The Peace Corps in Central Asia [10/1/01]

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As Central Asia becomes the focus of World interest, read these stories on what rpcvs have done in Central Asia.

LA Times: Peace Corps Volunteers: America's Diplomats in Central Asia 28 November

Wall Street Journal: Peace Corps Veterans work in Afghan propaganda war 8 November

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Couples time in Uzbekistan ends 7 November

Grand Rapids Press: RPCVs say Afghanistan is a different world 14 October

For facts on the Taliban, World turns to RPCV from Omaha 1 October

Peace Corps suspends Programs in Central Asia 1 October

A Returned Volunteer who served in Afghanistan talks about the Taliban 16 September

An Afghan Nationals' Peace Corps for Afghanistan? 26 September

Assignment: Uzbekistan 26 November

Uzbekistan gave meaning to religious freedom to ex-Peace Corps Volunteer 26 November