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Nursing in Kenya, early 1970'sChristie McCoy6-27-24  1:31 pm
Tom Welsh (or Welch) Sarah C6-27-24  1:30 pm
Looking for SUE COLLINS OF LIVERPOOL , UKBen Mbugua6-27-24  1:30 pm
Former Peace Corp Volunteers in Sierra Leone 1980Ellen RynerWafawanak1-29-24  12:47 pm
Looking for Floyd ClarkEllen Wafawanaka1-29-24  12:47 pm
Looking for Willie SumpterEllen Wafawanaka1-29-24  12:47 pm
Where in the world is Jean Deal?Hugh Mano73 12-29-23  8:47 pm
Where in the world is Jean Deal?Red Rum46 11-09-23  1:03 am
Looking for Donna Brown Derrick Walker10-17-23  10:42 am
Mary g porterjohn stephenson10-02-23  10:39 am
Looking for David Turner Florida Matangi5-08-23  1:08 pm
June and July 2006Archie Andrews19 12-31-22  9:14 am
Looking for Bob Campbell Bo, Sierrea LeoneRita Philip9-01-22  7:51 pm
Looking for Francis Hickerson and George HickersonAdmin1 4-12-22  6:10 pm
Looking for old friend, Nat DavisAnita Mills2-04-22  3:24 am
Herbert david Grunwald circa 1964 Sierra LeoneCyrus MacFoy1-26-22  12:09 am
Rainey CheneyJon Elsky6-18-21  8:29 pm
Rainey CheneyJon Elsky6-18-21  8:29 pm
Jim StillsonCarol Sherman12-16-20  4:59 pm
Looking for Tony Newman, Haute Volta 77-79JEFFREY R CULPEPPER10-12-20  5:42 pm
Would love to make contact with two former teachers who worked in J...Cherry Smart8-29-20  10:51 pm
Hari Gadtaula from Tehrathum looking Gary Simon Steve Sambon teachersHari Gadtaula7-16-20  2:22 pm
Contact infojuni viajar6-28-20  12:02 am
Looking for a Brian Williams,a volunteer who taught English in Moro...Saguer Mina6-09-20  10:36 am
Looking for Tom Archibald , Bangkok 1974TOFT David9-30-19  4:52 pm
1971 Poster WinnersAdmin1 2-27-19  5:13 pm
Looking for a Lost VolunteerMegan Ann Gore248 31 2-26-24  1:45 pm
Seeking two nurses from Gabes Tunisia 1964.Bill Reed10-22-18  9:03 am
Russell RasmussenBill Reed10-22-18  9:03 am
Dedee KingBill Reed10-22-18  9:03 am
Marc Lawrence Svetlana Sinenko10-10-18  9:40 pm
Looking for Joey Lynch, served in Samoa at Levaula CollegeSharon Tafunai9-19-18  8:33 am
Looking for Ghana 1970 PCV Dan MorrisRon Burger7-30-18  3:57 pm
Looking for Bob Kuman - Mauritania INicholas Wolfson6-05-18  12:44 am
April, 2005Jachoki18 4-24-18  6:29 am
Looking for Jean Smith and Mary Malmquistgeorgia hall-nguepdj3-02-18  2:43 pm
Looking for Pete HowardAugustus Porter11-03-17  9:46 am
Looking for ken powellAlex Briski10-16-17  12:18 pm
Looking for Margo McMahon, Peace Corps LesothoJudy's son Brian8-27-17  9:52 pm
Looking for Rebecca Coolidge, PCV Cameroon 1998jamjamdave8-16-17  11:21 am
Looking for Peace Corps trainee James C. Patterson from Brockport P...stevens vaughn86 37 7-28-17  4:39 pm
Looking for Cynthia (Cindy) DunbarAstrit Sukni5-10-17  3:11 pm
PCV in India, group numbers 45 and 50Hiram Groshell4-26-17  3:45 pm
Looking for Mary Martha & Roger Cohen-Iran-1974-1976Farzaneh Mokhtari3-24-17  2:28 pm
Searching for John Clark Peru PCV approx (1972-74)joegelay2-13-17  5:46 pm
Looking for my mathematics teacher Mr Howard Hoffman Parsaloi 2-07-17  6:07 pm
Looking for Joanne Polka's whereaboutsSteve Kaffen12-19-16  12:25 am
Peace Corps ColombiaJoanne Roll9-01-16  12:39 pm
Looking For A Former Peace CorpsAblaye Sy6-11-16  11:31 pm
Thailand VIII (1964-66) malaria reunionJean-Paul Chaine6-03-16  6:38 pm
