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Criminal background check questionallanduke6665-05-23  7:18 pm
Obituary on j dale chastainC Ford1-11-22  9:02 am
Kristen Hoppersaloteniki@yahoo.com4-01-21  9:43 am
Guinea Bissau RPCVs Reunion - Sunday, June 28, 2020Latawnya Rennic Dia6-28-20  12:02 am
RPCV visitors for Greenville SC RPCV in nursing home?Jim Watson7-10-19  3:26 pm
RPCV visitors for Greenville SC RPCV in nursing home?Jim Watson7-10-19  3:25 pm
Do you know David Shoup?Sloopy6-02-19  4:37 pm
Looking for freindsmark ashiono moshila5-16-18  12:14 am
Looking for legible copy of Peace Corps Nepali language with substi...Joan Chamberlin4-18-18  11:47 pm
RPCV Running for US Congress 2018 - Democrat - Nevada District 3 Pr...Steve Schiffman 1-18-18  11:51 am
Looking for RPCV from Cameroon 1998Jamjamdave8-14-17  10:52 am
Seeking manager for our Non-profit in Ghanakyomuhangi joanita7-07-17  6:00 am
Sun Exposure and Skin CancerJoanne Roll12-25-15  9:31 am
Will dui keep me out of peace corp?Kendall H. 7-15-15  12:18 pm
Looking for Peace Corps Members serving with mother-in-lawM Lowe5-06-15  12:03 pm
ResumeP.V.P.D.SRI HARSHA4-05-15  10:52 am
Peace Corps at Job FairsPhilip Ternahan3-18-15  2:48 pm
Chad/West Africa Stories BlogGeorge Branson2-09-15  2:14 pm
Daughter needs to interview a Peace Corp member from the 1960'salisha doppelheuer1-07-15  1:53 pm
PC Director in 1978?Peter Levitov5-26-14  11:57 am
Anger Management in PCnosmo king3-23-14  2:22 pm
Appealing a medical decisionBreezy1-26-14  8:21 pm
Finding RPCVsSteve Link1-13-14  1:22 pm
Connecting with RPCV'sFreddy11-07-13  5:39 pm
Peace Corps ForumM Mobley11-01-13  9:36 am
Current/Former Tanzania PCVSusan DuBois7-10-13  12:28 pm
Volunteer Medical Care - Recent PCMO changesPauline Madron4-22-13  1:35 pm
High School Student Research ProjectHerman4-15-13  10:48 pm
Deferring Your Invitation PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!!!!Katie McCarthy4-07-13  10:53 pm
Former Depression Issues-EligibilityLeith Quinn3-06-13  9:05 am
NPS Summer Job Opportunities in AlaskaJoanne Welch2-20-13  3:37 pm
Retirement Credit for Service as PCV?Charles Burcaw9-24-12  2:44 pm
Cultural Values Learned through StoryM'Balia Doumbouya9-07-12  4:39 pm
Reporter looking for returned PC Volunteer w/health issues...Lilly Fowler8-30-12  10:15 am
Former volunteers-student loans?Missy Hardy8-16-12  8:48 pm
Searching for PCV Ernest in New York(Malaysia -1976)Farrah Gk7-28-12  3:51 pm
High school dropouts eligible?Lawrence F. Lihosit 6-28-12  10:38 pm
Spanish Teaching PositionRuth Whalen5-23-12  7:30 pm
Peace Corps to the ArmyLawrence F. Lihosit 4-21-12  10:57 pm
Treated for Depression - immediate rejection? Abigail3-28-12  2:11 pm
Received standard rejection letter after submitting app!anonymous12-05-11  9:29 pm
Peace Corps Colombia Has A PodcastChance Dorland11-06-11  8:32 pm
How did PC service effect your career?Elwood Wells 10-27-11  1:21 pm
Questions about Peace Corps ColombiaJoanne Roll10-05-11  9:34 am
Decades old mental health record questionElizabeth A9-07-11  9:15 am
Documentary Film "Jacks Children"Cameron Cowell7-28-11  6:17 pm
Serving PCVs are vulnerable in times of political transitionJoanne Roll5-19-11  8:13 pm
Liberiasabrina cunz kesseni5-09-11  8:55 pm
Older volunteersLinda Vogel3-09-11  6:39 pm
