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Things I wish I would have known before I joined Peace Corps

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Things I wish I would have known before I joined Peace Corps:*

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Things I wish I would have known before I joined Peace Corps:

1) the application process can be very long if you don't have all the paperwork you need at hand. If you arew ex-militairy (like me) you'll need your discharge papers in order ASAP.

2) When you are accepted, the people who call you up with an invitation may or may not offer you the job you will be nominated for. BUT, different people will call you with different offers, so if you don't like the first job that's offered to you, don't take it. They'll offer you three in total. My advice: wait for the third one, then decide which one you like best, call that desk back and accept that invitation. It's all very exciting to hear you've gotten in, but a hasty decision will make for a looooong 2 years.

3) Don't bring anything that needs to be plugged into a wall socket. Didn't know this one myself, but the wall sockets are different from place to place, not just in voltage but also in design. The plugs in the US simply don't fit the wall sockets in Europe, or elsewhere, I imagine.

4) Buy a money belt or one of those money holders that go around your neck. You can get em at the airport. They're more than worth whatever you'll get charged for them.

5) When you're in transit, you may have a few layovers on your way to your host country from the US. This is great, cause you get to see some awesome places. Be careful about changing money, though. Everytime you do it, the money changer takes out a commission (hey, they gotta eat too) and if you do it too often, your money will evaporate.

6) Don't get discouraged. It's a long process, and nobody likes to play the waiting game. But it is worthwhile.

7) Bring measuring spoons/measuring cups. Will save your ass.

8) Bring pictures of home or a picture book about your home city. Host Country Nationals love to hear about what life is like in other parts of the world, and pictures say alot more than you'll be able to until you get the language down.

9) No matter what anybody says, alcohol is not always an appropriate gift for your host family. Buy em some chocolates instead.

10)Bring appropriate clothes. Gore-Tex is amazing stuff, and you won't find it where you're going. Bring lightweight, warm, and waterproof clothes with you before you leave the US.

11) If you get to Romania, drop in and say hi, k?


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By Adam Stevens on Thursday, January 23, 2003 - 4:53 pm: Edit Post

Hello my name is Adam Stevens, I am interested in joining the Peace Corps. Could you please send me some information. My address is 1007 Lost Cove Matthews NC 28104. Thanks

By Kelly Stiefel (kelly2004) on Sunday, August 31, 2003 - 2:13 pm: Edit Post

The information on what to pack found throughout the site has been extrememtly helpful (money holder that goes around the neck, a gift for the host family, etc)...we future volunteers that are in the process of stocking up for the adventure of a lifetime could use some help. Including how much clothes are really needed, what day-to-day things do we need that we are overlooking, etc. How much pens, paper, were used on previous volunteers trips, even how many volunteers had computer access. Any information, no matter how insignificant it may sound would be great help. Thanks!

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