Thailand VIII (1964-66) malaria reunionJean-Paul Chaine6-03-16  6:38 pm
Looking for Steve Rogers served in S. Yemen then moved to Japan aft...Greg Olson5-05-16  3:55 am
Mary Ann UzelacLisa Tatola4-05-16  7:44 pm
Looking for Linda Carithers-served Colombia/MonteriaJose A. Quiles 3-26-16  9:17 pm
Looking for PCV in Brazil, mid 1960sTom Edmonds1-15-16  11:57 am
Search for SomeoneMarijane Waldschmidt11-11-15  9:56 am
Dick QunitanillaKelly Davis 10-11-15  4:50 pm
1992 or 1993 in Freetown, Sierra Leone- Looking for Eric in Photo.Melissa Martyn -Ross9-28-15  3:39 pm
Mary jo Nelson, Brazil 18Martha merino5-27-15  9:36 pm
RequestCharles Mbaba Masodi2-24-15  1:53 pm
Jack NelsonDagne Assefa11-13-14  10:42 am
Paging Rick Gentry, Afghanistan 1970BOIDART Christian10-24-14  1:27 pm
Group 44 Philippines - Philippine Social Welfare DepartmentBill Powell 8-19-14  3:34 pm
September October November 2004 - Looking for a Returned Volunteer Lisa Toakarawa30 8-19-14  1:26 am
March April May 2006Bill Reed31 7-24-14  12:59 pm
HAnk StelzerMalesa stelzer7-22-14  5:14 pm
Curt Walter NepalDalecurren7-17-14  11:48 am
Bill BarrettJoan Wambui Rosemary7-17-14  3:04 am
William & Mary Post - Liberia 1970-71Garrett Mason, PCV Z6-28-14  3:09 pm
Seeking Barb Miller/Afghanistan '77-'78John Palmer6-20-14  9:57 am
Mr.Myron Bergman,US peace corps ,served in Thailand 1972-1975ptinakon6-09-14  2:33 pm
Don BlissingNegar Khanlou6-02-14  9:51 pm
Looking For Lee Burke - PCV SamoaBobReilly5-26-14  11:57 am
PIM from holland Colleen friend 5-26-14  11:57 am
Looking for Laurence Smith RPCV PNGBrant Gordon4-14-14  12:35 pm
Looking for KimberlyMonica Chege4-14-14  12:35 pm
Looking for Scott Walter Schulte - Malaysia - Sungei Petani 1966-68Joycee Chua4-08-14  1:27 am
Ms janet nelson /saratok secondary 1973Hamsawi Sani3-07-14  1:00 am
Fiji VI or anyone from 1970-1972Elwood Wells 2-23-14  5:59 pm
May, 2005Mere Jane2-08-14  8:38 am
Looking for an old friendAmina Mohamed Chambo1-26-14  8:21 pm
St. Kitts (Eastern Carribean)Thomas Appel12-17-13  4:37 pm
Looking for Nicholle LavalleeFrancois TCHIDJE11-21-13  6:47 pm
Sierra Leone PCV and RPCVMARLIN L. HARRISON9-17-13  3:10 pm
ISO Karin Patterson--Dominican Republic, TOEFLrobert takata9-09-13  12:44 pm
Looking for a former peace corp teacherJohnson Mwangi6-03-13  1:08 pm
Looking exvolunteer peace C (Joseph)Maria Merlo5-15-13  11:19 am
Uganda RPCVsKathleen Henderson 4-10-13  5:43 pm
Looking for Peirce / Peter DavisHerald Luwizghie4-04-13  1:14 pm
Jerry Swanson RPCV from Somalia 1969 /70-Omer osman3-25-13  5:12 pm
BOB DUCKWORTHConnie Murry-O'Neal3-15-13  3:38 pm
Ann PollomKendrick Dyer3-12-13  10:52 am
Tom thompson peace.corps.volunteer 1979 rosemarie buenconsej2-20-13  3:37 pm
Tom thompson peace.corps.volunteer 1979 rosemarie buenconsej2-20-13  3:37 pm
Looking for Mr EDWARD L. LEWIS who served in town of AHAR IN IRAN d...Mir Abbas Hosseini1-08-13  7:24 pm
Looking for Michael Burke Peru 1960'sYvonne Godoy 12-29-12  11:02 am
Looking for Michael MilanMadison Ngafeeson12-21-12  5:00 pm
Looking for old friendsChit Ferrer12-01-12  8:54 pm
Looking for Larry beckRoy spann 11-24-12  4:13 pm
Jamaica 1963-64Janet Haynes11-14-12  6:44 pm
Looking for an old friend PCV from 1972-1973barry luke11-05-12  5:10 pm
Looking for Elizabeth Becker Philippines VIISara Gay Dammann10-14-12  10:39 am