Going to Medical School after Volunteering... AdviceBrit B3-07-11  11:39 am
Weight- PLEASE ANSWER SOMEONE!Greg Wheeler 3-02-11  9:00 pm
Self esteem / self worthFormer PCV3-01-11  8:10 pm
About non-american applicantlytton2-28-11  10:29 am
Making Peace with the World, Photographs of Peace Corps VolunteersRichs852-22-11  1:08 pm
Kate Puzey - murdered volunteer. Peace Corps value public image ove...Lawrence F. Lihosit 1-21-11  7:01 pm
Amazing Job Opportunity for Retired Peace Corps Volunteers!Chris Symmes1-06-11  10:55 am
30-something PCVs, and unrelated: electricity and running water?MK11-16-10  12:47 pm
Questions for VolunteersTiffany Sterling11-09-10  7:27 pm
High schooler asking for helpdanny 8-02-10  7:18 am
Former PCV: Were you scared to go?Lawrence F. Lihosit 7-27-10  12:54 am
Looking for a returned volunteer to answer questionsLawrence F. Lihosit 7-27-10  12:49 am
Question on how to request volunteersAdmin1 4-27-10  2:22 pm
CompostingHarpreet Datt3-15-10  11:15 am
VolunteeringKevin Limiti1-16-10  11:12 am
Interested in VolunteeringKevinL1-16-10  11:12 am
Address of Peace Corp CameroonLeroyhicks1-16-10  5:56 am
Getting Medical ClearanceEileen Warren12-30-09  8:51 am
Do you think i'd be accepted?Jay Hollow12-14-09  8:07 pm
Invited to serve in TOGO- asking for adviceJesse Osmun12-03-09  11:04 am
PC Masters International/Fellows Combo Graduate Programs mllesarahk11-28-09  3:47 pm
Questions from prospective volunteermatt ronald11-09-09  2:19 pm
Peace corps malawiPortiphar Chamgwera10-13-09  1:59 pm
Job opportunity - working with Foreign exchange studentsLisadenison10-11-09  9:00 pm
Urgent attentionDano10-10-09  9:35 am
College education?Kijana Elspeth9-29-09  4:21 pm
Museum of the Peace Corps ExperienceMartin L. Kaplan 8-15-09  3:13 pm
Family thinks Two years is too long! What do I say!??Joanne Roll6-30-09  11:08 am
Why is the PC in the Philippines after 40+years?Hank Miller6-08-09  9:07 am
Locate current volunteerSusan Zuber-Chall5-12-09  1:28 pm
PTSD and peace corpsMC5-10-09  9:58 pm
Children and the Peace CorpFormer PCV4-27-09  8:39 pm
Inter-religious dialog at the United NationsThomas McConnon 4-24-09  7:54 pm
Chancesshawn Ky4-22-09  7:20 am
PC Application--need advice/help...Joe Williams4-20-09  3:38 pm
Can any former PCV get in contact with me? I'm considering voluntee...Douglas Haring4-20-09  12:42 pm
Safety in a world with a worsening economyConcerned4-04-09  5:41 am
Student Loan Forgiveness?stephen d pruitt3-31-09  11:52 am
Chris Dodd should resignpyalem3-20-09  12:19 pm
RPCVs and the Intelligence Communityjill starr3-19-09  9:51 pm
Gaining Foreign Language Fluency as a PCVS. Olson3-13-09  3:13 am
Non-traditional applicantsCurious3-12-09  7:41 am
ICT Companies in DRCfjcava3-11-09  6:19 pm
Resume boostAnonymous3-09-09  9:03 am
Outrage at the behavior of U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania, Michael RetzerAdmin1 3-03-09  5:15 pm
Future applicant, with a past.03-03-09  5:02 pm
MARRIAGE AND THE PEACE CORPSBreton & Terri Court3-01-09  3:14 pm
Peace Corps, United Nations, and Rotary PartnershipsThomas McConnon 2-21-09  8:03 am
Peace Corps Volunteers in Madagascar are SafeAriele Cozart2-20-09  3:33 pm
Peace Corps Director under ObamaRPCVCT2-05-09  12:49 pm
Questions for Returned VolunteersYee Lui1-17-09  12:53 pm
Questions for RPCV from AfricaMary Beth12-31-08  5:33 pm
