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 RPCVs support Countries of Service

January 29, 2005: RPCVs support Countries of Service

RPCVs and Peace Corps provide Tsunami aid

RPCVs urge President and Congress to aid Democracy in Ukraine

RPCVs write "West Wing" about recent episode

Ask Not: The Speech that Changed America

Senator Coleman, Senator Dodd, and Senator Nelson urge Peace Corps expansion

Changing of the Guard

RPCV safe after Terrorist Attack

 Birth of the Peace Corps

November 30, 2004: Birth of the Peace Corps

Birth of the Peace Corps

Vote "Yes" on NPCA's bylaw changes

Charges possible in 1976 PCV slaying

Peace Corps to be funded at $320 million

U.S.-Russian Group Fills Gap Left by Peace Corps

RPCV Thomas Gouttierre says al-Qaida now bigger

Movie alleges PCVs taught cocaine processing in Colombia

 Kerry reaches out to Returned Volunteers

October 19, 2004: Kerry reaches out to Returned Volunteers

The PCOL Interview with "RPCVs for Kerry" Founder Dave Magnani

The "RPCVs for Kerry" Statement of Support

The RPCV poll on the election

RPCV Carl Pope says turnout is key to election

The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib

Eight RPCVs run for Congress

 Director Vasquez: The PCOL Interview

September 6, 2004: The PCOL Interview

Director Gaddi Vasquez: The PCOL Interview

The Chicago RPCV Conference

Chris Matthews remembers his PC service as "moveable feast"

The Peace Corps Flag Procession

Ken Hill to lead NPCA

Schwarzenegger praises Peace Corps at Republican Convention

Is there a Budget Crunch at Peace Corps?

Psychologist studies motives of PCVs

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 One of America's Best Faces

July 31, 2004: One of America's best faces

Teresa Heinz Kerry praises Peace Corps in convention address

National Review says Celebration of PCV was "truly offensive"

Director Vasquez speaks out against Dayton Daily News

NPCA makes Case for Improving Governance

RPCV Bob Shaconis says Peace Corps is "sacred cow"

McNally needs just 7,500 votes to win on August 10

Op-ed: Cops of the World is not a good goal

Op-ed: PC must emphasize community development

Movie "Open Water" based on RPCV drownings opens August 6

 Clash on the Five-Year Rule

June 30, 2004: Clash on the Five-Year Rule

Senate holds Peace Corps Safety Hearings

Clash on the Five-Year Rule

See you in Chicago - A photo essay

Peace Corps appoints Poirier investigator

Volunteers remember Ronald Reagan

Volunteer indicted under Sex Tourism law

RPCV has lived car-free for 14 years

RPCV Barbara Ferris runs for Congress

 NPCA Elections

June 1, 2004: Elections at NPCA

A Contested Election at NPCA: Candidate Josh Busby ? Candidate Maury Sterns

American Taboo: A Peace Corps Murder

Can Peace Corps help fix U.S. image?

Allene Zanger new IAP Regional Director

Senator Feinstein says Lariam causing brain damage

RPCV Guy Consolmagno is Vatican Astronomer

RPCV Evan Wolfson in fight for marriage equality

Senator DeWine introduces PC Safety Act in Senate

 Scott Stossell - Biographer of Sargent Shriver

May 9, 2004: "Sarge"

New Biography of Sargent Shriver

Was Shriver 'knifed'?

An interview with Biographer Scott Stossel

RPCV Joe Acaba selected for Astronaut Program

Is America becoming the most hated country on earth?

Kerry says Peace Corps can help heal Abuse Damage

Vasquez praises Bush at Cinco de Mayo event

RPCV Shaun McNally is candidate for Congress in Connecticut

 Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Fern Holland (top, center) slain in Iraq.

April 4, 2004: Iraq - One Year After

RPCV slain helping women in Iraq

Op-ed: Iraq - A Terrible Mess

Henry Hyde holds Peace Corps Safety Hearings

Peace Corps Safety Bill would modify 5-year rule

Peace Corps admits cannot meet Bush's 2007 Expansion Goal

Jack Vaughn writes: Inbred Deer in the Fudge Factory

Gaddi Vasquez for Sheriff?

Trainee dies in Ecuador

March 7, 2004: 2004 Elections and the Peace Corps

Election 2004: What does it mean for the Peace Corps?