Teresa LewisMonica Smith9-10-12  9:49 am
RPCV Paraguay 80-84lisa rader8-25-12  2:30 am
LOOKING FOR HELPLawrence F. Lihosit 7-25-12  2:03 pm
Looking for a lost RPCV friend now an ambassorJanice E. Grant7-25-12  2:02 pm
Looking for PC Ethiopian Staff Jo Pamment of 1967-70 periodsantosh Banet39 14 7-24-12  4:37 pm
Looking for lost peace friend Mr Earnest from New YorkFarrah Gk7-23-12  12:17 am
Looking for Richard Johnson Milwaukee, WISusana O. Villaflor6-15-12  12:48 pm
Looking for a teacher, 1978-1979 in Sanaa, YemenMichaelTharp5-21-12  9:32 pm
Looking forDeborahSimmonsJohnso4-09-12  11:36 pm
Looking for Rich McBride ex TuvaluFor Norm Sanson3-07-12  1:17 pm
Jolynn spaethRichard Cass3-06-12  11:43 am
Looking for Pat Farris India 103chris deegan3-03-12  7:22 pm
Bob Flores, DR '73-'75Thomas Barrett2-22-12  5:51 pm
Looking for Keit from usa.Betty Nduku Maweu.1-15-12  12:01 am
For ContactShambhu Man Singh10-12-11  8:40 am
Looking for Dr. Peter Gardocki - PolandTammy Gray10-11-11  10:09 am
Looking for Mr. David W. SchneiderMichael Addae9-01-11  2:22 pm
In search of David Lawrence who volunteered in Cameroon and went to...ardisadrian8-23-11  5:07 pm
Looking for Pam MooreCarol Sloan8-06-11  9:56 pm
Cyprus Volunteers 50th ReunionCarol Sloan8-04-11  1:39 pm
Looking for a friendDosso Mebra8-04-11  12:26 pm
I'm looking for three (3) Gabon I RPCV's.Lori Brown 7-25-11  12:30 pm
Looking for a married couple..David and PatriciaDavidgreenlund7-18-11  11:01 am
Looking for Rebecca Currin from Portland OR, Thailand 93-95Agnes Ocampo6-07-11  2:32 am
Looking for bobIsa5-30-11  4:07 pm
Looking for shannon Fieny who worked in KenyaRosa Polk5-25-11  9:47 pm
Peace corps LiberiaJim Gray 5-20-11  4:45 am
Looking for a friendfsuaalii5-04-11  6:57 pm
Looking for a friendNelly Nino43 12 4-02-11  3:29 pm
Barbados70-71daniel hansen3-31-11  9:59 am
Kapingamarangi PCVSAlana Murray - yacht3-15-11  7:54 am
Are you out thererod harris3-14-11  11:40 am
Looking for Bob W. - Maktar, TunisiaMeg Aldrich3-11-11  6:25 pm
Tom Perezrosanne hahn2-27-11  12:40 pm
Looking for India Volunteer from Texas 1965harriet baer2-20-11  12:03 pm
Looking for RPCV Martin J D Hill, 1967-1974Silver Brown1-23-11  2:31 pm
Looking for Hoyte SmithLinda Agerbak12-29-10  2:37 pm
Looking for a former english teacher in zaire ( Congo DR : Mwene - ...jean Marcel12-09-10  11:40 am
Looking for my former english teacher Julie FredricksonJean marcel Mukendi 12-09-10  11:39 am
Looking for India 40Jane Albritton 9-24-10  8:25 pm
Looking for Dinah E. Wolfe, PCV, Harar, Ethiopia 1965Alexander Babich7-26-10  3:22 pm
Ivory Coast PCVs from 1978 to 1981Peggy Dreyer Lepkows7-21-10  8:55 pm
Seeking Charles Cadenhead, Ghana and Kenya, 1976-1979Charles Friend7-06-10  6:41 pm
Looking for Douglas Hill, Yap 1966-1967Gloria W. Hunter3-06-10  12:33 pm
Venezuela volunteers, 1963-65W. Rodney Napier3-04-10  7:25 pm
Looking for Iran RPCV 1970-72Letty Alamia Valdez2-04-10  4:31 am
Karyn Gail Smith- Panama/ColombiaMargaret Reiter1-15-10  12:47 am
Looking for Pam Rhodes from Buzzard's Bay MassachusettsAdmin1 12-14-09  8:05 pm
Looking for Marjorie and Wayne Nishek from N.Dakotamarcela Rice10-10-09  9:35 am
Looking for John & Kim Smith ex RPCV Julie Lowther9-24-09  6:45 pm
George McFadden Korea-early 1970'sBruce Davis8-02-09  11:41 am