RPCVS from development projectsAdmin1 12-27-08  12:26 pm
Questions before joiningChristy Wilson12-21-08  11:13 am
Urgent ? about invitation!Chris Joseph12-16-08  12:02 pm
Animal Planet Seeking Stories liz goncalves12-12-08  8:16 pm
Puppies being sold from CameroonAdmin1 12-09-08  7:36 pm
Attorney in a peace corps placementAdmin1 12-02-08  7:56 am
Inauguration 2009Admin1 11-12-08  9:40 am
No college degreeLaura Chamberlin11-11-08  7:11 pm
Question about the peace corps!Ralph Gist11 11-02-08  8:12 pm
When to applyAdmin1 9-29-08  4:42 pm
Just Applied for Peace CorpsAdmin1 9-25-08  4:52 pm
Is the Peace Corps Difficult to get into?Admin1 9-25-08  4:32 pm
Peace Corps ScamsAdmin1 9-25-08  4:28 pm
Doing Information Technology in the Peace Corps?Admin1 9-25-08  4:25 pm
Drug test for applicants?Admin1 10 9-25-08  4:21 pm
How Do Current Peace Corps Volunteers Vote For President?Admin1 9-25-08  4:15 pm
National news reporter wants Lariam storiesCatherine Null 9-21-08  11:04 pm
RPCV's Visiting GuatemalaRobin McGlothin8-22-08  2:07 pm
Womens perspectiveAdmin1 8-19-08  4:02 pm
Gluten-sensitive /Celiac????Kathryn Rouillard8-17-08  9:04 am
I'm paying the price for a Peace Corps mistakeAnonymous6-07-08  2:26 pm
Helping Small NGOs in Developing Countries to Fundraisecharles daniel4-12-08  8:39 am
I was injured in trainingAnonymous4-11-08  2:26 am
How can you find obituaries in Colombia?Carmen764-09-08  7:06 pm
Peace Corps' detractorsAnonymous4-08-08  4:51 am
How are 50+ volunteers dealing with their homes in the US?matthew towne3-23-08  4:33 pm
Dominican Republic- physician needed there?George an FMG3-15-08  6:45 pm
Looking for Sonnike Speaker/Interpreter in Seattlerebvasquez2-29-08  4:27 pm
Volunteers needed for a Peace Corps Week event!Rebeka Fergusson-Lut2-10-08  9:50 pm
Now that I am legally and medically cleared, how likely is it that ...Anonymous2-09-08  12:16 pm
ISO rejection / appeal experiencesAnonymous2-03-08  4:50 pm
Applying questionsAnonymous1-21-08  12:02 pm
Free Science Textbooks!hema rajesh1-13-08  4:35 am
Author Seeking SME on CongoAnonymous1-10-08  2:32 pm
Need advice on nominationAnonymous12-18-07  10:26 pm
Considering joining the Corps, but I have one small problemAnonymous12-12-07  1:22 pm
How much (if any) will the Placement Officer work with you to deter...MajorOz12-07-07  8:51 pm
JOB ANNOUNCEMENTCenter for Volunteer11-13-07  6:40 pm
Hiring: English Teacher - Japan good salary & great jobsolito m.seludo10-30-07  6:19 am
RPCV Sri Lanka seeks Haiti soc. service contactsRoger Reed10-24-07  1:27 pm
Peace Corps At 50 Anniversary Book ProjectScott Stadum10-22-07  10:44 pm
Peace Corps leaves many volunteers stuck with their medical billsScott Stadum10-22-07  10:36 pm
School suggestions to set up scholarships for girlsJudy Porter10-18-07  3:25 pm
Peace Corps/CIA connectionAnonymous17 10-12-07  11:07 am
I worked for cia 10 yrs ago - why can't i be considered for PCAnonymous10-09-07  6:36 am
Peace Corps à Gemena( Ex-Zaire)Anonymous10-06-07  5:04 pm
A problem with Corps Carestephen spencer9-26-07  3:14 pm
Employment opportunity for former PC volunteers Lisa Geiger9-26-07  1:17 pm
An eye openerAnonymous9-10-07  12:02 pm
I'm only 16, but would like to join the Peace Corps, how would I do...Anonymous8-29-07  11:52 pm
100 Free SeedsJoy Locklear8-20-07  12:11 am