Bush proposes $401M for Peace Corps

Kerry proposes "Service for College" program, expansion of Peace Corps

Afro-American RPCV on restrictions in America and the Middle East

Peace Corps evacuates PCVs from Haiti

Peace Corps returning to China

Peace Corps names controversial EMA Regional Director

February 17, 2004: NPCA on a new Course

NPCA on a new Course: Our Interview with NPCA's President

NPCA's Strategic Action Plan through 2011

RPCV Richard Starr: Remember with Honor

Senate finally passes Peace Corps Appropriation

NPCA and PC co-sponsor job fair

Dayton Daily News nominated for Journalism Award

January 13, 2004: Recruiting Younger Volunteers

Peace Corps to actively recruit at two-year Colleges

Senate moves closer to Hearings on Peace Corps Safety

Peace Corps releases Safety Report to Senate

RPCV Chris Shays and terrorist warnings

A Volunteer reflects back on service in Turkey

Director Schneider warns about Colombia in Kabul

December 6, 2003: The children of Kennedy

Peace Corps: The children of Kennedy

RPCVs discuss DDN series on PCV Safety

Tony Hall speaks Out

Special Report: Does Peace Corps need an Ombudsman?

Peace Corps Budget Victory

Peace Corps census at Record High

Peace Corps signs agreement with Mexico

Vasquez postpones departure

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October 29, 2003: Are Assaults increasing against PCVs?

Are Rapes and Assaults increasing against Peace Corps Volunteers?

Gaddi Vasquez Resigns as Peace Corps Director

Three RPCV Congressmen vote against Iraq Aid Bill

RPCV says Foundation built for Iraq's new economy

CNN says Peace Corps is "a remarkable success"

Shrivers play key role in Schwarzenegger election

Families create Internet Memorial to Fallen Volunteers

October 1, 2003: Peace Corps and the Environment

Peace Corps and the Environment

Winning the Hearts and Minds?

Director Schneider: "Unilateralism inspires distrust"

Peace Corps starts new Ad Campaign

Bush creates "Volunteers for Prosperity"

USAID plagued by Staffing Problems

Glimpses of Afghanistan and Afghanistan Today

A Remembrance of Paul Conklin

September 7, 2003: Which way for the NPCA?

Our Interview with NPCA President Kevin Quigley

John Coyne's Modest Proposal for the NPCA

DC and FON RPCVs push for new NPCA Board of Directors

Does Bush really support the Peace Corps?

The Art of Being Globally Thrifty

Cultural Representation and the Peace Corps Museum

Queer Eye for the Straight RPCV

The Peace Corps Encyclopedia

July 29, 2003: Greater Accountability

Senator Norm Coleman wants greater accountability at Peace Corps

Send in the Peace Corps to Iraq and Afghanistan?

House of Representatives passes Peace Corps Charter

Kevin Quigley named new NPCA President

Investigation on death of PCV in Mali

President Bush meets PCVs in Botswana

Friends of Liberia issue a Call to Action

July 6, 2003: A Volunteer's Courage

A Volunteer's Courage: Health Care for Returned Volunteers

Issues with the Peace Corps Bill in Congress

Americorps' Failure: Lessons for the Peace Corps

RPCVs promote environmental activism - dump ton of coal at US Capital

German Peace Corps celebrates fortieth anniversary

Bill Moyers talks about America’s Future

June 3, 2003: Free Speech at the Peace Corps?

Protest at the Peace Corps

Returned Volunteers honor Jack Vaughn

Alcohol Abuse a big issue for Volunteers in Central Asia

Gaddi Vasquez promises 1,000 volunteers in AIDS/HIV campaign

Op-ed: The Future of the Peace Corps

Marine Sergeant says Peace Corps is "truly hardcore"

April 29, 2003: Jack Vaughn - Peace Corps Legend

Jack Vaughn - Peace Corps Legend

Every City is a Village: The Digital Freedom Initiative

Foreign Relations Committee Approves Dodd's PC Legislation

RPCV Peter McPherson to re-establish financial system in Iraq

The Peace Corps' Secret

April 23, 2003: Special Edition - Humanitarian Aid to Iraq

RPCV Congressman Chris Shays says humanitarian aid organizations curtailed in Iraq

US must fulfill humanitarian obligations in Iraq says RPCV

U.S. relief agencies hobbled in drive to help Iraqis

April 1, 2003: Special Issue: Conflict in Iraq

Safety and Security of PCVs during Conflict with Iraq

Situation could deteriorate quickly says RPCV working in Afghanistan

Support US soldiers going into action says RPCV veteran

Turkey RPCVs support Turkey's right to make a democratic decision

RPCV Congressman Tom Petri works for asylum for Muslim leader

NPCA Board passes Resolution on Iraq

Refugee relief for Iraqi war victims planned by RPCV

April 1, 2003: Peace Corps Legislation

Special Report: Where does the Peace Corps stand on pending Peace Corps legislation?

