Peter Team, photographer (1944- ), Collection of Peace Corps Slides, 1965-1968

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Peter Team, photographer (1944- ), Collection of Peace Corps Slides, 1965-1968

Peter Team, photographer (1944- ), Collection of Peace Corps Slides, 1965-1968

Peter Team, photographer (1944- ), Collection of Peace Corps Slides, 1965-1968

Peter Team, photographer (1944- ), Collection of Peace Corps

Slides, 1965-1968


Prepared by Paul Bary, October 1996.

The Peter Team Collection contains 370 35mm color slides taken during Peace Corps training in New Mexico and Peace Corps activities in

Honduras, along with vacation slides taken in Panamá, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, and Honduras. Also see Team manuscript

collection #81.

Box 1: "Peace Corps Vacations"

1. Panama Canal - Atlantic bound ship is raised.

2. Panama Canal - Atlantic bound ship is covered.

3. Panama Canal - lower gates open, ship passes to Pacific level.

4. Downtown Canal - "burros" which town ships through the locks.

5. Downtown Panama slum.

6. Downtown Panama slum.

7. Ruins of a church in "Panamá Vieja" - old Panama.

8. Panamá Vieja.

9. Panamá Vieja.

10. Ferry across river on coast of Ecuador.

11. Guayaquil, Ecuador: plant sculpture.

12. Downtown Guayaquil.

13. Politics in Guayaquil.

14. Blind harp player on streets of Guayaquil.

15. Downtown Guayaquil.

16. Guayaquil.

17. More plant sculptures in Guayaquil.

18. Scene from restroom toilet in Guayaquil.

19. Ibarra, Ecuador - in background: Otavalo Indian and wife.

20. Ibarra, Ecuador.

21. Ibarra oligarchy house.

22. Central square in Ibarra, Ecuador.

23. Quito, Ecuador - market.

24. Quito, market.

25. Quito, market.

26. Quito, market.

27. Quito's old wealthy suburbs.

28. Cityscape of Quito.

29. Cityscape of Quito.

30. Church of San Francisco, Quito.

31. Plaza in front of Church of San Francisco.

32. Square in front of Church of San Francisco.

33. Church of "La Merced", Quito.

34. Main altar in "La Merced".

35. "La Merced" church.

36. Rose Chapel of Santo Domingo Church, Quito.

37. Old Quito.

38. La Ronda - road goes over top of overpass, Old Quito.

39. La Ronda, Old Quito.

40. Incan reed flute, Quito.

41. Huaquillas, Ecuador - looking toward Peruvian border.

42. Huaquillas.

43. Lima, cathedral and Bishop's Palace.

44. Lima, Residential Palace.

45. Lima.

46. Lima.

47. Plaza San Martin, Lima.

48. Torre Tagel house, Lima.

49. Courtyard of Torre Tagel.

50. Courtyard of "La Rina" house, Lima.

51. Church of San Marcelo, Lima.

52. Pan American highway south of Lima.

53. Chiclayo, Perú.

54. Fisherman mending nets, Chiclayo.

55. Adobe construction in Perú - coastal desert.

56. Peru - northern coastal desert near Chibote.

57. Church of "La Compañía", Arequipa, Perú.

58. Cathedral of Arequipa.

59. Countryside around Arequipa.

60. 12,370 feet at Pampa de Arrier, Peru, on way to Puno from Arequipa.

61. A typical Peruvian altiplano (high plains) house.

62. The low church and frozen water place for the village.

63. Alpace and llama on way to Puno.

64. Balsa or reed boats along the shore of Lake Titicaca.

65. Spinning yarn en route to Cuzco.

66. 10,250 feet approaching Cuzco.