Hungary Cancer Specialist- MCC & ThyroidAlexandra Gal8-06-07  9:12 am
Left in the Wake.Lloyd Colston8-01-07  6:16 pm
USPS Eliminates International Surface Mail ServiceAnonymous7-28-07  5:43 pm
What do you bring??Anonymous7-26-07  3:15 pm
Medical RestrictionsAnonymous7-25-07  11:52 am
Questions, some general, some health-related and can I go?Anonymous15 7-24-07  1:23 pm
New Discussion Forum for International Development and Jobsrichardlalleman7-24-07  8:20 am
Married couple--to apply...nicholas covington7-22-07  4:26 pm
Conference on Honduras 2004Marco Caceres7-18-07  12:19 am
Do You Support Universal Service? Share Your VoiceRob Johnston6-20-07  11:26 am
Call All Candidates to Support Mandatory National ServiceRob Johnston5-25-07  6:01 pm
Rejecting NominationKevin Cooper5-16-07  9:47 pm
Can anyone answer some questions for me?Anonymous5-13-07  3:05 pm
Joing PC in the middle of law school?Zach5-11-07  5:01 pm
Warm "ALoha" to all the PCVs who have served on Kapingamarangi-Micr...Island_finest5-09-07  1:06 am
PC dangers and teachingjay5-07-07  10:26 pm
Government Sponsored English Teaching Jobs in S.Koreaesljobnetwork5-01-07  10:24 am
Need Contact Info. for Antigua/Guate PC Office. GuatemalaJohn Fogg4-24-07  10:20 pm
Budget travel suggestions to Peru or Costa Ricalaura4-12-07  8:48 pm
What to put in care package to a Malawi PCVSandie Correll4-12-07  9:27 am
Urgent: Help Secure Access to Essential Medicines !!!Anonymous4-12-07  7:55 am
I'm planning on applying...HELP!!!Debbie4-10-07  12:13 am
Invitation for a New World OrderAnonymous3-25-07  10:25 pm
Submit a Photo Essay and Educate People on your CauseLaurie3-24-07  12:43 pm
Be BOLD Mothers - Make Maternity Care Safe and Mother-Friendly!Karen Brody3-14-07  2:50 pm
Political Agenda of the Peace Corps?Siobhan Cummiskey3-13-07  10:55 am
Peace corps and legal historyWorriedApplicant3-08-07  12:33 pm
Pedals for Progress partnership with Jamaican NGO ECODACRichard Sitler3-02-07  3:54 pm
Short term housing in madison wisconsinBill Lundgren2-16-07  5:40 pm
Peace Corps 2007Christopher J. Roese2-14-07  2:22 am
Question about medical screening processCarmenBailey2-11-07  5:36 pm
New Mammography restrictions for 50+ galsAnonymous2-08-07  7:14 pm
Daughter going to AfricaRPCV2-01-07  12:13 pm
College student looking to take time off and join NPOTim1-28-07  6:24 am
Internet freelancing in CambodiaAnonymous1-19-07  4:59 pm
Up-to-date eGovernment Sites Directory for Countries WorldwideGary Vizzo1-13-07  1:13 pm
message for nkemabin berryclainAnonymous12-21-06  4:03 pm
Pohnpei, Micronesia - travel arrangementsSandy MacDonald12-14-06  6:53 am
Must Read For RPCVsTania10-23-06  10:08 pm
MISLEADING GUIDELINES GIVEN TO U.S. BISHOPSVincent Bemowski10-18-06  12:15 pm
Where to volunteer?Anonymous10-11-06  12:43 pm
How long did it take?Anonymous10-04-06  10:15 pm
Medical appeal -- need some advicetravelinman198110-01-06  3:21 pm
Are the projects imposing and culturally insensitiveShoshana9-19-06  12:29 am
Are you ready to serve--again? Join Peace Corps Encore!Maura J. Fulton9-18-06  3:25 pm
Are you a PCV that has served in the military? Or comes from a mili...Janelle Nanos9-15-06  1:57 pm
Steps and careers tp think ab out for the peace corpAnonymous9-11-06  5:35 pm
National guard at high schools? Why not peace corps?WatSan Philippines9-09-06  12:51 pm
