Peace Corps Issues

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Peace Corps Issues

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Proposal for Senior Volunteer Corps 26 November
Return of the aged hippies 26 November
Return of the aged warrior? 26 November

National Service and the Peace Corps 1 October
Tulsa World: Bush support lends weight to expanding national service 10 November
Senator John McCain supports Program of National Service 30 October

A New Peace Corps for a New Century 18 July
Committee for a New Peace Corps 12 July

An Electronic Peace Corps 12 July
MIT Technology Review: A technology corps 1 November
San Francisco Chronicle: After The Tech Rush Former dotcommers give back to the global community 29 October

The Safety and Security of Volunteers Overseas 15 May
USA Today: Peace Corps Security in Question 15 May

Ten Thousand Volunteers by 2003 12 July
Transcripts of the Congressional Hearings 12 July

Proposed Legislation for the Department of Peace 1 October
Roll Call: War a Challenge For Peace Caucus 1 October

Minneapolis Star Tribune: St. Olaf College commemorates a Peace Corps milestone with endowment for peace studies 5 November
A Paper presented at the AERA on RPCV Teachers by RPCV Cathy Cross 21 November

Why does capitalism only seem to work in the West? 5 May
The Development Ideas of Hernando de Soto 8 May}