Looking for kate Mahoney, Beth Mullin, Fiji 60Susan Pettit-Riley7-13-09  1:26 pm
Joan Savage Venezuela/ RPCV from SeattleJesus Alberto Rodrig6-15-09  10:05 pm
India - 101 ReunionJack Edwards6-08-09  9:07 am
Philippines, Group 1, Looking for peopleDon and Phyllis Tole5-29-09  6:44 pm
Looking for Joy HedbergLinda Kay Stewart 5-02-09  2:27 pm
Looking for Earl F Sanderschris rossi4-18-09  7:14 pm
James Carlton Parker. PCV-1972 Rajastan,Indiabhararhi3-20-09  8:35 pm
Looking for Gregory (do not have last name) St. LuciaGregory Hawkins2-24-09  2:56 pm
Looking for long lost friendAnonymous1-31-09  9:03 am
Christiana, pakistan volunteerpam newman1-08-09  11:09 pm
Looking for a friendWalker Bezerra Caval10-18-08  11:04 am
Debbie Green 1988-90Graham Charles10-09-08  11:23 pm
Looking for an old friend and volunteerdewi albansin8-23-08  10:53 am
Looking for Laura Danylin & Mike DuprezSusan3-10-08  5:55 pm
Looking for RPCV'S From Malaysia 19ahmadkbs2-27-08  1:30 am
Misamis oriental, philippines rpcv 1974-1977raul f. lim1-10-08  1:36 pm
Looking for Ethiopia I volunteers--HararJacqueline Madara1-02-08  12:46 am
Searching for Jonathan Shacat of Washington Crossing,PAMarilyn Jones12-22-07  7:50 pm
Looking for Rose who taught science at Tupou College, TongaUNGA YAV12-22-07  6:27 am
Joanta GreenYoungstown cousin12-04-07  7:57 pm
Looking For Mary George: Helped Dennis Priven Get Away With MurderAnonymous11-23-07  3:45 am
El Salvador 1978-79 Roy Fuller, from Arkansas, married to Gay Hunts...Roseanne Diamond11-17-07  6:52 pm
El Salvador 1978 - 79 Tom Burns from St. Petersburg, FL, surfer, ha...Roseanne Diamond11-17-07  6:49 pm
El Salvador 1978 - 79 Margie Keith from CaliforniaRoseanne Diamond11-17-07  6:47 pm
El Salvador 1978 -79 Looking for Maria Teresa MironRoseanne Diamond11-17-07  6:46 pm
Looking for Gay Huntsman PC El Salvador 1978 - 79Roseanne Diamond11-17-07  6:43 pm
RPCV's from Sierra Leone, 1982-1984Skip DuFour11-14-07  10:59 pm
Searching for Steve Chiavini, PCV - Aklan, Philippines 1982 - 83Jong Moser10-16-07  12:57 am
Dominican Republic Group IAnonymous9-27-07  4:42 am
Looking for Edwina White - Niger 1967-68Barb Olufs9-26-07  2:15 pm
Young, Johnathan, Mauritania 1990-91 Bolehrath, SalikWeston Seraphine9-23-07  6:13 pm
RUSS DIEHL or JIM HECKMAN - EthiopiaMike Lean9-20-07  6:05 pm
RPCV Quintel Freeman, Zimbabwe 1994-7 Found!Anonymous9-12-07  12:53 pm
Looking for Wendy Hansen served in Senegal 1992-1994Anonymous9-10-07  1:48 am
Looking for Nicole Taddeodivina8-27-07  12:53 am
Looking for Lawrence Hauge- Cos Rica VolunteerCarlos Serrano8-24-07  5:14 pm
___!!Searching any info about HALEY HYATT (PCV in UKRAINE 2000-2002...Michael8-23-07  5:09 pm
March, 2005Ken Winkler10 8-23-07  11:29 am
ANY RPCV POLAND 4 CONTACT MEChristopher West8-17-07  7:37 pm
Looking for a foster daughterMarisoldad jacob8-16-07  1:05 pm
Looking for Frances "Gabby" Winzurk, Botswana PCLucky McGill7-31-07  7:27 pm
Looking for rick solberg who seved in Fiji in 1984-1985Ric k Solberg7-24-07  7:49 pm
Returned peace corps volunteers from philippines-groups 7 and 9Ma. Gilda G. Cezar7-19-07  4:38 pm
Looking Jeffery Azmapora noringi7-16-07  10:45 pm
Looking for Nancy Ann Jordan Sharp V.B.H.S. CLASS OF 64jordan sharp7-02-07  4:39 pm
SAIPAN 1960's male school teacher. Was that you?David Crutcher6-27-07  3:45 pm