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March 3, 2003: Our Candidate for NPCA President

PCOL's Candidate for NPCA President

Exclusive: How RPCVs organized anti-war Ad

How the Peace Corps and the Returned Volunteer Community can work together to pass HR250

Peace Corps completes Program in Russia

Congress appropriates $297 million for Peace Corps, modifies 5-year rule

Congressman Sam Farr discusses Peace Corps with Fidel Castro

Peace Corps responds to parents' concerns about Guest Houses in Guinea

February 2, 2003: End of an Era - What's Next?

Dane Smith resigns as NPCA President

All RPCVs can now access Career Centers - One Year Rule suspended indefinitely

Korea RPCV says US didn't live up to 1994 agreement with North Korea

RPCVs organize to place ad in NY Times opposing War in Iraq

RPCV Sam Farr re-introduces Peace Corps bill in Congress

Analysis of Peace Corps Expulsion from Russia

Vasquez endorses "the machine" in Orange County political race

January 1, 2003: From Russia with Love

Peace Corps leaving Russia amid allegations of "suspicious activities"

Bush's Peace Corps agenda lags behind

NPCA cuts costs to avoid Budget Deficit

RPCVs ask that Peace Corps reconsider limiting access to Career Centers

Poirier Family wants Bolivia RPCVs who knew their missing son to contact the family

December 8, 2002: John Dellenback 1917 - 2002

Former Peace Corps Director John Dellenback dies at 84

I Remember John Dellenback

An RPCV remembers John Dellenback

Peace Corps Mourns Loss of Former Director John R. Dellenback

Tribute to John Dellenback - Peace Corps Giant

December 2, 2002: Special Health Issue

Exclusive: Improvements Needed in Peace Corps Volunteer Support Services

House of Representatives adjourns without passing Peace Corps Bill

Returned Volunteer murdered/Peace Corps suspends program in Jordan

Op-ed: President Kennedy's suffering forged his character

Program to collect RPCV Oral Histories

Peace Corps Volunteers renew ties with old friends in Morocco

November 1, 2002: Special Election Issue

Exclusive: White House Considers Passage of Peace Corps Legislation a "High Priority"

Peace Corps Bill passes in Senate

Action Needed Now by RPCVs to pass Peace Corps Bill in House

Elections 2002: RPCVs run for office across the Country

Gaddi Vasquez's Orange County election endorsement

October 14, 2002: Peace Corps leaves Ivory Coast

Volunteers evacuated from Ivory Coast

RPCV Congressmen have differing views on war with Iraq

RPCV starts aid organization in Afghanistan

Vasquez meets with Maryland RPCVs

September 24, 2002: The Politics of Life

The Politics of Life

911: A Different America

US Ambassador to Thailand returns to Peace Corps Site 40 years later

A Profile of Gaddi Vasquez

Where the Peace Corps Legislation Stands

August 21, 2002: Peace Corps leaving Russia?

Will the Peace Corps be leaving Russia?

Royal Marines save PCV

Christian Century analyzes USA Freedom Corps

Bigger Peace Corps, Paltry Effort

Make a call to Help Strengthen the Peace Corps

August 14, 2002: Congress considers alternate PC Bill

Congress considers alternate Peace Corps Bill introduced by Rep. Mark Kirk

Russia ousting dozens of PCVs

Justice shrinks TIPS

Lariam Update

Vasquez will "absolutely not" run for Senate seat

The 3 Faces America shows the World: The Military, the Multi-Nationals, and the Peace Corps

July 30, 2002: RPCV Spy dies in Russia

RPCV Spy Dies in Moscow

Post Office Rejects USA Freedom Cops

GAO reports on Peace Corps Safety and Security

NPCA forms separate 3rd Goal Organization

Peace Corps Giant C. Payne Lucas retires as head of Africare

July 2, 2002: Debate over the Peace Corps Fund

Exclusive: Debate over the Peace Corps Fund

Dodd holds Senate Hearings on new Peace Corps Bill - Vasquez, Schneider, Smith, Ferris, Coyne testify