New Worldwide Safety and Security PolicyWatSan Philippines9-09-06  12:38 pm
College degree?Anonymous9-05-06  4:16 pm
'JUST" WARS & DOUBLE-TONGUED DEMOCRATSMeg Payne8-25-06  11:20 pm
How to join PC with private student loans?susan8-23-06  4:27 pm
Ethnographic research study taking place in Manilarandteal8-11-06  9:12 pm
RPCVs Needed for interview!!!!CarmenBailey7-25-06  2:00 pm
Seeking help re: info on training PC volunteers-curriculum/costsjoeytydfo87-09-06  12:40 pm
Weight issues, 3 month trainingLeslee T.6-30-06  9:34 pm
Peace corps nominationsRPCV6-29-06  12:35 pm
Parent of a volunteermushota6-11-06  9:07 am
FRIENDS OF ZAMBIAmushota6-11-06  8:50 am
Again?Anonymous6-06-06  1:07 pm
Turned down, apply again?Anonymous6-05-06  4:00 pm
Criminal Records and peace corpsRPCV5-31-06  4:17 pm
Seeking PCVs in ThailandAdam Redgrave5-17-06  10:29 pm
Deborah Gardner's MurderAnonymous5-10-06  11:28 am
CANDIDATES WANTED-Technical Advisors-VariousAryc Mosher5-09-06  10:02 am
Author seeking PC experiences with LariamAnonymous15 5-03-06  7:13 pm
+ tb skin test- what now?Anonymous4-30-06  1:56 pm
Concerned applicant has safety questionsRobyn4-17-06  7:30 pm
Seeking answers about the PCAnonymous4-14-06  6:33 pm
Do most PCV's come back to the U.S. with health problems?Anonymous4-14-06  6:09 pm
AmeriCorps VISTA Leader needed immediately at Vietnamese nonprofitDeborahKull4-06-06  3:33 pm
Washington, DC benefit to raise money for women in Ghana!!Brooke Olster3-06-06  1:20 pm
Question - Dates of state side trainingrachel2-28-06  3:57 pm
Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environmentsushil_yadav2-17-06  11:05 pm
This years student rightsKDaya Harden2-03-06  12:43 pm
An event in Appleton, Wi for the Genocide in Darfur!! Please Help!Anonymous1-23-06  12:55 pm
Questions--is my wife eligible? Am I?Anonymous1-19-06  10:53 pm
Cool Bandanas for Hot ClimatesChuckLudlam12-24-05  9:20 am
Mozzie Nets and Sleeping BagsChuckLudlam12-24-05  9:18 am
Peace Corps Baggage AllowanceChuckLudlam12-24-05  9:17 am
Foot Locker Safe for Peace Corps ValuablesChuckLudlam12-24-05  9:16 am
Second Time Volunteer -- After 37 Year GapChuckLudlam12-24-05  9:15 am
High Blood PressureBrian Thomas12-19-05  1:38 pm
Is motivation enough?Admin112-16-05  11:12 am
Research group seeking project to benefit third-world countriesAKEEM OLADENI BADIRU12-08-05  7:11 am
Interview for nurses involved in the Peace Corpmonica marie robinon12-05-05  2:23 pm
Master of Fine Arts concentration in fiction and Peace CorpEric11-14-05  2:18 pm
Liberia: Natural Resources:J. Carl Dealy11-09-05  4:07 pm
Peace Corps & The 2006 World Scholar Athlete GamesTara Haywood10-25-05  12:53 pm
RPCV Needed for SurveyHeather Fristick10-20-05  12:21 pm
Crisis Corps Hurricane Vols NeededCrisis Corps10-18-05  2:51 pm
Participants needed for trip to NicaraguaHolly10-17-05  3:12 pm
Applying from outside the US ?Anonymous10-14-05  1:24 pm
Peace Corps Birthday Present: Department of Peace Bill in SenateMike Abkin9-23-05  12:06 pm
Jimma EthiopiaMichael Rodgers9-12-05  10:45 am
$40K Scholarship Opp for RPCsk sharpe9-12-05  10:29 am
Nervous about interview!Katina Lear8-26-05  9:46 am
Engineers Without Borders - Volunteer OverseasMeg VanSciver8-24-05  3:01 pm
Taking our dog with us?Anonymous7-22-05  3:47 pm
Teach English WorldwideSpain TESOL Program7-12-05  1:40 pm
