July 17, 2004: Director Vasquez speaks out

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Director Vasquez Speaks Out Director Vasquez Speaks Out
Last month we reported on the Senate hearings on Peace Corps Safety and Security. Now Director Vasquez speaks out in an op-ed piece and says that Dayton Daily News portrayal of Peace Corps doesn't jibe with facts. Has DDN provided "slanted coverage" and "misinformation?" Read the editorial from the DDN, the Director's reply and leave your opinion.

By Walter R Poirier (ip01.ctm.meganet.net - on Monday, July 19, 2004 - 11:47 am: Edit Post

The current director has made significant strides in trying to inprove PCV safety. However, when his term is up in three years, what will compel the new Director to continue to support upgrading safety measures. Without external over-sight, that would be provided by an independent Inspector General's office, there would be no incentive for a new Director to even implement safety measures. Director Vasquez has started the "ball rolling", but without independent over-sight, which is something every government agency should have, future Directors could cause Peace Corps to regress to its former laissez-faire attitude towards safety and security.

By pailes (user-105n93t.dialup.mindspring.com - on Monday, July 26, 2004 - 9:35 am: Edit Post

It is my opinion that Vasquez like his predecessors has not done enough.

I think there should be penalties for the disinformation campaigns he provides to the public.

His administration fought "tooth and nail" not to release information on "Safety of Volunteers". Not until the DDN took them to court did they release the information.

We need a class action law suit and individual law suits against the agency until they stop covering up safety facts and damaging the programs public image and commitment to its real goals. They need to repair the damge they have done to the people and families they have hurt before real assurances they will do the "right thing" in the future.

Vasquez knows why the hearings were brought and he should go out of his way to repair the damage.

Some will be filing against the agency soon for the problems they agency has created by writing lies about people who served and went through these safety and health issues.

Don't let him lie to you if you are joining the Peace Corps. Make his agency assign you safely by placing you with a good host family or two people at your site location. Refuse the assignment during training if they place you remotely on a dangerous border of a country. Remember, to check your medical record reguarly for irregularities.

If the safety or health officers start to lie about your true experiences in the field or refuse to provide safe housing call you or write your Congressman from the field, write to this web site, and or contact us and we will contact the right people make sure you are not lied about or placed in an unsafe place.

That will put a check on them.

Will have helped many by providing information and awareness through our true experiences in the field. 978-462-3868.

Remember, Vasquez did not serve in a remote village. He did not have a safety incident in service either. He can give you all the stats and arguements he wants. But, if you want your son or daughter safe in the field and they are demonstrating hostility toward your volunteers' true circumstances, then call us.

They continue to lie about many of us and have not repaired the safety problems they had with volunteers of the past.

The Dayton Daily News highlighted some incidents. If they investigated the thousands of incidents we would have the changes required at Peace Corps.

Vasquez is not telling the truth.

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