How you can help pass the bill

Coverage of the Peace Corps' 40th plus one celebration

June 19, 2002: Health Concerns over Lariam

Health Concerns about Lariam

Senator Dodd introduces Peace Corps legislation

The IDPA: Forerunner of the PC

June 3, 2002: Shriver's Fourth Goal for the Peace Corps

Why the Peace Corps needs Shriver's 4th Goal

Returned Volunteers form the Peace Corps Fund


May 20, 2002: Interview with RPCV Congressman Sam Farr

Exclusive: PCOL Interview with Sam Farr on the new Peace Corps Bill he introduced

The Case for Peace Corps Independence

Vasquez discusses Freedom Corps concerns with San Francisco RPCVs

May 1, 2002: Vasquez meets with RPCVs

Exclusive: Vasquez meets with RPCVs

Peace Corps basks in the spotlight

Is the Peace Corps as Independent as ever?

The legacy of the Peace Corps in Korea

Returned Volunteer character in new Fox TV Show

April 16, 2002: New Peace Corps legislation proposed

Congressman Sam Farr proposes new Peace Corps legislation

Bush pushes Homeland Security with Freedom Corps - says Peace Corps can help "spread America's values"

Senator Dodd wary of USA Freedom Corps

April 2, 2002: Peace Corps returns to Peru

Peace Corps returns to Peru after 27 years

Exclusive Interview in Peru with Gaddi Vasquez

RPCV Congressmen Farr, Shays, and Walsh support Peace Corps Autonomy

Is the USA Freedom Corps a Threat to Peace Corps Integrity?

NPCA Chairman resigns after accepting Peace Corps Position

March 13, 2002: Special Afghanistan Issue

Special Issue: When should the Peace Corps return to Afghanistan?

March 1, 2002: Peace Corps Expansion - the Numbers Game?

Exclusive: The Numbers Game

Peace Corps Expansion begins

Mark Gearan: The Promise of Citizen Service

NPCA Chairman to consult for US Peace Corps

What RPCV is considering a run for President?

February 13, 2002: Bush proposes doubling Peace Corps

Special Issue: Bush proposes doubling Peace Corps in State of the Union

February 12, 2002: Vasquez sworn in as Director

Vasquez sworn in as new Peace Corps Director

Shriver speaks at Peace Corps Headquarters

The New Mandate for the Peace Corps

Bush and JFK

February 1, 2002: Senate confirms Gaddi Vasquez

Senate confirms Gaddi Vasquez as Peace Corps Director

Editorial: Returned Volunteers should be proud

The Third Goal

Ask me about the Peace Corps

January 15, 2002: In Memorium, Henry Reuss

Special Issue: Henry Reuss, Founder of Peace Corps idea dies

January 1, 2002: Senate debates Vasquez nomination

Exclusive: Heated Discussion over Vasquez nomination in Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Exclusive: Did Gaddi Vasquez mislead the Senate?

December 1, 2001: Senator Dodd holds nomination hearings

Senator Dodd holds hearings on Gaddi Vasquez Nomination

Testimony at the Hearings

Shriver calls for a New Peace Corps, Fourth Goal in speech at Yale

November 1, 2001: Chuck Baquet, a Retrospective

A Retrospective on Deputy Director Charles Baquet

Exclusive: Mark Gearan's tribute to Chuck Baquet

Who is leading the Peace Corps?

Alleged violation of Vacancies Act at the Peace Corps

Peace Corps Suspends Programs in Central Asia

Peace Corps Volunteers Lament Hasty Evacuations

October 1, 2001: The Peace Vigil

The Peace Vigil at Lincoln Memorial

Sargent Shriver speaks to Volunteers

RPCVs respond to September 11

Peace Corps 40th Cancelled

Message from the New York City Peace Corps Office

Kindness from a world that's been there

September 1, 2001: Gaddi Vasquez nominated as Director

Editorial: Gaddi Vasquez is the wrong man to lead the Peace Corps

Sign the Gaddi Vasquez petition

Our analysis of the nomination

RPCVs say "Vote No on Gaddi Vasquez"

LA Times says "Not the One for the Peace Corps"

Boston Globe says "A Bad Choice for the Peace Corps"