Looking for Darla Jean Price PCV late 1980'sDon Pollard6-26-07  11:18 am
Looking for Charles Charrier , Dangjin KoreaSusie Hughes6-22-07  6:32 pm
Sharon RayballJulia Janzen6-21-07  3:07 am
Looking for David Giffford and Shilla Wiliamsa British teacher in ...Roger Reed6-18-07  1:42 pm
Looking for irving lundquistkenwinkler6-16-07  11:34 pm
Where is Martha Fabian, RPCV Mali in the 1980s ?Martha Fabian6-07-07  10:09 pm
Looking for a lost benefactorjennelyn5-27-07  6:37 am
Art carucciAnonymous5-25-07  3:43 pm
Iran I John Jenkins, Don Croll, Joseph Mullins, Arnold Nelson, Darr...Gary Puro5-22-07  3:57 am
Terry Moore- Mokil Peace Corp Volunteer late 80'sReed5-07-07  11:20 pm
Bruce Hawkins Costa RIca 81-83Anonymous5-07-07  4:15 pm
Looking for Robert Michael WilsonThomas Sowa5-01-07  5:30 pm
June to December 2005Sara Gay Dammann36 4-30-07  6:46 pm
Camila e florescatracho4-28-07  7:13 am
Looking for barbara summers who was in kuala trengganuMr Sudha Daniel3-28-07  8:38 am
Looking for Michael Hintze, was in Wroclaw/Poland around 1998Agnieszka Domanska3-23-07  11:55 am
Looking for a peace corp volunteer in the name of Ethan West who se...Anonymous2-19-07  7:45 pm
Looking for John Greer, 67, NepalAnonymous2-18-07  10:51 pm
Looking for Aurelio -- Morroco 90-91Jennifer A. Spencer2-02-07  8:13 pm
My MUPPET friendjilaine schliewe2-02-07  1:02 pm
Looking for davia giffford british teacher in tonga at Tupou high ...jvaladez1-19-07  2:08 am
August, 2004 - Looking for a Returned VolunteerVernon Flannery20 1-17-07  11:08 am
Jerry Lemert, Ethiopia I, Dessie, Is he in Salem, Oregon?George Parish1-11-07  1:21 am
Pasto (Nariño) ColombiaSandy1-08-07  2:13 am
Deborah Martin served in Zimbabwe circa 1985mark hopkins1-07-07  3:01 pm
Tom RayKeesia Hyzer1-01-07  11:12 pm
Tom Akins, CAR mid 1980sRay Webb12-14-06  5:12 pm
All RPCV to Liberia 1969-1989johnson cooper11-30-06  6:27 pm
Looking for Volunteers who lived with Ichiro Benjamin in Ponape , M...Bill Sullivan11-26-06  8:34 pm
Looking for John Fanselow, volunteer to Cameroon, returned to USA ...Anonymous11-23-06  5:33 am
Desperately seeking Maurice V. FoxElvis11-22-06  11:28 am
Looking for my teacher Linda Swanson - Peace Corps Volunteer Baidoa...Denver West11-06-06  1:40 am
Looking for Noel Colon, RPCV Paraguay 1995sean allen10-26-06  12:48 pm
Looking for paul and magali kirwanlmsaude10-25-06  5:54 pm
I am looking for Cathy Campbell, Peace Corps El SalvadorCathie Campbell Fall10-18-06  12:59 pm
Sharon Gray, PA, ISU, went to Thailand... I am looking for youBarbara Miller9-12-06  4:42 am
Jeff Henry, Colordo RPCV from NepalMark Lewis9-07-06  9:27 am
Paging LIZ and JIM BROSSAUDee9-04-06  11:55 am
Looking for Bolivian Altiplano RPCVs 1970-71jody gemmell9-01-06  7:16 pm
August 2006Rodolfo Soca13 8-31-06  3:15 pm
Johnathan Young Mauritania 1990-91 Salik is looking for youBill Rheams8-25-06  3:02 pm
Looking for Martha TribbleBetsy Hammatt Hawes8-14-06  12:26 pm
Looking for a Peace Corps Volunteer in BurundiJane Nzuki8-09-06  6:54 pm
January 2006Diane Johnson Cumbie8-02-06  10:02 pm
Looking for Laura Bland- Malawi, Africa-Anonymous7-14-06  3:07 pm
Looking for Tony and Anne Fisher's Former Au Pair (RPCV)Matt7-10-06  7:56 pm
Neil Carter, Zimbabwe 1996-7 - Where are you?Anonymous7-02-06  9:21 am
Well done all volunteersstanley6-09-06  6:57 am
