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By katia411 on Thursday, February 06, 2003 - 3:44 pm: Edit Post

Soninke Interpreters Needed!

If you or anyone you know speaks Soninke, Fulani, Hassaniya, or Wolof as well as English and is a permanent resident, US citizen, or assylee and would be interested in interpreting on a freelance basis in immigration court, please contact me at the below information. We have courts all across the United States and its territories. Thank you!
1-888-241-9149 x137

By Lisa Hecht ( - on Sunday, September 12, 2004 - 8:04 pm: Edit Post

I am looking for any RCPV's who served in Mauritania from 1980-1982. This summer (2005) will be our 25th anniversary. I am thinking a reunion is in order! Please contact me if you see this!

Lisa Hecht

By Pascal ADVENIER ( - on Monday, January 23, 2006 - 9:04 pm: Edit Post

Asalam Aleykum,
My name is Pascal ADVENIER, I was serving in Selibaby between 1995/1997 in a french NGO (AFVP).
I'm looking for contacts for John O'LEARY who served there during the same period, as well as Andy RICHARDSON and Lisa THOMPSON. The last address I have were New Mexico and Minesota, but I don't think they're living there anymore.
Any hint would be welcome, merci.
Hi to the others who may remember me.

By hapi ( - on Wednesday, March 15, 2006 - 5:55 pm: Edit Post

hey!! i m looking for a guy named nicolas(he plays guitar) he used to be in boghe for the peace corps he was living in my aunt's house his "mauritanian name " was tijaane he is blond haired
well i am mauritanian my name is hapi so nicolas if u get this message (or if anyone knows who i m talkin about) give me a sign
thank u

By Rich McKean on Tuesday, March 18, 2003 - 6:07 pm: Edit Post

Hi.. this is Rich McKean. I ET'd from Mauritania, but was wondering how things were going for those who stayed. Drop me a line.

By Karen Hart on Thursday, March 20, 2003 - 12:03 pm: Edit Post

Iím starting a website, itís a Yahoo Group, for people who want to speak or learn Soninke. Itís at .

I learned Soninke several years ago while training to become a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mauritania. (I decided not to become a volunteer, and never swore in, but I spent several months training there and living with a Soninke family.)

Iíve put up a list of Soninke/English vocabulary, a few phrases, and some proverbs. Iím hoping to add more about pronunciation and grammar, as well as photos. If you have anything youíd like to add please let me know. Also please feel free to invite anyone else you think might be interested to join the group.

By ould on Monday, April 28, 2003 - 11:13 pm: Edit Post

Hi all,
I am a Mauritanian who live and work here in the US. I just want to thank all of you for all you have done to my people, villages, and country from awareness, knowledge, and bringing another positive dimension to their thought process. You really have done a fantastic job!

Finally, do not think ever that that weak poor Mauritanian woman with limited resources will ever forget you.

Again, thank you on behalf of all those you have helped in a way or another.

Shoukran Jezeelan! Jere Jef Yew! Merci Beaucoup!

Truly Yours,

Ould Vadel

By Bob Salita on Wednesday, May 07, 2003 - 12:21 am: Edit Post

Volunteer June 2003 SED/ICT. Would like to correspond with others in my group.

By Andrey Alfimenko ( on Tuesday, May 04, 2004 - 1:07 pm: Edit Post

I hope that I am wrong, and it does not concern the same person mentioned here.

Yesterday evening (May, 4th), Rebecca Bridgeman was killed in a car crash on a road from Kyrgyzstan back to Almaty, where she was serving as a Deputy Controller of the USAID/CAR Mission. I know that she was serving at one time as the Peace Corps volunteer, and that she was about 40, and had two daughters, 8 and 7...

Sorry to bring the news...

By Scott Beck ( - on Thursday, December 09, 2004 - 8:09 pm: Edit Post

Scott AL Beck

who served in Mauritania (RIM) from 89 to 91 and worked in Agriculture in Dialla outside Selibaby, Guidimaxa (and trained in Frogmore / St. Helena Is., SC)...

I am now an Assistant Professor in the College of Education at Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA (about 1 1/2 hour away from Frogmore!)

I have 2 wonderful daughters named Annalycia & Natasha.

My e-mail is now

By MATTGOULD ( - on Thursday, December 23, 2004 - 12:40 am: Edit Post

My name is Matt Gould. I served in the RIM from 2001-2003. I was stationed in Bababe, in the Brakna. From january 7th-january 30, 2005, i'm doing my one man musical show, THE TIME WHEN I WAS MAMADOU in LA. If you're interested in checking it out, email me at It will bring you back. hope you can make it.


By Ahmed Salem ( - on Wednesday, January 24, 2007 - 12:05 am: Edit Post

Hi y`all . I would like to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for the great services you have provided for the so many needy people in my country. I live now here in the US and woud love to get the email address of my greatest teacher of all time , Joanna Johnson( I know she got married in the summer of 93, her last year in Mauritania.) She is from atlanta , Ga. /anyone can help?

By Steve Marsh ( on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 - 8:10 am: Edit Post

1994 Mauritania. Hi, I would like to thank the PCV that helped me cross the border to Keyes, Mali. Perhaps it was Diane Cummings based at Baediam? Many thanks. I am on Facebook & Messenger. Steve Marsh, New Zealand.

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