Pissed Off

It was a hot day in Sokodé , and I was stuck into the back of a covered pickup truck waiting to leave for Sotoboua. But the driver wasn't through cramming people in, and so we sat in the hot sun. Half an hour. An hour. An hour and a half. Finally, the driver was ready to go, and we breathed a sigh of relief as the truck headed out of town. But then.... the truck turned down a dirt road and pulled up in front of a hut. One of the passengers jumped out, and for the next twenty minutes, while the rest of us suffered in the heat, he and the driver struggled to load a large bound pig onto the roof of the truck.

Finally, we were at last ready to go again, and the pig's owner seated himself on the tailgate of the pickup truck as we headed down the road. I suspect that all the other passengers shared my foul mood. But revenge is sweet: a couple of minutes later, the pig started to pee.... and its owner was perfectly positioned to be the recipient of a porcine golden shower!

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