Looking ex-PCV-jennifer andrews of Iowa, USA.boyet naldoza6-05-06  10:14 am
Searching for Lesotho Volunteers 1970-72Martin Faulkner5-18-06  11:04 am
Looking For Mr. Robert R. BrunerWilliams Chikontha5-17-06  6:36 am
Finding Anne Morris GingrichFrancis Numbi5-11-06  1:08 pm
MichaelAnonymous4-22-06  12:29 pm
Ask helpalfred neal4-19-06  10:36 pm
Looking for Richard "Dick" TheabodoueNoli Pagunsan4-18-06  2:09 pm
Looking for JAN and MARGARETH VAN IPEREN of WASSENAARElizabeth4-15-06  5:16 am
Looking for BRUCE DURYMaggie4-13-06  4:17 pm
Looking for Peace Corps volunteers who served in Lesotho, Bethel Hi...Emmanuel Nume4-05-06  2:25 am
Looking for John?Anonymous3-21-06  12:53 am
Returned PCVs from Malaysia - Mid or Late sixtiesAnonymous3-02-06  2:07 am
Looking for James Barnum, Honduras 1972 to 1974Irene Nowak2-12-06  4:26 pm
Looking for 93-95 Panana APCD Jamie Dickinson or RPCV Kevin WebbAnonymous2-12-06  11:05 am
Ann Kelso and Heath Seifert from Papua New Guinea circa 1998Username2-06-06  8:07 am
I'm searching for my great teacherTekolla Belaineh11 2-04-06  3:56 am
Looking for Nancy Bird or Byrd 1973-1975 JamaicaClayton Bailey1-29-06  8:42 am
EC 19 - reunion?alameda1-28-06  2:55 pm
Looking for Bob LawrenceToni Ponzo1-27-06  5:50 pm
Searching for Jason Thompson, RPCV Niger 2000-2002Brian Greenan1-27-06  5:47 pm
Looking for Tanya russellAbikiya1-26-06  12:59 pm
RA PHOENIX THOMPSON I'm looking for you!!Redda1-25-06  2:02 pm
Looking for Joy Greenich from Ouagadougou 1974 to 1978Diane Wolf1-01-06  4:15 pm
Looking for Denise B. Martin, RPCV from Colombia 1965-68 Rick Edwards10-31-05  4:46 pm
Melissa Easton, Moldova 9Marcy Garland10-04-05  10:28 am
Looking for Eddie Lawrence from hartford, CT...RexanaRexana9-21-05  11:07 am
Looking for khrishna who served in Chikwawa Malawi.nkhondo nkunika9-19-05  8:33 pm
Looking for Mark(or Marc) "Marco" Sadler RPCV Paraguay trained in A...Mary Stonehill9-19-05  1:51 am
Looking for tommy sharpCHELSEA HOWELL9-04-05  8:11 pm
I am looking for an old friend of mine Mr. Christopher Welch.Anonymous11 8-27-05  1:10 am
Looking for Judy LamarLiz Peyser8-12-05  10:19 pm
Looking for Miss Harris - Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia 1967Arif Arabi8-09-05  4:18 am
Looking for PCV from Niger Natasha Levin 1996?Jill Ater8-06-05  4:51 pm
Tracy McCracken, where are you?bryan8-04-05  10:58 am
Looking for Richard Fallon (Korea, Late '70's)SteveO.7-14-05  10:29 pm
Mary (b*tch) George -- Director For Tonga in 70sAnonymous7-06-05  2:32 pm
Paul Metzger- Guine-Bissau 1995-1997-Last seen NYCcatherine snow6-28-05  6:41 pm
Looking for Fred SmithHank John Koskamp6-28-05  4:59 pm
Looking for Gretchen Cowman/ZimbabweTracey Wong Briggs6-27-05  4:21 pm
Searching for friend from Peace Corps/Jamaica/65-67sarah minehart Click6-21-05  1:32 am
Trying to locate David E. PooleDayne P. Shealy6-19-05  1:00 pm
EC 19 - reunion?Susan Sparks6-19-05  11:23 am
EC 19 - reunion?Susan Sparks6-19-05  11:23 am
Tom Harkins - EcuadorCatherine Dolan6-02-05  4:49 pm
David Erickson where art thou?Davind Erickson5-27-05  4:18 pm
Looking for Mr. Schwoeffermann...David Dronkowski5-20-05  5:14 pm
Vincent Schommer, Where are you???Vince Schommer5-17-05  5:26 pm
Looking for Terry or Maria WestAitor Galdos5-16-05  5:27 pm
Looking for Jeff Crook who served in Kenyairene njeri4-21-05  2:18 pm