WRITE IN OPPOSITION TO JOHN R. BOLTONGoBushandBolton7-08-05  10:26 pm
Hang your heads in shameBrian Wort6-18-05  11:04 pm
Seeking Minority RPCVs for contributions to anthologyCharlene C. Duline6-10-05  3:53 pm
Interview with past peace corps volunteernemo5-23-05  7:49 pm
DWI, drunk driving, dui, and a license to drinkbruce alm3-24-05  10:36 pm
Former Africa Volunteers Needed as SpeakersLyn Bell3-17-05  2:57 pm
Canadian wanting to do independent volunteer work in rural AfricaSusan Mintz3-12-05  12:05 pm
Contrasting now with thenCassie Monroe3-08-05  3:27 pm - anyone using it?Paul Thims2-24-05  8:29 pm
Rude recruiters / married couple question.anonymous2-19-05  8:54 pm
Employment Opportunity: Guinea-BissauLynns2-15-05  10:01 am
ApproTEC hiring Director of Business DevelopmentAaron Slettehaugh2-13-05  10:17 pm
Looking for ST Microfinance consultants with Ag exp.Kirsten Weiss2-01-05  3:44 am
PCVs: Want company in your vil, help with your project and American...Kimberly Van Etten1-06-05  11:22 pm
Burkina Faso March 2005Adam Cohen12-31-04  8:13 pm
HIV+. Should I even bother applying?Tomkin Coleman12-27-04  11:23 am
Preparing to servekeelin roche12-07-04  12:01 am
Group 19 to Uzbekistan,January,2005Laurie Peterson11-18-04  7:59 am
Medical ExamsJerry Johnson10-22-04  5:31 pm
The Presidential Election and RPCseric10-08-04  10:52 am
Building schools in Malawi, Mali, Nicaragua and HaitiPeter Vancura10-07-04  2:48 pm
Help building schools in Malawi!Peter Vancura10-07-04  2:24 pm
Site about Yoga, meditation, relaxation, the Maha Mantra, Enlighten...lidia10-07-04  12:40 pm
Learn to teach English in COSTA RICA - School for International Tra...CYNTHIA WOODY9-25-04  11:37 pm
Questions: Presentations in PCJennifer Boone9-08-04  6:27 pm
Peace Corps AdviceJay Haase9-01-04  11:01 pm
I want to volunteer but I have two dogsnemo8-16-04  7:46 pm
Tips On Getting to Your Prefered Region?RPCV8-07-04  1:21 pm
RPCVs of Asian decentTW8-04-04  5:07 am
Like to talk to a RPCV older married coupleJim Turner7-31-04  12:14 am
Peace is usJim Stewart7-25-04  6:51 am
Children's Author would like to talk with PC volunteers from 1960s ...Kate7-22-04  8:43 am
Sending GatoradeJ. Ramsey7-22-04  7:56 am
How long does it take?J. Ramsey7-22-04  7:31 am
Host an International Exchange Student!Cecily7-06-04  2:36 pm
PLEASE HELP!John Golden7-03-04  6:42 pm
Volunteers with Diabetes?Virginia J. Pulver6-15-04  4:41 pm
An RPCV teaching photography to disadvantaged Mozambican kids.Blake Schmidt5-28-04  9:45 pm
Safety and Security and Pairing of Volunteersdaniel5-10-04  1:52 am
Conference Call for Applications: Building Transatlantic Relations ...Susan Boedy5-05-04  10:38 am
Learn to teach English in COSTA RICA - SCHOOL for International Tra...Mary Scholl4-06-04  9:55 am
Global Documentary/Pen Pal Exchange needs your helpalanna randall3-30-04  7:08 pm
PCV family (and other) travel dudleyparkinson3-03-04  3:52 pm
Canadian??Admin11-25-04  2:51 pm
I need assistance to apply for the rotary ambassedoral scholarship TASI Allan NSANG12-29-03  4:44 pm
NGO trainers in AfricaPaul Clevenger12-27-03  1:17 pm
The Peace Corps in a Howard Dean AdministrationDr.forAmerica12-12-03  12:56 am
Peace Corps and IraqHaliburton12-08-03  2:23 pm
Campo Oven Photoandy p12-03-03  2:22 pm
Peace Corps and ClintonAnonymous11-29-03  11:48 am
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