Memories of Togo

Here, for your web browsing amusement, are a variety of little vignettes of life in Togo. I wrote the uncredited ones, and the rest were contributed by visitors to this page. If you have one to contribute, please let me know.... there's always room for one more!

The Chicken Man

 The Chicken Man, Redux

 Colon, Colon...


 French Hippies

Bounce Towelettes


Quel Malheur!

Mango Season 

 An Afternoon at Wli Falls


 Termite Season

 The African Moon

 What Blood Sauce?

 The Dress Code

 Pissed Off

 First Impressions

 Busua Pleasure Beach

Nagos Shops


City vs. Country

Early Morning Bike Rides


Shaking Hands

Turkey Tails

Room for yours!

Room for yours!

Room for yours!

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