December 7, 2002 - Drudge Report: Armey says not to sacrifice freedom for safety in the fight against terrorism

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Armey says not to sacrifice freedom for safety in the fight against terrorism

Read and comment on this story from the Drudge Report on outgoing House Majority Leader Dick Armey's speech to the National Press Club where he warned how the nation must guard against the "awful, dangerous seduction" of sacrificing freedom for safety in the fight against terrorism. Dick Armey is a conservative in the best sense of the word - a defender of personal liberty against encroachments by the state.

It was Dick Armey who killed the TIPS neighborhood spy program that was in the original version of the Homeland Security bill that was recently passed by Congress. TIPS would have put an intelligence gathering agency under the same USA Freedom Corps umbrella as the Peace Corps compromising its mission.

Armey has hinted at the possibility that he'll be a consultant with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). "Majority Leader Armey (has) been a tireless and fearless advocate for the right to privacy against unwarranted intrusion by the government, and we've been proud to count him as an important ally on this crucial issue," said ACLU spokeman Gabe Rottman.

Interestingly enough Armey's remarks on defending our freedom is nowhere to be found in reports on the speech in the mainstream media. Read the excerpts from his speech at:


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Fri Dec 06 2002 17:51:24 ET

Outgoing House Majority Leader Dick Armey addressed a National Press Club luncheon this afternoon in Washington.

He warned how the nation must guard against the "awful, dangerous seduction" of sacrificing freedom for safety in the fight against terrorism.

Joined in progress...

"America has always been a marvelous nation. I always say it. We have always loved freedom so much that we have been willing to sacrifice our peace to defend the freedoms of others. No other nation ever did that.

"And in doing so historically, we have always had the luxury of sitting safely here at home in America and sending our heroes abroad to fight for freedom.

"But today we face an insidious threat that comes right into our neighborhood. We live with it every day, this threat of terrorism. Our need, our anxiety about personal security is at a level that we've never seen before in America, and for the first time in America we call upon ourselves, each and every single one of us, to be a hero for freedom right here at home where I live, in my community.

"And so the courage of America is being called upon more than at any time in my lifetime. And what I fear I hear is an echo chamber of voices in America that are saying, ``Give us greater dominion over your personal liberties and we will make you secure.''

"Now, I can tell you, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be safe if we have a cop on every corner. We will be safe if we have a spy camera in every hall. We'll at least be safer. We will be safer if we have an elaborate system by which we, in the ordinary business of life, spy on one another and report it to the proper authorities. We will probably be safer if we have a national identification card. We may be safer, in fact, if we could snoop on the Internet and read everybody's e-mail.

"There are many authorities that we can extend to the government of this country that'll make us safer. But will we be free?

"We seek a balance on this. We worked hard on that with the PATRIOT Act. We worked hard on that with homeland security. And I think in terms of the law that has been written, we've cut a fine line that respects our freedom in the interest of our safety.

"But our freedom will only last through the implementation of these laws. And once again we are restored to that oldest adage: The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

"We, the people, had better keep an eye on we, the people; that is, our government. Not out of contempt or lack of appreciation or disrespect, but out of a sense of guardianship. How do you use these tools we have given you to make us safe in such a manner that'll preserve our freedom?

"That is a duty to our very essence as a nation. Who we are, what is it about us that has set us apart in the history of the world is our love for freedom.

"As I said earlier, freedom is no policy for the timid. And my plaintive plea to all my colleagues that remain in this government as I leave it is, for your sake, for my sake, for heaven's sake, don't give up on freedom. "

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