Looking for Meredith Evans - Malawi 1995-97Bryan York4-13-05  1:00 pm
Julia Michels, Pernambuco, Brazil, 1974-1977?Margot Fehrenbacher4-05-05  2:06 pm
Looking for Marcus MorrisMarcus Morris4-01-05  3:29 pm
Looking for Ms Lambert (1969-1970), Sipitang, Sabahaskasah3-31-05  5:05 am
Looking for Stephen Kelley, who was a Peace Corps volunteer in Kaza...Janna3-28-05  7:13 am
Looking for an RPCVdiana3-25-05  3:10 pm
Where is Christine O'konski from Pittsbrughlewis3-01-05  3:21 pm
Lookind for an old friendLubeliaMaria2-18-05  11:51 am
Looking for Peter and Barbara - PCVs in Zahedan, Iran around 1962 o...Lorraine Thompson2-17-05  5:35 pm
February, 2005Russell2-17-05  7:22 am
Looking For A Former Peace Corpstorika laubuka1-31-05  9:29 pm
January, 2005Old Friend that Star1-29-05  2:11 am
What happened to John Capuano?Mrs. Joesy Slater1-25-05  2:26 pm
Issa is looking for David, great teacher at Lycee Amadou Kouran Dag...Issa1-24-05  9:40 am
Barbadoscarol rikko1-22-05  5:49 pm
Looking for Bob Bonjoneski,tought at Sekolah Dato' Abd . Razak, Tan...zackzahid1-16-05  11:46 pm
Jennifer olsonmary mangels1-08-05  1:56 pm
Looking for members of India 41 (Maharashtra)Gerry Gears1-07-05  7:15 pm
Looking for Kathleen Dillon: Brazil 68-69Edward V. Carrillo1-05-05  12:26 am
Looking for Carleen Pantanocjcoussens1-04-05  7:12 am
Looking for Korea K-42's 1976-78Rick Aldridge1-02-05  11:38 pm
Looking for Matt Hogue he was in Thailand EduardoPinzon12-31-04  11:56 am
December 2004Lin Norling12-26-04  11:40 pm
Micronesia-Pohnpei..86-87 BASKETBALL ^^number one^^Edward Franklin Burk12-25-04  1:13 am
Ponape Islands Central School 1971-1972Tomas Belsky11-25-04  3:01 am
I am looking for Curt Hanson, Botswana, science teacher neil barney11-24-04  1:01 pm
Jackie Woodfork is SoughtKendwin D. Hunder11-19-04  9:23 pm
Looking for Sharon Gorgacz in Nepal(?)Chuck Overberger11-13-04  9:40 am
Looking for James Almsted - Peacecorp 1997Bradshaw11-08-04  3:42 pm
Lost RPCVdon cameron10-23-04  1:38 am
Site about Yoga, meditation, relaxation, the Maha Mantra, Enlighten...lidia10-07-04  12:55 pm
Searching for Jeff RobinsonJeremy Gedert9-04-04  6:31 pm
Where is "Atang"?NNAKO9-04-04  1:22 am
"robert becker"Yvonne marron9-02-04  8:29 pm
Looking for Dr. Mckinney, M.O. in Naples w/ the USNTammy Fletcher9-02-04  5:58 pm
Douglas SchneiderMike Matewere8-31-04  8:01 am
I just wanted to be in touch with fatou sonkokabbasissohore8-26-04  3:04 pm
July 2004 - Looking for a Returned VolunteerMike Matewere8-23-04  7:05 am
Looking for PCV Patricia KingJeff Colaw7-26-04  1:17 pm
Search for Mr.charles F. Fareless ?????????????LIM S.7-13-04  10:32 pm
To get the email of miss suzzane craydawood mahdi7-12-04  7:45 pm
I am looking for Mr Nicholas Crawford a returned peace corps vlunte...epatou3@yahoo.com7-06-04  2:53 pm
Ex student Looking for Donna Chmara (Turkey)metin - uyaroglu6-30-04  2:37 pm
Ex-Student looking for Sadibou KoneDaHia Maeyen6-30-04  1:27 am
Bob Brox Honduras 80-81Diane Arsenault6-29-04  3:38 pm
Looking for Mr. lee rose Epinger.edward smith6-29-04  3:19 pm
Trying to find Sherwood Smith, FPCV, TanzaniaKim M Howell6-28-04  9:44 am
Looking for Chris Tsiatsiasjill camirand6-27-04  3:30 am
Looking for Pat Reillysallie latch6-24-04  2:30 pm
Looking for Joey Lynch of (Western) Samoa in mid '80'sSharon Tafunai6-23-04  4:04 pm
