Photographs from Peace Corps and Korea

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Photographs from Peace Corps and Korea

The author sitting among the rooftops of an old residential part of Mokpo.

Photographs from Peace Corps and Korea

Photographs from Peace Corps and Korea

All photos are by the Author unless otherwise indicated.

Settings from the novel

Mokpo1 Mokpo, South Korea -- 1979. A pair of schoolgirls take in the view from the treacherous staircase that leads to the pavilions on Mount Yudal. The upper spur of the mountain is on the left; Mokpo is on the right.

Mokpo2 A view of Mokpo from the upper heights of Mount Yudal. PAUL HARKIN lives here and works in the City Health Center.

A view of Mount Yudal from the neighborhood in which the Mokpo City Health Center is located.

The Mokpo City Health Center.

Traditional rooftops in a typical neighborhood of Mokpo.

An example of one of the newer-style houses in Mokpo.

Mokpo rooftops The author sitting among the rooftops of an old residential part of Mokpo.

Chindo Chindo Island. This island, the home of HAN MI JIN, is a mostly agricultural area of terraced fields and rolling mountains.

Coastline Chindo Island. This is a stretch of coastline between Mokpo and Chindo.

Korean Leprosy Institute Korean Leprosy Institute. The KLI is located near Seoul in St. Lazarus Village, a resettlement village for leprosy patients and their families. JOEL REYNOSO and later PAUL HARKIN live here.

Mokpo City Health Center Mokpo. The author with coworkers at the Mokpo City Health Center's Tuberculosis Control Office.

Caption: hanbok A hanbok, the extraordinarily elegant traditional costume of Korea.

The Assassination of President Pak Chong Hui -- October 26, 1979

Pres. Pak Shrine Within a day after the assassination of President Pak, a shrine has been erected in his honor in front of the Capitol Building in downtown Seoul. (cf. Chapter 3)

Listening to the news A crowd of people listens nervously to the radio on the street near the baseball stadium in Seoul.

Kwanghwa Mun intersection The Kwanghwa Mun intersection in downtown Seoul as seen from the men's bathroom in the Peace Corps office.

Caption: Mokpo Station Mokpo. In the aftermath of the assassination, the Martial Law Command has inexplicably mounted a pair of machine guns on the roof of Mokpo's train station. (cf. Chapter 3)

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