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I took a nap, and when I awoke, over a year had passed without this page being updated! My apologies... it is now my intention to take a more relaxed but consistent approach to maintaining this site.

I get some mail from visitors to this page, and occasionally fall behind in answering it. If you've dropped me a line and haven't heard back, don't be shy about sending it again (or sending me a new note) -- I usually do respond, and may have just misplaced your note. If it's a question you have, you might also want to check out my Frequently Asked Peace Corps Questions page.

Visitors to this page occasionally ask how I found all of these Peace Corps sites. Well, it wasn't easy.... let's just say I know more about Alta Vista, Excite, Hotbot, and the other search engines than any sane person should (or, perhaps, does.) Occasionally (but not nearly often enough!) someone will drop me a line telling me about their site, or another that they've found. If you know of a site I don't have, please -- don't be shy! Let me know about it!

Of course, you came here for the Peace Corps links... but you find some good non-PC links as well. Be sure to check them out: I'm particularly proud of my "Wild and Crazy" links in Section 7.

If you've got a site you've created, be sure and let me know... this site is drawing over 130 hits a day! Pretty good, considering that it doesn't have a URL like http://pam.anderson.naked/pics/ (which I just made up, so don't even try!) Also, if you have a site listed here, and you change it in a way that renders my description outdated (for example, you add pics to a page I describe as all text) please let me know that as well.

And please let me know about any screw-ups! If one of my URLs is dead, please let me know!

I enjoy getting email, but if you have a question you might save us both some time by first checking out my Frequently Asked Peace Corps Questions page.

My e-mail address is Click on my address to send me mail right now.

- Jonathan D. Muehl
Sotouboua, Togo (1976-1978)

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