Glenn Peterson, MicronesiaBrandi Alexander6-02-04  10:56 am
Looking for lost Returned volunteerg chabari5-31-04  12:41 pm
Our adopted Son in Colombia, Richard SchmidtStephen Martin5-18-04  2:17 pm
I am looking for Frank Milano my biology teacher 1984 at Busimba In...J.M.Harakandi Kakuze5-11-04  10:16 am
Seeking Nell Agen Broau/Broad? RPCV East Pakistan/Bangladesh (befor...Carrie Rasmussen5-08-04  9:32 am
John Mann UCSB '87, NIGER 89?Juan Ramos4-12-04  3:39 am
Trying to locate Kristi L. Cruz current volunteer in unknown location.Ben Victor4-11-04  7:50 pm
Looking for Daniel HillLdavis74-03-04  10:52 am
Looking for sergo louismargareth louis3-12-04  4:09 pm
Trying to find Nigeria 27Jeanette Hummel3-06-04  7:48 pm
DOREEN MEYERS: where are you? from: Erick BrentErick Brent Francisc2-24-04  4:41 am
DOREEN MEYERS: where are you? from: Erick BrentErick Brent Francisc2-24-04  4:29 am
In Search of a former high school teacher of mine in Addis Ababa, E...Yilma Gebremariam2-20-04  4:59 pm
Did you know Elizabeth Lee in Belize?Bob Good1-24-04  5:36 pm
Looking for Scott Loligar(spelling?) and Seth JacobsKen Ellis1-18-04  12:59 pm
Trying to locate Thomas Williams - RPCV Botswana, 1989-2001samuel reee1-18-04  10:29 am
Looking for Elizabeth Redding from Portland, ORergauthier701-10-04  10:49 am
MONICA CARTERnabil attie12-30-03  4:35 am
Jonathan PearceKris Lund12-01-03  1:00 am
Looking for Shea, PCV Jamaica Group 68: 1997-'99Carolyn Davis11-04-03  7:34 am
Looking for Jim Hicks - Afghanistan 1973-74Christopher Slaney11-01-03  6:21 am
CautionAdmin110-21-03  6:18 pm
Looking for harry irizarry -k-39bethgamburd9-09-03  2:48 pm
Looking for Philippines RPCV Brian DusethAdmin19-01-03  12:45 pm
Marshall Wimbley or Wembly - Ha'apai, Tonga in early 1970sEma Ivarature8-27-03  9:16 pm
Looking For Penny Elizabeth Pagels who worked in Cameroon between 1...achobang8-04-03  4:12 am
Edwin T.Upchurch, Jane, Gary Tollakson & SandraLloyd Davis8-01-03  4:32 pm
Looking for Gary Martin, "Mas Gary" RPCV Jamaica,70-72, fishery CoO...Paul F. Mullins7-09-03  4:46 pm
Frank SchutzEric Kritz6-10-03  11:56 am
CAE / CAR 1978 volunteersDan Murano6-03-03  1:28 am
Looking for the Maine hiker named "fat man", from sept. 2001John J. Lawless6-01-03  9:37 am
May 10, 2003 - PCOL Exclusive: Hints on how to use this bulletin b...Admin15-10-03  10:20 am
Looking for Thomas F. Sheahan from Brockport Peace Corps training p...hugopickens5-09-03  12:21 pm
Looking for my teacher Linda Swanson - Peace Corps Volunteer Baidoa...Mohamoud Mohamed4-25-03  5:33 pm
I'm looking for Dina Blair (PCV Togo, 1992-1995)Annmarie Boyle4-22-03  4:33 pm
James FrazerAnsumana Koroma4-22-03  3:42 pm
Looking for Josh Thomasshae carman4-16-03  8:28 pm
Looking for Jane Steelejennifer herman3-24-03  4:13 pm
Looking for Jane aka Tia from Col. Oviedo 2000lauren comando3-21-03  9:58 pm
I am looking or Jenni Dykstra any info would be helpfulomar lopez3-15-03  10:50 am
Looking for Jim and Debbie Richards - Peace Corp Volunteers in Indi...Dipti Sonak-Joshi12-30-02  1:33 pm
Looking for PC Panama people 1993-1995Erik Swinney11-10-02  2:22 am
SMbithi looking for Susan Douglas RPCV From Mombasa, Kenyasmbithi10-15-02  12:13 pm
Looking for susan douglasStacyM10-15-02  10:46 am
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