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Welcome to the Peace Corps Crossroads! I'm an RPCV, and have created this site to serve primarily as a comprehensive and well organized directory of Peace Corps related sites (with some other stuff thrown in, just for fun.)

The Peace Corps Crossroads is composed of several web pages. You probably came here from the “cover” page. You won't find the comprehensive directory of Peace Corps Sites on the cover page! Instead, you'll find it on a separate page, entitled Peace Corps Related Web Sites. Feel free to go directly to that page now, and return if you like to finish reading this later.

I often scour the web for new sites worth adding to the Peace Corps Crossroads. I add them on a periodic basis. It's easy to spot the new sites I add on the Peace Corps Related Web Sites page and other pages: I label them with a tag that makes them easy to find. After a while, I change the tag to a tag, and then a while later I remove the tag altogether. I also make an editorial judgment about pages I particularly like by labelling them as HOT!. But just because a site isn't so labelled doesn't mean it isn't worth a visit. My judgment is fallible, and some site may have grown and changed since I last checked them out.

One fun way to explore this site is via the "Visit a Randomly Selected Peace Corps Site" link towards the bottom of the home page. Each time you reload the home page in your browser, a new randomly selected site from my Peace Corps Related Web Sites page will appear there.

At any time during your visit, feel free to check out the Peace Corps Crossroads Guestbook. You may stumble across an old friend, and it's a good place to leave a comment about this site, or about anything else.

This site is pretty big, and with all of its links, there's tons of stuff here. I hope you enjoy it. And of course I encourage you to come back from time to time to see what's new. So be sure to bookmark the site.... and if you ever can't remember how to get here, you can always do a search on Peace Corps at Yahoo! -- or, use my new, easy to remember, "refering" URL of visitweb.com/peacecorps.

By the way, in closing let me note that I am not a Peace Corps employee.... nor do I have any great insights into how to get to be a volunteer, or how to send e-mail to Guatamala, or whether there's a place in the Peace Corps for Comparative Literature majors. (Although note that I do have a special section entitled Quick Information for Prospective Volunteers, as well as a Frequently Asked Questions Page.) So enjoy the site, and feel free to drop me a line.... but if you're looking for information on the Peace Corps, I'm probably not your best source. Your best bet is to spend some time exploring the Crossroads... sooner or later, my guess is you'll find ways to get your questions answered, or at least an idea of where to turn next. And while you're here, enjoy yourself!

- Jonathan D. Muehl, Togo, 1976-78

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