67. Separating the chafe after the oxen have threshed the wheat near Cuzco.

68. The famous street with Inca stonework, Cuzco.

69. Inca stonework, Cuzco.

70. Inca stonework, Cuzco.

71. Cuzco with view of Cathedral.

72. Cuzco, one day before Independence Day.

73. Street scene in Cuzco.

74. Street scene in Cuzco.

75. Sacsahuaman, an Inca fortress above Cuzco.

76. Sacsahuaman.

77. Road problem in Perú near Aboncy.

78. Machu Picchu.

79. Near the entrance of Machu Picchu.

80. Reconstructed house near entrance.

81. Bath or water outlet.

82. Above water outlet.

83. The main port of the city with Huayna Picchu in background.

84. The Vilcanota River below.

85. Huayna Picchu through gate leading to terraced fields.

86. A stage(?)

87. Train below.

88. Fields made of terraces about 9-10 feet wide.

89. No identification.

90. Natural rock formations.

91. The center court.

92. The temple.

93. The temple with sundial to tell seasons.

94. Street.

95. Suburbia.

96. Machu Picchu.

97. Palace of the Princess.

98. Tower of the Palace of the Princess.

99. No identification.

100. Painted houses on the way from Ecuador, border to Cali, Colombia.

101. Park in Cali, Colombia.

102. Bogotá, Colombia.

103. Bull ring and body shop, Bogotá.

104. Beach in Santa Marta, Colombia.

105. Beach San Andrés.

106. Beach San Andrés.

107. Market in Sololá, Guatemala.

108. Lake Atitlán at Panajachel, Guatemala.

109. Washerwomen, Lake Atitlán.

110. Lake Atitlán at sunset.

111. Market at Chichicastenango, Guatemala.

112. Market at Chichicastenango.

113. Interior of smaller church at Chichicastenango.

114. Pottery market, Chichicastenango.

115. Chichicastenango.

116. Hills above Chichicastenango.

117. Guatemala City - National Library.

118. Bank of Guatemala.

119. Guatemala City - National Theater.

120. National Theater.

121. Church, Antigua, Guatemala.

122. Guatemala City.

123. unidentified - Guatemala City(?)

124. Cathedral, Quizaltenango, Guatemala.

125. Quezaltenango.

126. Siguatepeque, Honduras.

127. Siguatepeque.

128. Calle Ancha (main street) in Siguatepeque.

129. Guanaja, Honduras.

130. Guanaja.

131. Guanaja.

132. Guanaja.

133. San Juancito, Honduras.

134. Wall - Valle de Angeles, Honduras.

135. House in Honduras.

136. Campo House on Tiger Island in Amapala, Honduras.

137. Campo House.

138. Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

139. Tegucigalpa.

140. Tegucigalpa.

141. Tegucigalpa.

142. Tegucigalpa.

143. Tegucigalpa, view of downtown.

144. Tegucigalpa(?)

145. Tegucigalpa.

146. Tegucigalpa.

147. Tegucigalpa architecture.

148. School site near Tegucigalpa.

149. Sunday school held by passing Evangelical convert, Tegucigalpa?

150. Shacks in Tegucigalpa(?)

151. Store in Tegucigalpa(?)

152. Market in Tegucigalpa(?)

153. Main Cathedral in Tegucigalpa.

154. Behind Cathedral in Tegucigalpa.

155. Legislative Palace in Tegucigalpa.

156. Presidential Palace in Tegucigalpa.

157. View of Tegucigalpa from Comayaguela.

158. Tegucigalpa.

159. Tegucigalpa from hill.

160. Tegucigalpa.

161. Tegucigalpa.

162. Tegucigalpa at sunset.

163. Stela Court (Mayan pyramids in Copán, Honduras).

164. View from Stela Court to ball court with the mounds of the great pyramids tree-covered in back (Mayan pyramids in Copán).

165. Base of a large pyramid (Mayan pyramids in Copán).

166. Stela showing traces of 1300 year old red paint.

167. Close-up of stela.

168. Sacrificial altar in Stela courtyard.

169. Stela courtyard.

170. View of stela from down in its pit for burial of offerings.

171. Altar in the foreground, stela in back.

172. Back of stela.

173. East patio - stela.

174. Restored side of one of the pyramids (Mayan pyramids in Copán).

175. View of the west patio from the top of the largest pyramid.

176. East patio and its stands.

177. Hieroglyphic stairway of one pyramid.

178. Stela.

179. Ball court with temples and viewing stands.

180. Temple above the stands of the ball court.

181. Stonework.

182. Jaguar altar.

183. Mayan pyramid, Copán.

184. Altar showing important priests/kings.

185. Side of pyramid (Mayan pyramids in Copán).

186-197. Large weekly market - North of Quezaltenango, Guatemala, 1968.

198. "What I bought" (assorted pieces of artisanship from Perú, Panamá, Ecuador, and Colombia).

199. Nativity scene made of varnished bread dough, Ecuador.

200. Ferry across the bay to Barranquilla, Colombia.

201. Train off the track from Bogotá to Santa Marta, Colombia.

202. Lunch in the altiplano.

203. Dinner on train on the way to Puno, Perú (birthday dinner).

204. Pespire (as seen from southern highway), July 1965.

205. Uncompleted Peace Corps bridge project.

206. Unidentified building with corrugated tin roof.

Box 2: "Peace Corps"

207-214. Unidentified people in indoor and outdoor activities.

215. Unidentified cliff face and cactus.

216-218. Unidentified people in outdoor activities.

