2011.01.25: January 25, 2011: Niger Peace Corps Volunteer "Hero Complex" writes: The Last of "My Tweets"

Peace Corps Online: Directory: Niger: Peace Corps Niger : Peace Corps Niger: Newest Stories: 2011.01.17: January 17, 2011: Peace Corps Suspends Program in Niger; All Volunteers Evacuated Safely : 2011.01.17: January 17, 2011: Niger Peace Corps Volunteer "This Anasara Life" writes: This morning, at 5:30 a.m., I boarded a plane to Morocco and say goodbye to Niger, potentially for forever : 2011.01.25: January 25, 2011: Niger Peace Corps Volunteer "Hero Complex" writes: The Last of "My Tweets"

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Niger Peace Corps Volunteer "Hero Complex" writes: The Last of "My Tweets"

Niger Peace Corps Volunteer Hero Complex writes: The Last of "My Tweets"

So we are in Morocco & we aren't supposed to blog about it yet. Thank Goddess I have my tweet book!

Niger Peace Corps Volunteer "Hero Complex" writes: The Last of "My Tweets"

The Last of "My Tweets"

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Caption: Two French citizens who died after being kidnapped from this restaurant in Niamey, the capital of Niger, on Janaury 9, 2011 were probably killed by their captors. French troops were attempting to rescue them when they found the bodies.

This is me in Maroc. By the sun. And ocean.

01/12/11 at 10:59am
Just got off the phone w/@PeaceCorpsNiger. Big news: evacuating all PCVs in Niger. This changes some things. #OKALotOfThings

I've spent the day packing and thinking. They are coming to pick me up in the morning. #DontKnowWhatsNext

I think what's funny is I'm leaving after only being here 1 week. #Damn

All my bags are packed…I'm ready to go…But where to, I don't know.

01/14/11 at 6:14am
We are at the airport in Niamey. Destination: Casablanca. That's in Maroc (AKA Morocco).

Plan is, have a conference & discuss options. #ImSoExcitedICouldJustSpit

And we have landed & are now driving in #Maroc!

Coming directly from Niger – it is like a whole different world. #Ridiculous

So we are in Morocco & we aren't supposed to blog about it yet. Thank Goddess I have my tweet book!

We are enjoying our hotel immensely. Very nice – we're being spoiled right now. #ThanksTaxPayers :-)

01/16/11 at 8:39am
Yup, still know nothing about where any of us are going. We are waiting for the other half of our stages.

01/18/11 at 7:40am
Celbrated a Mr.Razak's birthday last night. Had an amazing night in Morocco! #HappyBirthdayAndrew!

Fun fact-If you want to have a good time in Rabat, bring your own music. On CDs. #Thanks2008Mixes #FromKim

01/19/11 at 8:26am
Wasoso: How I Closed My Service After 7 Days. #MemoirTitles #Truth

Today at 4:30pm we find out any immediate spots for transfers. #HeresToHoping

Ideally, I'd like to continue w/@PeaceCorps sooner rather than later. Anywhere. #GoWhereTheWindTakesMe

It's sad that work in Niger is suspended. Has never happened in almost 50 years of service in Niger.

We heard that A LOT during training. Did we jinx ourselves? #WhoseToSay?

01/22/11 at 1:52am
The conference is now over. The 1st batch of us has left. I'm with them/ I have around 30 hours of travel time. #Yes

We started around 10pm yesterday. Let's see how long I can tweet before going crazy.

A Moroccan man already charged me unnecessarily for my carry-on bag being too big. #Ugh #GoodOmen

Now waiting for flight at Frankfurt airport (Germany). I just paid too much for internet. I </3 the Euro.

On the plane at CHicago – about to go to Denver. Almost there. #LongestDayEver

I think right now I am at somewhere near 18+ hours of travel. Maybe it is just 15 hours. #TimeZones #InterContinentalTravel

At the Denver airport waiting to board my last flight!

I came all the way from Morocco w/my BFFs #Joseph & #Ashley – but they stop here. Now I'm all alone.

01/23/11 at 12:33am
I made it to my friend's place. All done traveling. All 32 hours of it. #GoodNight

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