and send some volunteers. www.humana.org and www.drh-movement.org. Please donot hesitate to ask me for further more information about the program and our organisation.

Thanking you with best regards
Rooman Arif

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I really would like to teach in Africa, Burkina Fasso or another African country.
I'm a 24 years old girl from Spain (I have a degree in Physical therapy and as a teacher of Primary school. I'll teach in Minnesota (USA) during this school year (03-04), after that I'll have enough experience to share my knowledge with your volunteer programs.

I hope you will be interested in me...

Gemma Punti from Barcelona.

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By Ahimbisibwe-Karembe (dhcp-0-204-192-168-128.worldbank.org - on Monday, September 05, 2005 - 5:19 am: Edit Post

interested in literacy experiences in Burkina Fasso

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