219. Oñate Hall (New Mexico?).

220. Miguel Ramos - 18 year old son in Juarez.

221. My family in Juarez.

222. Raphael Ramos.

223. From the door of my room in Juarez.

224. View of Colonia Hosefa Ortez de Dominguez(?) from door of my room.

225. Rock climb in Sandías (New Mexico?).

226. Rapelling in Sandías.

227. After endurance hike.

228. On endurance hike.

229. In camp.

230. Unidentified outdoor scene (Sandías?).

231. Arrival in the Sandías.

232. Market "San Miguel" in Tegucigalpa.

233. Looking into the kitchen with my pila (water supply, sink and scrub board on right).

234. From bedroom looking out to patio-like area where the john and kitchen are.

235. From in the bed balcony looking down to living room.

236. Two trouble makers quiet for a minute under out Christmas tree.

237. Christmas dinner with the addition of Pete Allen and Mark Reilly.

238. Christmas morning after opening the packages. Left to right: Mark Reilly, Pete Allen, Ed Arnolds, Bill Martin.

239. Arrival on the grass field in a Honduran Air Force place in Copán.

240. Leader Mike Hausch and followers Pete Allen and Mark Reilly.

241. Mike Hausch and follow the leader.

242. Pete Allen (l) and Bill Martin (r) with kids playing games.

243. They always show off for the camera.

244. Christmas party.

245. Judy Shane and Ed Arnolds passing out the food.

246. Waiting to get in for the Christmas party the 24th at Bill Martin's and Pete Allen's.

247. Sonia - FACACH secretary.

248. Rigoberto Servillon, press operator - FACACH.

249. Clelia Bueso, varitypist - FACACH.

250. Leonardo Galindo - head of public relations for FACACH - the guy who writes FACACH Informa and gives me so much trouble.

251-255. Unidentified people and scenes.

256. Freddy and siter with Bill Martin in Martin's house.

257. Mark Reilly - Peter Cooey - Ken Theime - Joe Hanlon.

258. Dan Olden who now shares the house.

259. Pete Allen preparing stew in his kitchen.

260. At one year conference in Puerto Cortez. L-R: Mike Hager, Dan Olden (roommate) and Mario Martín.

261. Peter Cooey in Tangeir Club.

262. House along the path to Triunfo, March 1967. L-R: Lynn Milford - Romania Green - Peter Allen - Howie Knox - Harriet Moss - Brian

Columbia - Miles Powers.

263. Hop to take a rest from pushing, March 1967 (railroad track).

264. Vivian's guarra.

265. Ready to depart for Triunfo de la Cruz from Tela, March 1967. L-R: Miles Powers, me, Peter Allen, Sigrid Brooks, Pat Hare.

266. Honduran tourist craft items, 1967.

267. On the road to Siguat. from Tegucigalpa, 1966.

268. Siguatepeque, Honduras. Arriving from South, 1966.

269. Siguatepeque.

270. Tegucigalpa sheet metal shop, 1966.

271. Small meat market, Tegucigalpa, 1966.

272. Tegucigalpa near Parque Finley, 1966.

273. Tegucigalpa cemetery, 1966.

274. "Opp" tomb, Tegucigalpa, 1966.

275. Tegucigalpa, 1966.

276. Soto family tomb, Tegucigalpa, 1966.

277. Chinese family tomb, Tegucigalpa, 1966.

278. [Obelisk], Tegucigalpa, 1966.

279. "It really takes a giant hangover to sleep in the sun," Tegucigalpa, 1966.

280. Chicken and shellfish in the plaza of Tegucigalpa's main market, San Isidro, 1966.

281. Furniture market in the plaza of San Isidro market, Tegucigalpa, 1966.

282. Flower market of San Isidro, Tegucigalpa, 1966.

283. Iguanas for supper, Amapala, Honduras (right - P.C.V.), 1967.

284. Fisherman throwing out his handheld line on Playa Grande on Tiger Island, Amapala, Honduras, 1967.

285. Amapala architecture. Mike Hausch and Bill Martin (P.C.V.'s).

286. Mike Hausch and Pete Allen: Coconut milk is a good substitute for water in Amapala.

287. Grass and bamboo houses in the country on Tiger Island, Amapala, Honduras.

288. San Lorenzo, at café where you get the boat to Amapala.

289. Morazán (hero of Honduran independence) in Central Park, Tegucigalpa, 15 Sept, 1967. Each band that passes puts a wreath at the foot of

the statue.

290. Girls' high school band, Tegucigalpa, 15 Sept. 1967.

291. Band coming from Comayaguela into Tegucigalpa over Maillol bridge.

292. 15 of September, independence day parade in Tegucigalpa. National honor guard.

293. Costumes and flags of the Central American countries. L-R: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador. 15 Sept. 1967.

294. Tegucigalpa boys' school, 15 Sept. 1967.

295. Peter Allen - P.C.V. - architect and the wall of a school he designed near Tegucigalpalpa. The school will be behind.

296. Queen of the parade with products of Honduras on the float, 15 Sept. 1967.

297. Square in front of the Siguat. market (white building), 1966.

298. Inside the marketplace in Siguatepeque, December 1966.

299. Siguatepeque, 1966. Barrio El Carmen in foreground.

300. Church in Siguatepeque, 1966.

301. Spin the top in Siguat. A very popular game in Honduras.

302. Pete Allen (c) and Bill Martin (r) with military rep. in Sagastume, near Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 1967.

303. Presently used school in Sagustume, 1967.

304. School site in Sagustume near Tegucigalpa. "Row houses" at side, 1967.

305. Tegucigalpa seen in distance from Sagastume school site, 1967.

306. Survey school site. Mike Hausch with pole, 1967.

307. Peter Cooey - Bill Sherling - Ken Brooks - Howie Knox - Ed Arnolds - Bill Martin.

308. Howie Knox from Connecticut.

309. Church on main square of La Venta near Sabanagrande, Honduras.

310. The way firewood comes to market, highway from Tegucigalpa.

311. Sand for mortar, carreta de bueys, Oraquina, Hond.

312. "Can you get the scale (4 ft. deep), a big tree it was" (dugout canoe), Oraquina, Hond.

313. Oracuina, Hond.

314. One burro, one chancho, and one chanchito, Orocuina, Hond.

315. Typical corn field on very top of mountain (Orocuina), May 1968.

316. Ruins of crude temple, mounds being excavated, L. Yajoa, Hond.

317. Peter Allen, Lake Yajoa.

318. Looking down the cornfield at canal for Hydro Electric, Lake Yajoa, 1968.

319. Mike Hausch and P.C.V. friend at summit corn patch - L. Yajoa.

320. Picking corn, L. Yajoa.

321. Swampy edges of L. Yajoa.

322. Barrio Divana in Tegucigalpa. Reputed (but not in picture appearing) to be the worst in Tegucigalpa, 1968.

323. Plaza in front of market in Tegucigalpa. At time of Christmas all the greenery are sold as decorations.

324. Bev & Joe Hanlan.

325. Joe & Bev Hanlan.

326. Rigo's wedding in Comayagua, Hond. (Rigo is FACACH's printer).

327. The Archbishop of Comayagua giving the communion.

328. Leaving the cathedral, Comayagua, Hond.

329. Reception at bride's house (Rigoberto Servillon & bride).

330. Bride's friends.

331. Clelia who runs the varityper, with boyfriend René at reception.

332. Feeding sister at free lunch, San Marcos, Hond.

333. P.C.V. in San Marcos giving out the food, given out once a day sponsored by the Lions Club of San Marcos, Hond.

334. Co-op housing project, Nacaome, Hond., Sept. 1967. Design by P.C.V. Howie Knox.

335. Sunset and a dugout, with the volcano San Miguel in El Salvador in the background, Amapala, Hond., 1967.

336. Unloading at sunset in Amapala, 1967.

337. Dock in Amapala.

338. Unloading cottonseed for export to Japan in Amapala, Hond., 1967.

339. Me & the yellow orchid, L. Yajoa.

340. Self-portrait in my house.

341. Fork to the left to my barrio, "La Cabaña".

342. Our tent.

343. Caught in the tall grass while climbing - Tiger Island (Mike Hausch).

344. Main room in Siguat.

345. The cleaning lady's son and Murciélago, my cat.

346-348. Unidentified house.

349. Choluteca River with women washing.

350. Muddy road leading up from my home seen from kitchen window.

351. Unidentified person with large fish.

352. Taulabé, Hond., n. highway.

353. Market Sunday, Taulabé, Hond.

354. Sitting at table, with Panamanian mola and child's truck from Guatemala.

355. Market rabbits which they sell at Christmas for nativity scenes.

356. Airport, Guanaja, Hond., 1968. 357. Peter Cooey.

358. Barrio Divana in Tegucigalpa.

359. Last party pigroast, Tegucigalpa.

360. Door to house, Tegucigalpa.

361. Guanaja, Hond., 1968.

362. Guanaja, Hond.

363. Street of Guanaja, Hond.

364. Pat Hare and Lorraine Skelton, pigroast.

365. Bev & Joe Hanlon, Goascorán R.

366. Howie Knox & Darlene, pigroast.

367. Ken & Sigrid Mas Micheal, Kenneth Brooks, pigroast.

368. Bev Hanlon, pigroast.

369. The front of the church, Dolores and its market in Tegucigalpa.

370. School opposite church in La Venta, Hond.

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